Custom best 3D nail art stickers

Custom nail art stickers are a form of artwork. Also, through these stickers, you have more glam and art on fingernails and toenails during manicures and pedicures. They are a creative way to decorate and make your nails more attractive.request quote from zigpac

Nail stickers add a little extra “sparkle” to your fingers. In addition, the stickers come in the form of a pattern or a small object/shape, and application is over polished nails. While the labels come with an adhesive back, they are not permanent.

Furthermore, nail art stickers have suddenly become the next big thing in the world of fashion after clothes, shoes, and hair. The concept is gaining so much popularity, and girls are enjoying every bit of attention their nails get them. It is a good thing they will not damage your nails. And if you want to know more info about the nail art, please click here.

Benefits of Using Custom 3D Nail Art Stickers

  • One of the joys of using nail stickers is that you can achieve intricate and artful details on your nails. You can accomplish these without paying a nail artist a lot of money to create them. They are pretty straightforward to apply on your nails with zero error.
  • Furthermore, they are pocket-friendly and you can buy different designs at an affordable price.
  • In addition, they are trendy and quite popular among celebrities. So, by using these custom nail art stickers, you will look chic and get you noticed quite easily. It is an accessory that will make you stand out anywhere.request quote from zigpac
  • Moreover, they can take you for over a week on your fingernails. These nail art stickers stay even longer on the toenails.
  • 3d nail art stickers are also quite easy to customize. You can put patterns and even logos on them.
  • As a plus, these stickers, as lovely as they look, dry very fast. You do not have to wait for up to five minutes before putting on your shoes and stepping out.
  • They also complement your outfit perfectly.
  • You won’t have to expose yourself to the harmful chemicals in polish if you decide to use these stickers.
  • Finally, unlike polish strips, 3d nail stickers have a little dimension to them. The aspects make the patterns look painted on.

The custom nail art stickers are quite easy to remove, usually just by soaking in warm water and peeling them off. It is okay and even safer for you if they do not cover your entire nail. Just be sure to keep them on the nail bed to avoid the damaging your nail polish.

nail art stickers

How to Make 3D Nail Art

Custom nail art stickers are one of the most beautiful gifts nail amateurs and nail lovers can invest in. Moreover, with these lovely stickers, it is easier to achieve the kind of nail art you crave that is absolutely Instagram-worthy. Therefore, you can actually apply it yourself without having to pay a professional to do it for you.

In addition, there are many patterns and colors you can use to have beautiful nail art. All the materials you will need are also affordable and designed to give you a flawless finish. With these stickers, you will not have to struggle with all the mess you make when using only nail polish.

This is a great way to spend your afternoon, getting your fingers looking chic with these few steps: 

Materials Needed for Nail Art Stickers:

  • Base Gelrequest quote from zigpac
  • Gel polish light beige
  • Gel polish black
  • Top Gel
  • Nail slider (like Nailcrust pattern sliders quilted manicure)
  • 3D nail art sticker silver or love gold
  • Ultrabond
  • Top gel tackless
  • Gold baroque

Steps to Take for Nail Art Stickers:

Prepare a gel base on which you will do the designs

    • Firstly, apply the gel polish light beige on an already-prepared fingernail plate.
    • Dry the fingernails in LED lamps for 1 minute, and in ultraviolet for 2 minutes.
    • Cover it with a top gel.
    • In addition, place it in the lamp again for 1 minute if LED, and 2 minutes if UV.

Apply the nail pattern

    • Draw a picture of any design you want to use as your pattern. Pick any element from the Nailcrust Patter Slider Quilted Manicure and place it in water for about a second. Take off the slider’s paper base, glue it to your fingernail, then smoothen it out.
    • Place it close to a lamp for about 15 to 30 seconds so it can dry completely.
    • In order to properly dissolve the slider’s excess, apply ultrasound close to the perimeter. Then use a wooden stick to remove the excess from the cuticle, side rollers, and free edge zone.
    • Apply the top gel.
    • Use an LED lamp to dry it for a minute. Alternatively, you can use UV to dry it for 2 minutes.request quote from zigpac

Apply a black gel polish

    • Use a gel polish black gloss to draw a decorative lunula on the pattern.
    • Next, dry your hand with a LED lamp for a minute, or with UV for 2 minutes.

Apply the logo

    • Place a 3D nail art sticker on the nails. Use black resin to paint along the art sticker’s edges. This will make the logo pattern more pronounced.

Paint each slider cell

    • Use casual-chic nail polish to fill all the slider cells. Be sure to do a step-by-step polymerization of the nails after each time you apply it.
    • Dry your fingernails in any lamp for 2 minutes.

Draw decorative dots on the nailsrequest quote from zigpac

    • At each intersection of the pattern, make points using a gold baroque.
    • Allow it dry for about 2 minutes.


  • Firstly, make sure your hands are manicured first.
  • Most importantly, do not apply cream or lotion on either your fingers or toes during the process. Wait for a couple of hours.
  • Furthermore, if you have an excess of the nail sticker, do not rip it off as this may tear the sticker unevenly. Instead, you can file the excess off gently in a downward motion.
  • In addition, use a top coat to seal the edges of the nail in order to prolong wear time.
  • Finally, frequent hand washing could shorten the lifespan of the adhesive.

custom nail art stickers


Final Thoughts

3D Custom nail art stickers are perfect for getting the perfect manicure at home every single time. These nail art stickers are really easy to use and perfect for anyone who loves nail arts and nail stickers.

request quote from zigpac

The custom nail art stickers are quite easy to remove, usually just by soaking in warm water and peeling them off. It is okay and even safer for you if they do not cover your entire nail. Just be sure to keep them on the nail bed to avoid the damaging your nail polish. If you want to get the custom sticker best price, welcome to Zigpac for more info.