A5 magnetic PU notebook with buckle closure

PU in this context stands for Polyurethane –  a polymer used in the manufacturing of many products. These products could range from adhesives and spandex to hoses and wheels.  So really, this A5 magnetic notebook with buckle closure may have the look and feel of genuine leather, but it is not.request quote from zigpac

Thus, the magnetic notebook speaks of Polyurethane notebook. With luxury and elegance combined in one notebook, Buckle PU notebooks provide you with amazing writing experience. More so, a notebook with magnetic closure comprises of very high-quality materials.

Meanwhile, a buckle is a device used to fasten two loose ends. Attach one end to it, while the other end has a catch. Buckles come in a variety of sizes and shapes depending on fashion trends, and what you intend to use it for.

Types of Buckles Used for PU Notebooks

The A5 magnetic notebooks come with a whole lot of nice features, which makes them more appealing. A lot of features go into making the magnetic notebook easier and more secure to use. One very important feature these notebooks come with is the buckle closure.

Most A5 magnetic notebooks come with buckle closure, and there are many varieties of these buckles in use today. Here are some of these varieties:

Constant Leverage Bucklesrequest quote from zigpac

These buckles come in different beautiful forms. However, all of them come with two hinge points that yield the kind of pressure that is consistent. This makes the buckle easy to use when opening and clothing the magnetic notebook.

Spring-loaded Buckles

These buckles often make use of a spring mechanism. The aim of this mechanism is to make sure the buckle holds against the shell. This will ensure that it does not flap.

Micro-adjustable Buckles

These buckles have a fine-tuning adjustment. The essence of this fine-tuning adjustment is to make adjustment of tensions between two settings very possible.

magnetic notebook

Bail Buckles

One of the major benefits of bail buckles is the constant leverage they provide. To provide this leverage, they loop a stiff wire or metal cable over the shell. They then fit snugly into one of the several notches.

Ratchet Buckles Magnetic Notebook

Ratchet buckles are like constant-leverage buckles in so many ways. In both of them, the buckle band’s molded teeth engage into jaws that are spring-loaded. They then create a closure tension.request quote from zigpac

Another form of ratchet buckle is the Hideaway ratchet buckle. These hideaway buckles tuck well into the shell and make sure the strap does not snag and open. There is no way these straps snag that the buckle will not open.

When this happens, your PU notebooks will also open. If you are in a hurry to get somewhere and this strap snags and opens, some notes may fall out. However, your notebook will be secure with these hideaway buckles.

Box Buckles

With a box buckle, the molding of the metal rod into the strap end of the buckle occurs. Also, a set of grooves attached to the buckle. The strap end is designed to fit into any of these grooves for proper closure.

notebook with magnetic closure

Cable Buckles Magnetic Notebook

What cable buckles do is employ the use of either a stiff wire or a metal cable. Either of these is then incorporated into the strap. 

Reverse Bucklesrequest quote from zigpac

This kind of buckle is also another form of the constant-leverage kind of buckle. The female end, which is the buckle or loop, is not attached to the top of the shell. Instead, it is attached to the side of the shell and gives the notebook (know more) a cleaner and more professional look.

Another benefit of the reserve buckle is that it makes sure the buckle does not shear off or pop open. This kind of buckle ensures that your notebook to does not pop open when you fall with or snag it.

Buckle Slide or Trim Magnetic Notebook

If a buckle does not have prongs or shapes, it can then be referred to as a buckle trim or slide. Most of the time, it looks like it has lost its prongs due to constant use. 

 a5 magnetic notebook

Use of An A5 Magnetic PU Notebook With Buckle Closure

Though they might look little in many cases, this notebook with PU Buckle can serve as great little gifts. These gift items include private diary notebooks, business record notebooks, and DIY graffiti books. They are quite big enough to accommodate all your notes for days, weeks, and even months. request quote from zigpac

In addition, this magnetic notebook is very stylish and have a neat finish. They have a flexible cover buckle closure to keep your notebook secure and ensure you have privacy.

These also come in different colors & textures, which is one of the beauties of stationery. Hence, they give you the opportunity to choose your favorites.

Magnetic notebook with buckle is quite sturdy, which is nice enough for the journal and card slots. Additionally, they are compact, good sized and very easy to customize.

 a5 magnetic notebook

The little hinge on this notebook keeps it closed and helps to protect the perfectly flat pages. This hinge also comes in very handy when carrying the notebook in your purse!request quote from zigpac

Many A5 magnetic PU notebook with buckle closure serve as excellent diaries with calendars for several years, and pages to record contacts and anniversaries. They help keep a bunch of useful general information on each page such as – date spot to write dates. Also included are memo number, address section, time-zones, international area codes, airport codes, and metric conversions in its first pages. Custom personalized magnetic notebook at Zigpac will give you an amazing experience.