Cheap clear bubble wrap bags

Cheap bubble wrap bags (know more)are a flexible and clear plastic sheet with several small air pockets for cushioning products during shipment. They are lightweight, waterproof and commonly used for packaging fragile items. Low-density polythene and recycled polythene the two most common materials used in making clear bubble wrap bags.request quote from zigpac

The transparency of these cheap bubble wrap bags enables visual product inspection. A product is easy to view without touching due to the bubble bag transparency. The bubble size is not smooth, but rather looks like small-blown balloons.

Benefits of Clear Bubble Wrap Bags

Cheap clear bubble wrap bags offer a lot of benefits. Some of them include:

  • The bubble on the bag helps to protect the surface from abrasion. As a lightweight material, it raises no freight charges for shippers which makes it a cost-effective option for shipping. Since cheap bubble wrap bags provide perfect protection, the need for packaging reduces.
  • Bubble bag or sheet is usually inside the pack, wrapped around the object in the carton. It covers any shaped object despite its dimensions. Additionally, the bubble bag or sheet prevents shock and vibration of items in transit.
  • Bubble wrap comes in bags, sheet, envelopes, and other relevant forms. These sheets or bags used several times. Comprises of environmentally friendly materials, so it can be recycled when it wears out.
  • Keeping items safe and unscathed through the use of a sheet container will save the cost of replacement and encourage patronage. Bubble bags are used to protect television, laptops, refrigerators, jewelry, antiques, electronic appliances, and many more.
  • The sheet bag protects young plants and seeds from the cold by covering them with the wrap. It acts as a green-house by keeping the plants and soil warm.request quote from zigpac
  • A sheet-lined shopping bag maintains the coldness of ice cream and frozen products like meat, for a while. Items like shoes, satchels, hats, and clothing can be wrapped in a sheet for a period of time. This will keep the items from dirt and growth of micro-organisms responsible for dampness and moldiness of these items.
  • Wrapping these items in a sheet container maintains their shape, making them emerge neat and ever-ready for use even after six or eight months.

Types of Clear Bubble Wraps

The main aim of using clear bubble wrap bags is to protect items while shipping and during storage. Bubble wraps come in different forms which include bubble wrap bags, bubble wrap sheets, and bubble wrap rolls. The type of wrap used depends on the size of the object for packaging and the level of cushioning needed.

  • Bubble Bags

Bubble wrap bags are very quick and easy to use. Perfect when you need faster wrapping.request quote from zigpac

  • Plain Bubble Bags

Often used in protecting items used for general purposes.

  • Lightweight or Standard Bubble Wrap Rolls

Lightweight items need cushioning too. Specially made to provide cushioning, surface protection, and interleaving for lightweight items.

  • Medium Duty Bubble Wrap Rolls

Specially designed bubble wrap bags to give items with medium weight adequate cushioning and interleaving.

  • Heavy Duty Bubble Wrap Rolls

When you need to transport heavy-duty products like shipping motors, valves, compressors, etc., use these bubble wrap rolls. Guaranteed to keep your heavier items well cushioned within the bubble wrap bag.

  • Bubble Envelopes or Bubble Mailers

Bubble mailers or bubble envelopes are used to protect your valuables while shipping them. Such valuables include video cassettes, CDs, DVDs, antiques, jewelry, among others.

cheap bubble wrap bags

Options Used for Clear Bubble Wrap Bags

Here are the options for bubble wrap bags:

  • Anti-static Bubble Wraps

Bubble wrap bags made from specially blended plastic materials. Used when you have sensitive electronic parts or any electronic component you need to protect. These wraps help to prevent your electronics from static damage or discharge during transportation.

  • Biodegradable Bubble Wrapsrequest quote from zigpac

This innovative packaging solution is also eco-friendly and decomposes quite easily. After decomposition, the remaining by-products are negligible amounts of carbon dioxide, water, and biomass. These by-products provide nutrients for the soil microbes. Biodegradable bubble wrap does not cause any pollution to the environment and does not add to landfill.

  • Cohesive Bubble Wraps

Although these wraps are similar to adhesive bubble wraps, they do not stick to any other surface. A cohesive bubble wrap sticks to itself alone.

  • Self-adhesive Bubble Wraps

These wraps often come with an adhesive backing that easily sticks to almost all surfaces.

clear bubble wrap bags

How to Make Clear Bubble Wraprequest quote from zigpac

Bubble wrap is great for storing and shipping fragile and breakable goods. There are not so difficult to make either. Here are the steps to take in making these wraps:


  • Bubble wraps start out as polyethylene or plastic resin which are in bead form. The size is about that of pea gravel.
  • These beads are then placed in an extruder, which is a long cylinder that has a screw inside. The screw runs through the entire length of the cylinder.
  • Turn the screw for the bubble wrap bag, see a build-up of heat which melts the resin into a liquid. This liquid is then squeezed out of the long cylinder onto two clear plastic film sheets stacked together.
  • One layer of the plastic film wrapped around a drum that has some holes punched in it. When suction is applied, one web of film is drawn into the holes, leading to the formation of the bubbles.
  • The second layer of clear plastic film is then laminated over the first layer. After both films are joined together, they will stick together. Hence, the second layer helps to trap the air in each of the bubbles.
  • Although this sounds easy, polyethylene is a material which is porous and spongy. It is easy for air to leak out through the pores, and this will reduce the packaging’s cushioning ability. For this reason, some manufacturing companies now use Saran coating to keep the air sealed inside the bubbles. There is a new method of encapsulating a barrier for air retention in the polyethylene during the process of extrusion.

clear bubble wrap bags


Final Thoughtsrequest quote from zigpac

Cheap clear bubble wrap bags are excellent and cost-effective packaging material. They can be used and reused, especially if they are not damaged. To know more about bubble wrap bags, visit Zigpac.