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Private Labeling Methods of Branding Through 11 Solutions

Need help on how to design a brand label, package and use private labeling methods on your business products? You are in the right place!

In this article, we will not be focusing on the pros that come with brand labeling samples. We will be focusing instead on the “how-to aspect.”

We did our research on the number of customers paying a visit to our site for labeling needs. From that, we were able to arrive at the following 6 most sought solutions for private labeling. But, first, what is labeling and how is it important to your growing business?request quote from zigpac

What is a Brand Label?

When you purchase a product from a supermarket, what is the one thing you notice? Subconsciously, consumers look for the names and logos of a particular company. The company might be famous or one they developed a preference for it over time. The subconscious need to look for the familiar is as a result of brand labeling.

The brand label – a pattern or logo present on the products or services manufactured by a company and sold under their name. The presence of the brand serves as the seller’s identity and also helps foster customer loyalty.

private labeling methods

Why Is Private Labeling Method Important for Your Budding Business?

A marketplace like Alibaba boasts of numerous visits to the website daily. If you want to start an export business outside China through the platform, it is essential to do your research. First, identify a need, create a product that satisfies it, identify your market, add a label to the product then advertise it to your target market.

Through brand labeling samples, customers can identify your products from the competition. It also means your brand helps to contribute to your returns.

Adding Brand Labeling Samples to Products and Packages

There are two ways to know how to design a brand label. Either place it on the body of the product or on the package itself. We will take a look at five methods for direct use on products and six ways used on boxes. They are:request quote from zigpac

Private Labeling Methods for Products

Method #1: Screen Printing Brand Labeling Samples

The silkscreen- or screen-printing process is the most commonly used method for imprinting private labels on packages and products. The application of the private labeling method on different materials ranging from plastic, glass to metal is what makes it a favorite. A major pro of screen printing is that it is a standard method for labeling bulk items.

For some Chinese labeling factories, screen printing services are rendered free for the purchase of items more than $2000. If that is not possible, they offer a discount rate for branding and labor.

However, it also has its cons. The method cannot be used to create multi-colored patterns.

Method #2: Thermal Transfer
Private Labeling Methods for Products

The thermal transfer method has its own complications. A temperature between 140℃ to 180℃ must be used. Due to the technicality, the price charged is higher than screen printing. Also, due to the heat applied, there are limitations in its applications to materials. Glass, wood, leather and stainless are acceptable materials.

Unlike screen printing, thermal transfer allows the creation of multi-colored patterns. The cost of creating a printing plate and logo design is about $120.

private labeling methods

Method #3: Laser Printing

Need a sophisticated and elegant look on your product? Laser engraving offers you that advantage. The laser printing method is often used on gift items and to write words or create delicate patterns.

There is no need for a plate; hence the size for a minimum order quantity need not be huge. Mass production can cost anything between $0.01-$0.15/unit. Of course, the cost is dependent on the number and size.

Method #4: Molding

Do you know those little wrist bands with different phrases and logos on them? The method used to create those logos is called molding. The private labeling example allows the customization of the brand logo in the product mold.

On how to design a brand label, there is no extra cost, but, establishing or changing a mold attracts charges. For metal mold, the minimum is $500 while for plastic, it is $1000. The molding method takes a long period as mold creation takes 15 to 20 days.

Method #5: Machine Embroidery

We see football teams wear lovely jerseys. But, how did the logo of the club get there? Machine embroidery is the answer.

The embroidery method is mainly used on fabrics. A pro is that it lasts longer than the silk printing method. Two options are available for machine embroidery. Either sew a patch or embroider directly on the product.

Sewing directly for 4x5cm costs about $0.2 while sewing a patch for a logo of 5x6cm costs $0.12.

Methods of Brand Labeling Samples on Packages

Method #1: Woven Label

When you wear hats, shoes, jeans, etc. You are likely to come across specific labels sewn to the edges. The method used for these labels is woven labeling. It is best for products made from fabric.

Apart from clothing items, it can be used on bags and other things like umbrellas. However, unlike printing logos, the color does not fade, and it does not detract from the look of a product.

Quantity and size determine the cost of the labeling. The minimum order quantity for a 3 by the 4cm woven label is 1000 pieces, and the unit price is $0.15.

Method #2: Sticker Label

Cheap and straightforward make the sticker label the most commonly used method of private labeling. Also, another good thing about the sticker label is that manufacturing of different shapes and sizes is possible. A minimum of $40 for one design can get you 3000 pieces of stickers.

Method #3: Paper Cardboard

If your budget is not large enough to create a separate package for your product or you do not want stickers making your products look cheap, try out paper cardboard. Use cardboard to pack your goods and create a private label on the cardboard.

Low-cost items like socks and matches are examples of such branding methods. You can expect to spend a minimum of $0.02/pc.

how to design a brand label


Method #4: Hang Tag

Another private label example that is often found on clothes, jewelry, toys, and tools is the hangtag. Production materials include kraft, plastic, metal or ivory cardboard. The ivory cardboard is most commonly used as it is considered economical.

how to design a brand label

Method #5: Printed Poly Bag

If you take a look at the package for snacks, sweets, and detergents, you notice a similar design for all. They all make use of printed poly bags. It is due to the fact that the printed polybag makes it easy to package small-sized items that are in large quantities.

The minimum order quantity is up to 10000 as a printing plate costs $80 per color choice.

how to design a brand label

Method #6: Customized Box

Out of all the how-to design a brand label samples listed above, the customized box gets the tag of the most expensive option. Every action from printing, stamping to customization gets done on the box directly. Direct printing thereby makes it easy to type fancy texts.

The fancy texts enhance the look of the product making it appear sophisticated which in turn increases the cost of its production.

products branding with brand labels

Cost of the brand labeling method depends on the technique used, material sourced and availability of labor or machinery. The price can vary from $0.15 if the content is something like a corrugated case to $0.75 if the content is like a Huawei phone case. If you want to know more info about private labeling, please click to design a brand label

Thinking of ways to design and private label your products and packages, Zigpac offers all the methods listed above. Reach out to us for your brand labeling method!

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