Custom cheap bumper stickers

Custom funny bumper stickers (know more)always come in helpful when you need to get your business, political, or other messages out. They are meant to be read by drivers and occupants of other vehicles, as well as others. Labels made at Zigpac are easy, cheap, and good at reaching thousands of motorists daily.request quote from zigpac


How to Encourage People to Use Your Bumper Stickers


Funny stickers, for instance, will thrill other motorists while passing the desired message across. However, as a business owner, you may have to encourage people to use your bumper stickers  through the following ways:


  • Mindset – find out why people will want to have fun labels on their cars
  • Use cool, creative design
  • Use slogans that are funny or amusing
  • Do not use blatant advertising
  • Use high-quality stickers


Materials Used in Making Custom Bumper Stickers


Bumper stickers specially created for use in both indoor and outdoor shows. They are specially designed by Zigpac for temporary and long-term application. These factors, as well as other parts, are used to plan the material used in making these stickers.request quote from zigpac


Here are the major materials that are often used in making custom bumper stickers:



It is a strong material that has one surface covered with a sticky film. Meanwhile, the other surface used for printing or writing ideas or messages by hand or with a printer. Decal paper, when used to make funny bumper stickers, is often tight and more long-lasting than regular paper stickers.

custom bumper stickers


Magnets use their magnetic attraction properties to stick to metals like iron and steel very easily. You can stick these magnetic labels on the metallic parts of your car. Their points allow for reuse over and over again without in any way losing their charm.request quote from zigpac



PVC is known as a plastic material used in making high-quality labels. These stickers are either clear or transparent depending on what you mean to use it for. Clear PVC materials used for stickers meant for placing on car windows.


Vinyl bumper sticker materials

Vinyl sticker materials have uses to make both short and lasting display stickers for both indoor and outdoor use. Zigpac uses vinyl sticker materials fall under a wide range of materials for making funny bumper stickers and other things:

funny bumper stickers

  • Self-adhesive vinyl

The vinyl material has tight points and works great for waterproof bumper stickers used both indoors and outdoors.


  • Static cling sticker materials

The image of the labels found inside car windows, usually for political drives. When removed, these stickers do not leave any trash behind.


  • Self-cling vinylrequest quote from zigpac

The material used in making self-cling stickers meant for glass and other surfaces that are smooth. It does not need the use of adhesives.


  • Clear poly ultra-removable bumper sticker material

Material has uses in making funny bumper stickers. Also easily removable when no longer in use. The laser printer comes in handy for printing on this kind of sticker.