Custom car tire lettering stickers

Custom tire stickers are those amazing tire lettering kits that you’ve probably seen on the side of cars both at the track and on the road. Production is either for short or long-term applications or packages. These tire stickers have been gaining popularity recently.request quote from zigpac

The car tire stickers are made up of a set of decals which are made of rubber. These decals easily stick to the sidewall of any tire brand with the help of some durable adhesive backing. And they can easily be removed, quite unlike tire stencils.

The letters on custom tire stickers come mostly with factory lettering such as ‘Toyo Tires’ ‘Dunlop’ etc. However, if you seek to stand out from the crowd, even more, you can go completely custom. With custom tire lettering stickers, you have lettering that says whatever you want.

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Benefits of Custom Car Tire Lettering Stickers

Custom tire stickers offer a lot of awesome benefits. Here are some of these benefits:

  • They are made from highly specialized and cut-out rubber; hence they are more durable than stickers placed on shop windows.
  • They enhance the appearance of your car by making it look more expensive and attractive. And also these stickers have a way of adding beauty to your tire and your entire vehicle.
  • More so, car tire stickers are not expensive so it will not cost you much to change your vehicle into an eye-catching race car.request quote from zigpac
  • These stickers are quite versatile, and apart from being placed on car tires, can also be placed on power bikes. In fact, they work on any type of tire, including trucks, ATVs, and bicycles too. All tires can get this special tire sticker treatment!
  • Some of these tire stickers are temporary, while some are permanent. So you have the opportunity to decide which one you prefer to use.
  • Another wonderful thing about tire lettering stickers is their ease of installation. They usually come in a kit and have instruction manuals you can easily understand and follow. With these stickers, there is no way you can overspray your car tires or experience dripping paint while customizing them.
  • Additionally, these stickers come in different designs and colors that will easily customize your tire sidelines.
  • These tire lettering stickers are made through the addition of raised rubber to the tire using durable adhesive. Hence, you can clean your car tires for years and drive intensely for over 40,000 miles without the stickers deteriorating.

custom tire stickers

How to Make Custom Car Tire Lettering Stickers

You can make your own custom tire stickers from scratch in a couple of easy steps.

Supplies Needed:

  • Measuring tape
  • A computer with design software (like Adobe Illustrator)
  • A printer
  • Scotch taperequest quote from zigpac
  • White rubber sheet
  • X-Acto knife
  • Masking tape


  • First, measure your tires with a measuring tape.
  • Use software, like Adobe Illustrator, to design the logo or letters you intend to decorate your tires with.
  • Print it out.
  • Use an X-Acto knife to trace the printed letters out. And cut closely around each of the letters.
  • Get a white rubber sheet and a scotch tape. Use the scotch tape to secure each of the letters to the rubber sheet.
  • Use the X-Actor knife again to cut closely around the letters so that they become white rubber sheet letters.
  • Once you have all the letters on the rubber sheet, color the edges of each letter with a black marker.
  • Pick up the rubber sheet letters and place them the same way you will stick them to your tires.
  • Stick all of the arranged letters together with masking tape. And make sure the tape runs over each letter completely.
  • Your custom tire stickers are now ready to be placed on your car tires.

tire lettering stickers

How to Customize Your Car Tires with Lettering Stickers

Car tire stickers are very easy to install once you have all the necessary supplies needed. With a little time and some effort, you will give your car an astonishing custom touch.

Here are the supplies you need and the steps you should take to apply these stickers:

Supplies Needed:

  • Tire stickersrequest quote from zigpac
  • Decal adhesive
  • Cloth rag
  • Find sandpaper
  • Brake cleaner
  • Acetone
  • Household degreaser (you may use dishwashing soap with water inside a spray bottle)


  • Get the grime off the tires you want to apply the custom tire decal on.
    • Even though your tires are new, it is still important that you clean them up. You can use the commonly used household degreaser and a cotton cloth to clean them up. Make sure
  • Smoothen out the sidewalls of the tires.
    • So, get sandpaper with fine grit and use it to roughen up the tire’s surface. And if there is still some surface grease on the tire, you can use acetone to take it off. This will make the decals stick better to the tires and ensure they stay there for a very long time.
  • Make the decals stick to the tires.
    • Apply some of the adhesives on the back of the decal. Also, use the tip of the adhesive bottle’s nozzle to spread the adhesive to the lettering’s edges. Make sure that the back of the decal is completely covered with a thin layer of the adhesive.
  • Apply pressure on the custom tire decals.
    • Carefully place the lettering stickers in such a way that they line up perfectly with the sidewall of your tires. When you are sure it is well placed, press it firmly with your fingertips for at least 30 seconds. And the more time you take to install these stickers, the better the chances of it adhering for long.request quote from zigpac


  • Allow it to sit for some time.
    • Five minutes should be the minimum time you should let the decals sit before removing the transfer film. Also, you should allow these lettering stickers dry for about an hour before driving with them or washing the tires. This will ensure maximum adhesion of the stickers.
    • However, do not clean these stickers with harsh chemicals or any product containing chlorine bleach or alcohol.

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Finally, tire stencils ruled the scene of tire sidewall customization for many years. Along the line, a new product came in that does not require the use of paint and stencils. And this new product is known as Tire stickers.request quote from zigpac

Car tire decals have come to stay and could last really long, especially when you get the permanent ones. If you have any demand on custom car tire lettering stickers, welcome to inquire us at Zigpac.