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The non-woven bag china supplier comprises non-woven PP (polypropylene) fabric (know more). Such fabric is a combination of staple fiber and long fibers bonded by mechanical, chemical, and solvent or heat treatment. More so, the possibility of improving density is high just add reinforced backing.

Pouches offer a lot of benefits which include durability, air permeability, liquid repellency, competitive pricing, biodegradability, and lots more. Zigpac is a major non-woven bag China supplier.

Features of Non-Woven Bag

A soft, air-penetrable, and smooth polypropylene fiber spun and also bound forms the main material to make the unwoven kit. Afterward, a spinning wheel process the fabric and randomly arranges them. Binding of the fibers follows next through the use of mechanical or thermal methods.request quote from zigpac

The bags made from this material provide absorbency, softness, resilience, strength, liquid repellency, thermal insulation, stretch, durability, and sterility. In addition, a non-woven bag is hypoallergenic, light, reusable, and attractive. On average, a non-woven bag can last for more than 5 years.

An unwoven kit is moisture-proof, so moisture cannot get in from the sides and bottom. In fact, the manufacture of the bags includes different sizes, styles, and colors according to what the customer needs. They can serve as gift items for Valentine’s Day, Christmas, birthdays, and other events.

Non-woven bags have different forms, which include: reusable shopping bags, tote bags, garment bags, and drawstring gift bags. Other forms are handbags with Velcro or zippers, thermal bags, and food bags. Use of the bags extend to shopping malls and different industries for the purpose of packaging and carrying heavy products. More so, these bags are recyclable so they do not harm the environment.

This bag has used for corporate branding. The knit fabric makes them very nice for printing. Company logos and other write-ups printed on them for advertisement and other promotional purposes.

Put several goods in this multipurpose bag, like wedding gifts, kids’ Easter goodies, and others. You can package goods for customers in your beautifully customized non-woven bag and enjoy promotional boost whenever they use them. The bag is also easy to clean and are very affordable.

Types of Non-Woven Bags

The pouches have different types based on their application and cut-type.

Based on Application and Use:

Fertilizer Non-woven Bags:request quote from zigpac

Specially made pouches for packaging fertilizer and other chemicals. Design of the bags helps them to hold these products so that they will not spill out of the bag. A non-woven bags China supplier like Zigpac can brand the bag with a company name, logo, colors, and other information. By so doing, whenever people enjoy using your products, they can always patronize you.

Rice Bags:

Non-woven bags are durable and will work great for packaging rice and other grains. These bags long replaced the jute rice bags formerly used for this purpose. Non-woven rice bags look trendy, so rice manufacturers prefer to use them to package their grain products.

 Non-Woven Shopping Bags:

Giving out of shopping bags at almost every store for a wide range of products. With the growing need to stop the use of non-biodegradable plastic bags, shopping pouches are fast taking over. In addition to their beautiful and trendy look, these bags have reusable traits.

After unpacking your groceries or other items, one can easily clean the bag up. Either used to package another product or to conveniently move products from one place to the other.

non woven bags china

Tote Bags:

The word “tote” means “carry.” Tote bags, therefore, have use suitable for carrying from one place to another. Non-woven tote bags also have sturdiness for long use.

They are easy to design and print vibrant images and colors just to enhance their look and boost sales. Other traits include functional and stylish, as a result, they have a high preference by manufacturers.

Wedding Bags:

Unwoven pouches specially designed for wedding guests to take home with them as a token of gratitude. They come in different shapes, sizes, and designs to suit the wedding’s theme. Use of the bags extends to gifts like pieces of cake, handkerchief, cutlery set, jotters, and/or pens.

After unpacking these bags, guests can use them for any other purpose they deem fit. Wedding bags can also be used at other events like fundraising, anniversaries, business events, galas, among others.

Based on Cut-Typerequest quote from zigpac

Box Type with Handle Non-Woven Bags:

Box type non-woven bags have larger gussets that can take a greater volume of items. Very valuable and often used in shops that sell products and articles of modest size. They are also used to package conference materials or gift items at events.

D-Cut  Bags:

Unlike other bags that have their handles attached to the bag, these ones are quite uniquely made. D-cut bags are affordable carry bags that have a soft handle which is an essential part of the bag. Although soft, the handles are durable and are not easy to rip off.

non woven bags china

Standard Pouches with Handle:

This is one of the most common types of bags. Very accessible and are often used by stores and shops as give away items. Standard non-woven bags are multipurpose, which is why they are so popular.

This type of bag is easily accessible at the stores of any non-woven bags China supplier.

W-Cut and U-Cut Non-Woven Bags:

W-cut or U-cut bags are often called grocery bags. They look a lot like the plastic bags meant for grocery shopping. Due to their environmental friendliness, these bags are fast replacing plastic grocery bags.

Many shopping malls and stores now use these bags in packaging groceries.

Wooden Handle Non-Woven Bags:

This is one special type of bags because of its wooden handle and plenty of space. Wooden handle pouches are widely used by people who have a lot of heavy things to carry around. The wooden handles are passed along the columns created at the top of both sides of the bag. These handles give the bag its sturdiness.

Final Thoughtsrequest quote from zigpac

Bags are generally being used by a lot of businesses including departmental stores, grocers, gifts shops, and promotional companies. These eco-friendly bags are the most practical and versatile bags on offer. You can get yours from a non-woven bags China supplier like Zigpac.