Cheap custom desk calendar

Desk calendars, as the name implies, are meant for office desks both at work and at home. Cheap custom desk calendar can be handy both for personal use and business use. Most people use desk calendars to see their events and schedules at a glance, which helps in saving time.

Everyone needs to have a good desk calendar! With one, your workspace will not have to look so boring. Apart from the basic information that should be on these calendars, you can add inspiring messages, a few cards, or drawings.

Uses of A Cheap Custom Desk Calendarrequest quote from zigpac

  • It makes it easier to schedule appointments as one could easily know free and booked days by glancing at it.
  • The custom desk calendar is portable and easy to keep at the office desk, dining table, living room, or the bedroom.
  • With the presence of a calendar, it is easy to keep track of the activities and plans for the day. If you want to know more info about the calendar, please click here.
  • It is also very useful for business. It helps to keep one’s product name right in front of customers every day. This is an effective way of marketing your products and business.
  • A good and well-organized custom desk calendar containing photoshoots of products and company details is a great way to advertise. It is also a good tool for referral as customers can easily direct others to your business. Information will always be with them, and they can easily answer questions regarding your business.
  • By constantly seeing your company’s customized desk calendar, customers will also become familiar with your business brand and quality of products. This is unavoidable when customers have to look at the calendar almost all day and all week.
  • Also, it also saves your customer time used in searching for your company information when the need arises.
  • Bloggers can also benefit from having a custom desk calendar by being able to schedule blog posts and hosting requests. It comes in handy when there is the need to know when to send a new question or request an answer.

Features to Look Out for in Desk Calendars

Desk calendars work great just sitting there on your desk with their daily, weekly, and monthly overviews. There are certain features you should look out for when buying or making a cheap custom desk calendar.request quote from zigpac

Here are some of them:


  • Refillable

A good calendar should be able to save you some money by being refillable. By being refillable, you can actually use the same base over and over again.

  • Design

It is important to consider the design of the calendar because it is an accessory that you look at daily. The calendar should come in a design that can put you in a very good mood instantly.

  • QuickNotes

For your desk, this custom calendar has to be efficient by having an area dedicated to jotting down notes. This quick note feature comes in very handy when you are on the telephone and planning to meet with someone.

  • Organizer

Some of these calendars also double as desk organizers. In most cases, they come with a base which has compartments for pens, post-it notes, paperclips, and other things.

cheap desk calendars

Who Should Use Desk Calendars?

Custom desk calendars are perfect for a certain set of people. Some of these people include:

  • People who spend up to 40 hours a week at their desk or in a cubicle. It does not matter whether you are the office owner or an employee, you will need this calendar.
  • Business prospects whom your sales representative just visited. This calendar can be a ‘thank-you’ gift that will most likely end up on his or her office desk. Through this, more people will become aware of your business.
  • Any customer that you feel the need to hand out ‘quick-glance’ kind of gifts to. These custom desktop calendars can be used on breakfast tables, bureaus, children’s nightstands, and so many other places.


How to Make Your Own Cheap Custom Desk Calendar

Calendars are versatile items that can be designed to adapt to any décor. You can easily find a customizable design that will be both fun and easy to make.

Here are the steps required to make a customizable, reusable, and custom cheap desk calendars that look great without occupying too much desk space:


  • Wooden box
  • Screw-in hooksrequest quote from zigpac
  • Drill
  • Blank tags made out of card stock
  • Markers, or letter and number stickers
  • Wallpaper or wrapping paper with adhesive (optional)
  • Primer, paint, and brushes (optional)
  • Glue and glitter (optional)

Custom desk calendar



  • Get a wooden mall or large box that suits your budget and style from a craft store. You can also get a deep wooden tray or shallow crates from home for this project. The one used here for the custom desk calendar is about 12 x 6 x 2 inches (30.5 x 15.2 x 5.1 cm).
  • To paint the box, use fine-grit sandpaper to remove rough edges and splinters on the box. Use a tack cloth or rag to wipe the box, then brush the box with a coat of oil-based primer. Allow it to dry before brushing with 1-2 coats of colored oil-based paint. This step is optional as you can decide to leave the box with its natural wood finish.
  • Measure the box’s inside bottom then cut a wallpaper, wrapping paper, or any other decorative paper to fit it. Use the crafting glue to stick the paper in place if it is not self-adhesive. You can also paint the box’s interior or allow it to be in its existing color.


  • Mark three spots with the same spacing along the inner wall of one part of the box’s long sides. Make 0.25-inch deep pilot holes with a drill, but do not drill all the way into the box. Twist a screw-in hook through each hole.
    • These hooks will hold a couple of paper tags each, therefore, you should screw them in just a little.
  • Get 13 off-white, white, or blank rectangular tags that have reinforced holes already punched into an end of it. For the box we are using, pick tags that are about 4 inches by 2 inches (10.2cm x 5.1cm).
    • You can make these tags yourself by cutting them out of card stock paper, then trim to size. Punch holes into each of them and put hole reinforcers around.
  • Use individual letter stickers to place ‘JAN’ on one side, and ‘FEB’ on the other side of the tag. Continue the same process until you have labeled the twelve months in the year on the 6 tags.
    • If you don’t have stickers, you can label the tags with a pen or marker that does not bleed.

desk calendar


  • Use numerals to label the remaining tags for the custom desk calendar in order to keep track of dates. Label the tags in this form: for the “ones”, do “0” and “1”, “0” and “2”, up to “8” and “9”. While for the remaining five tags, do the tens thus: “0” and “1” on one, “2” and “3” on another.
    • Let the “month” tags hang on the left hook, while the “tens” tags hang on the middle hook. The “ones” tags should hang on the right hook.
  • To add glitter to the tags, rub glue stick on the tag’s bottom below the label, then sprinkle some glitter. Shake off the excess and repeat the same process on one side of the other tags. When the glue dries, flip them over and repeat the same process on them.
    • Alternatively, you can use stickers or any other thing you like to decorate the tags.
  • Make the box stand upright on its long side, with the hooks hanging downwards to display your calendar.request quote from zigpac

Summarily, the cheap custom desk calendar will help keep you informed all year-round while sitting right in front of you. It saves you time spent trying to figure out what we are supposed to do that we have not done. A good desk calendar could also serve as a reminder of past events for record-keeping purposes. If you want to get custom packing tape best price, welcome to Zigpac for more info.