Product Packaging Design to Improve Brand Awareness

A lot of things go into the creation of a brand name. Therefore, businesses can no longer get away with substandard products and their product package branding (know more). As a result, more companies are becoming conscious of their product packaging design. To improve brand awareness with packaging, a lot of things have to be factored.request quote from zigpac

If you want to attract a customer or get them interested in what you have to offer, the design of the product package branding has a part to play. Apart from the role the product package plays in branding, the look can also be your upliftment or downfall.

Currently, statics from the report ‘The Future of Global Packaging to 2022’, reveal that packaging demands will be on the steady rise at an estimated 1% growth annually. Asia alone in 2018 accounted for over 36% of packaging sales with Europe and North America forming a cumulative 47%. Future forecasts predict that Asia by 2022 should make up over 40% alone.

The reason for the influx in Asia and other emerging economies ties into the constant increase in urbanization, cosmetics, and construction.

Why Does Product Packaging Design Matter?

  • Product Differentiation

Statistics show that 10 out of 10 customers are going to base their buying decision on product packaging. However, when your product looks like every other one on the market, what chances do you stand? Packaging helps the customers differentiate your product package branding from the others out there and improve brand awareness with packaging.

  • Sways consumer purchasing habits

The human brain reacts to colors in a variety of ways. As such, a customer’s decision to purchase your product will depend on how they perceive your choice of packaging. For example, the color white denotes simplicity and purity. Blue, in its varying shades, can be playful or professional.request quote from zigpac

Before deciding a color, it is essential to study the target consumer. Then, you can center the color of your product packaging design around this.

  • Marketing tool

One thing about branded products is that they are easily recognized. When you place your logo in front of a product, it makes it easy for customers to remember your product when next they are out shopping. It is especially important when you have products in supermarkets where other products are also vying for consumer attention.

So, when focusing on packaging choice, think about what you want consumers to say about the product and the brand. Does your package fully reflect that? Do you think it can be better?

  • Protect products

Apart from being eye-catching, packaging ought to serve a practical purpose. That useful purpose is the protection of your products. Therefore, a lot of attention should be paid to the design and evaluation stage of creating the package design.

product package branding

Different Types of Product Packaging Design Methods

Pharma Packaging

Mainly used by pharmaceutical companies for drug packaging. The drugs are packaged in such a way that enables them to flow through all distribution channels until they get to the final consumer. Pharma packaging is multipurpose in the sense that it allows for drug containment, secure handling, drug safety, differentiation from counterfeits, and reliable delivery.request quote from zigpac

Examples of pharma products using this style include blood, drip, surgical devices, blister packs, bottles, dosage forms, etc.

Pharma packaging has three different types: the primary packaging, Secondary Packaging, and Tertiary packaging. Using a cough syrup bottle as an example, the first package is the container used to hold the drugs; the secondary packaging is the container used to hold the bottle of the medicine. The tertiary product packaging design is the final stage for bulk packaging the drugs, whether in dozens or half-dozen.

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Anti-corrosive Packaging

Corrosion and metals go hand in hand. However, as a business, you do not want the issue of corrosion to happen before the final consumer gains access to the products. Anti-corrosive product packaging design comes in for this purpose.request quote from zigpac

Here, metal surfaces and objects are prevented from corroding through this method.

Some of the materials used for anti-corrosion include bags, oil, bubble film, paper, chips, etc. They help protect packages from being damaged, especially where there is going to be a change in the climate.

 It is also handy when products are going to be in storage for a long time.

improve brand awareness with packaging

Flexible Packaging

Flexible packaging is a form of sealant. The items stored in the product packaging design can get packed and sealed yet retain their freshness. As a result, it is often used to wrap food items.request quote from zigpac

Shipping and storage of the goods are also made easy as when placed in the right location; the package lasts for a long time. It is also eco-friendly as it makes use of fewer materials, thereby reducing to less wastage.

The flexible packaging allows the product owner to mold and changes the shape depending on taste and packaging needs. It is easy to transport seeing as the packages are lightweight.

improve brand awareness with packaging

Plastics Packaging

Used for packaging a range of items from non-perishable to fragile products. The plastic product packaging design is often used in an industry where plastics serve as the primary material. The companies then recycle the excess vinyl and use it for packaging within their facilities and logistics.request quote from zigpac

Some of the plastic goods if not well packaged, due to their low shelf life might perish in certain climates. Well done plastic packaging that prevents the entry of dust or air helps avoid such a situation. However, due to the pollution of the environment with plastic, there has been an ongoing call for the reduction or recycling in the use of plastic.

Examples of plastic packaging include water bottles, bleach, cleaners, pipes, fittings, bin liners, carrier bags, margarine, trays, plastic cutlery, glazing in the aircraft industry.

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Conclusionrequest quote from zigpac

From the methods stated above, it can be deduced that to improve brand awareness with packaging, the need of the business ought to be considered first. Only with that can an essential method be derived to bolster the growth of the business by increasing brand awareness. If you have any demand for product packaging design, welcome to inquire us at Zigpac.

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