Custom cheap metal lunch box

A custom metal lunch box is a square or rectangular container with stiff sides, and in some cases, a lid. These cheap metal lunch boxes are heat resistant, strong, hard, and durable. In addition, no destruction by insects due to their hardness and metallic component.

This strong custom metal box houses the food placed in it. The reason for this is to preserve sensitive electronic components from dust and debris. This reduces the chance of electrical component damage and accident.

Use of a Custom Lunch Box from Metalrequest quote from zigpac

This custom lunch box from metal differs in size based on their purpose. They have different types of container. Some examples of a metal box are stainless steel, aluminum, and cabinets.

They house computers that regulate traffic flow and also house hardware that keep telecommunication lines functional. Box from metal also houses money, jewelry and important documents for future use. Also used for keeping work tools.

A custom lunch box from metal comes in different sizes and shapes and help to preserve the hotness of food. Possible to keep clothes within the metal container. Some people store their old and unused items in these boxes, then they keep them in an attic or storeroom.

When a custom lunch metal container becomes no longer useful, it can be recycled and turned into something else entirely. This initiative will make sure the environment is protected and not polluted. Transforming this strong material into another useful, finished product is better than throwing it in water or on land to corrode.

The reusability of this type of box makes it a very good investment for storage. It can also be easily sold. There are many uses for a box from metal you are no longer using, especially since it comes with a reusable design.

It is also durable and offers very good security that is often needed in warehouses. Poor maintenance of the metal box causes corrosion of the metal. It should, therefore, be kept in a dry condition at all times.

What to Consider When Choosing Your Child’s Lunch Box

 Consider the weight of the custom metal lunch box

Some custom metal lunch boxes, especially the reusable ones, weigh a lot more than others. This, of course, depends on its size and the type of material it is made with. Weight may not be a problem if the box will be placed in a locker until the lunch is eaten.

If the child will have to lug the bag from one class to another, a heavy box will be frustrating. The child may end up dragging the box along, especially if he or she is very young.

How much food does the child eat?request quote from zigpac

Different children have different appetites. Some children eat a lot at midday, while some others would rather eat at home while socializing. Sometimes, it could be that the child just does not like the food.

Whichever way, you should know what your child needs and can handle. Since different boxes hold different amounts of food, you should know the category your child falls into. It is important for the lunch box (know more) to hold just enough food for the child to eat and focus.

Too much food for children who do not eat much can waste a lot of food. Meanwhile, not enough food could also make children starve.

It is important to get the size of a custom metal box that will suit your child’s needs.

custom metal box

Ease of use of the custom metal lunch box

Every school has its own time allotted for children to eat before they will be asked to pack up. Some of these lunch boxes are difficult to open and these children may not have the strength to open it. Since lunchtime is not always long, your child should not have to spend so much time opening it.

Therefore, you will have to make sure the lunch box is easy to open and close. Your child may not have an adult around every lunchtime, so he or she should have no difficulty eating. There are so many custom cheap metal lunch boxes with different designs to choose from.

You can pick anyone with a design that will be suitable for your child’s age and capability.

How to Decorate a Cheap Metal Lunch Box

If you no longer like your lunch box or you want one with cooler characters, you can decorate it. You really do not have to buy a new lunch box. All you need to do is upcycle your old one into something that looks great and brand new.

There are a lot of ideas that you could use in decorating an old lunch box into a new one. You can easily request quote from zigpacdo this in the following steps:

Materials Needed:

  • A lunch box tin from a craft store
  • A decoupage glue
  • Very sharp and precise scissors
  • A sponge applicator and a container of glue
  • Wrapping paper, magazine cutouts, ribbons, stickers, scrapbook paper, spray paint, acrylic paint with brushes, rickrack, jewels, tissue paper, etc.

custom metal box


  • Use spray paint or just paint to coat the metal lunch box in order to change the base color. Then allow the paint to dry for some time. You could leave it to dry overnight.
  • Afterward, use the scrapbooking kit to make a new background with stickers and ribbons. You can print out fashion or other photos you get from the internet on matte cardstock. This type of paper will not tear when you are applying the decoupage glue.
  • You may also cut out images from a magazine and lay them out on the box. This will give you a feeling of what the final product will look like.
  • Glue the images to the part of the box you want. Smooth out the picture to take out the air bubbles.
  • Allow the decoupage glue dry for about half an hour before you apply a coat on the box.
  • Let that dry for about an hour before applying another coat. An hour is enough time for it to dry.
  • If you intend to add ribbons or jewels, you should do so after the overcoat is dry. After this, you can apply another coat of decoupage glue over the whole box and ribbons.
  • There! Your custom metal lunch box is ready.

metal box


Final Thoughtsrequest quote from zigpac

Lunch boxes come in different sizes, shapes, and materials. One of these materials is metal. A metal lunch box comes in really handy and has customization properties. You can get very beautiful custom cheap metal lunch boxes from Zigpac.