Custom counter display boxes

A PDQ display is a bin, tray, or rack that is lightweight, small and very easy to install. This point of sale device often used at the check out of retail stores or spaces. With custom corrugated counter display boxes it becomes versatile to sell many things.

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The PDQ, which is another name for ‘pretty damn quick’ and ‘product displayed quickly’, helps to ease shopping for customers. This display box has beautiful graphics printed on it for the benefit of the supplier, customer, and the store itself. It has a lot of logos and icons on it so that it becomes easier to locate products in a crowded store.

Some types of PDQ display boxes include shelf tray, sidekick, and pallet display. It is the duty of the store workers to place these boxes on the store floor or shelf. It takes just about 2 touches to remove the box from the shipper and place it on the shelf.  To know more about the box, you can click here.

Designing the PDQ display box requires balanced materials so that it will easily appeal to customers.

Most times, when customers come in and see the PDQ display box, they remember the brand. Places, where you can find this display box, include the grocery, hardware, and convenience stores. The printing often has catchy colors in line with the product brand.

This box is lightweight enough. It helps in increasing purchases made by impulse. There are times a person goes into a store to buy one thing but ends up buying another.

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The PDQ also a corrugate displayer has used to hold many pieces of products for fast stocking and restocking. These counter displays are the best friends for retailers who want to boost impulse purchases. The more attractive the display is, the more it will draw attention and reel in customers.

We have, at some point, picked something we don’t need from a counter while waiting in line for something else. Most of the time, this impulsive buying is a product of point-of-purchase merchandising. A counter display box plays a great role in this kind of marketing.

If you are looking for an eye-catching design for your custom display boxes, here are some tips to follow:

The counter display should match the product

You should not just pick up old boxes from off the shelf and print your graphics on it. When picking a design for yourself, ask yourself what the counter display should sell. For example, jewelry’s best display – on a countertop spinner.

There is really nothing wrong with picking up a classic cardboard box to using it to sell bubble gum. However, it is not likely to attract a young vibrant woman. She would rather spend more to buy a nicely displayed bracelet or necklace.

You will, therefore, have to think outside the box when trying to make sure your counter display is impactful.

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Let the counter display match the store in some kind of wayrequest quote from zigpac

Counter displays have used in both the discount stores and the high-end ones. Both stores have patronage by different categories of people.

Customers who love to bargain are more attracted to bright and bold graphics on a counter display. However, this is not always the case with upscale customers.

If the counter display blends too well with the store’s background, it will definitely miss its purpose. You should, therefore, choose graphics carefully so that they match the general look of the store without going overboard.

The counter display should have the right color palette

There is a set of rules, known as the rules of color psychology, that your counter display should stick to. There is an extensive collection of color palettes available online and offline you can pick from. Having brand colors that you are bound to follow will help make your work easier.

Colors are tools you can easily get carried away with if you are not watchful. No matter how flashy and eye-catching a counter display may be, it may not boost sales. This often happens when the colors used for the counter display are not appropriate for the product it is displaying.

For instance, if you use fluorescent hues for children’s toys, they will attract a lot of attention from customers. However, if the same fluorescent hues are used for women’s earring, they will look very tacky and cheap. This is how color psychology works.

The brighter the colors you choose, the better. Your counter display is bound to be noticed if the colors you use pop effortlessly in an appealing manner. 

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Make use of counter display design software

It really is not easy to design a counter display that is alluring and attracts the right kind of customers. There is a couple of very good dedicated software that comes with different templates you can choose from. Get this software, and in a few steps, you have a counter display with a 3D image and no errors.

Ensure your store aisles are wide enough for customers

Consumers tend to avoid aisles that are narrow even if there are products there that they would love to buy. Your aisles have to be wide enough so that shoppers can comfortably go about their business without brushing each other.

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The custom counter display boxes serve as an effective tool for communication as it provides important information needed to market products. It is made from cardboard and can be used at high-traffic aisles or at checkout counters. The graphics printed on these boxes usually match the product branding. If you have any request or question, feel free to contact Zigpac for help!