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A book; a written document made up of not less than 49 pages of text. The primary purpose of writing books includes communicating ideas, information, and thoughts. They have taken on different forms over the years to accommodate new methods of custom book printing in the industry, communication request quote from zigpacand an increase in demand.

Custom book printing is the process of reproducing text using a master template, and then transferring it to a paper. Before printing a book, there are three categories of people that work on it.

The first and most important person is the author, without whom there can’t be a book. Any author who cannot take up the financial responsibilities of his book needs a publisher. The book printers then produce and bind the books.

Custom book printing can be effortless, and without hitches, if it follows a careful process. There are also some factors to consider when you want to print a book.

Factors to Consider for Custom Book Printing

The first thing to consider before printing is the kind of paper to use. Papers vary in thickness and quality, so it is essential to know the best for your book. The most common is the thin, lightweight 50# offset paper, whereas there are other thicker and glossier ones.

Another thing to put into consideration in the custom book printing is the production time. It takes two business days for the PDF Email of soft proof, and between 2-7 business days for printed evidence. 2-3 business days for revisions of the written evidence if deemed necessary.


Production of hardcover books will take between 7-10 business days, while that of non-hardcover books takes 3-6 business days. Also decide on the size, aesthetics, number of pages, and then print and bound. If you want to know more about the hardcover book, please click here.

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Factors that Influence Book Printing Cost

Choosing the specifications for your book will not just affect its aesthetics, but its printing cost. Before going to the book printing industry, you have to the factors that might increase the book printing price. If you spend a lot in producing the book, you will have to increase the retail price in order to make request quote from zigpaca profit.

Here are some of the factors that can influence the printing cost of your book:

Page Count of Custom Book Printing

The cost of printing consists of both the per-cover and per-page counts. The estimation may have to increase when you add photographs, graphs, or illustrations to the book.


The format of your book could either be the type of book or the book’s interior color. The type of book could be either paperback or hardcover. While the choices for the interior color are black and white, premium color, or standard color.

Even if you include just a piece of colored text or image, the whole interior will have color. This is often quite expensive to print.

Standard color printing makes use of inkjet technology to print small color touches within the book. This inkjet technology makes use of very high-quality ink that is more consistent than the regular black-and-white toner printer. Also highly recommended for excellent printing of titles that have elements of shading, illustrations, black-and-white photographs, or tables.

Premium color printing makes use of either laser printing or digital color print engine technology to produce outstanding color quality. It is the best option for books like photography books and children’s books that have full illustrated color interiors. However, this vibrant and rich color quality comes with a very high price tag.

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Trim Size of Custom Book Printing

The trim size you choose will determine how many words will fit into a page and the number of pages. This will also affect the cost of your book printing.

Paper Weight

The paperweight has to do with how thick the paper stock of your book’s interior is. 50# is the standard weight for black-and-white printing or standard color printing. 70# paper is best for color interiors, is often thicker, and allows the printing ink saturate better.request quote from zigpac

Cover of Custom Book Printing

Usually, the book cover printing has a 4-color format and this does not depend on your chosen interior ink. Gloss or matte lamination can be used on the cover finishing without necessarily attracting extra printing costs.

Paperback books often have wraparound covers that are made up of stiff and laminated cardstock. This cardstock, though stiffer than the interior paper, is very flexible. This is why some people refer to paperbacks as softcovers.

The range of options offered by hardcover books is quite wide and includes printed case laminate or cloth case wrap. This cloth case wrap comes complete with a printed dust jacket.

Therefore, with close case wrap, the hardcover boards of your book will be wrapped in a blue or gray cloth. However, your cover design will not be printed on this cloth. Instead, information like the title and name of authors(s) will be stamped in a shiny foil on the book’s spine.

When you use this cloth case wrap cover, you may choose to wrap the book in a dust jacket. A dust jacket is a removable paper cover on which your cover design will be printed. A good custom book printing industry will do this printing with a matte or gloss finish.

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There are different types of binding you can use for your book, depending on the book format. The binding option you choose will determine how much you will spend. When choosing the binding, you have to consider the protection it will offer and the price.

The standard binding option for most paperback custom books printing is the flexible and durable perfect bound. It uses an adhesive glue that is warm to secure the interior pages to the softcover of the book. This perfect bound option is very affordable.

The standard binding option for most softcover books is the perfect bound. However, saddle-stitched or stapled is used for books with fewer pages.

Hardcover books use adhesive casebound as the standard binding option. This is a really economical option and the hardcover case offers adequate protection.

request quote from zigpacFinal Thoughts

Having your note in your hands is the final stage in custom book printing in the industry. It is indeed worth all the planning and waiting. If you have any demand for printing, welcome to inquire us at Zigpac.