Custom garment fabric labels

Custom garment labels, which are also known as clothes labels, add a special touch to most handmade items. The possibilities offered by these labels are limitless, especially in fashion and home textile industries. Popular places to find these garment fabric labels include garments such as blouses, shirts, jeans, etc.

Whenever you buy clothing, you must have always noticed the label stickers on the inside. They usually contain the country of origin, manufacturer identification number, care instruction, and voluntary information identifying size and brand. If you have any request or question about garment labels, feel free to contact Zigpac for help!

Features of Garment Fabric Labels

  • The custom garment labels must be visible to the eye for anyone who involved in the care and maintenance of the garment. The label itself must be visible even when the product/garment is on sale.request quote from zigpac


  • The garment fabric labels usually mention the water cleaning temperature required for washing the garment and the washing methods to use.


  • The material satin-coated acetate is responsible for the creation of garment labels. The reason for the selection is due to its flexibility, durability, and shiny finish.


  • Other printed garment label stickers make use of materials similar to the clothing itself. They include cotton, polyester, and nylon. Generally, the creative process requires the use of both mature and synthetic fibers and can be woven or printed.


  • Woven labels are usually more durable than printed labels. They also maintain their appearance and legibility longer than printed labels after repeated laundering or dry-cleaning.


  • Materials used for woven labels woven in garment include taffeta, satin, and damask fabrics.


  • They typically have the shape of rectangles and are commonly either 1-inch by 2-inches or ½-inch by 1-inch. However, the size of the label used, whether woven or printed, depends on the size of the final product.

garment fabric labels

Selection of Garment Label Stickers

They are usually selected based on different factors. These include the location of the label, type, and design of the garment, contact with the wearer’s skin, brand, quality, etc. They are usually non-toxic and are guaranteed to stay permanent.

These stickers are always essential in knowing what type of fabric you are dealing with and how to use and wash them properly. Thus, it helps in knowing how to take care of different fabric types in terms of washing, drying, or ironing. To know more about the label, please click here.

How to Make Your Own Custom

The four inexpensive ways to make your custom garment labels are:

  • Printed labels
  • Screen-printed labels
  • Custom stamped labels
  • Fabric pen labels

garment fabric labels

Method 1:       Fabric Printed Clothing Garment Labels

This method basically involves designing your logo or any design you want on a computer. You can either print it out yourself or send it to a fabric printing company to get it printed.

Tools:request quote from zigpac

  • A computer
  • Fabric paper
  • Needle and thread


  • Design your labels using Photoshop or any other design software you have.
  • Upload your design to a fabric printing service or print it yourself at home using photo fabric paper. However, printing with this fabric paper will make your design hard to wash.
  • Cut the labels along its edges then press under the bottom and top ¼ inches. One yard of fabric can get you 300 labels or more when you print at this size.
  • Press fusible interfacing to its back.
  • Stitch the label along top and bottom at about 1/8 inches from the label’s edge.
  • Sew them to a chain and clip the threads on them much later. This will enable you to do multiple labels at once.
  • Press the sides under ¼ inches.
  • When it is time to sew the labels on the fabric, just pin all the sides to the project. Then stitch along the edge of each side. Backstitch at the start and stop to prevent the stitching from coming loose.

custom garment labels

Method 2:       Silkscreened Garment Labels

To make this, you can use things you have on hand like ink and scraps of fabric. Screen printing is very nice because the screen gets old with time and turns a little dirty, thereby leaving imperfections. These imperfections cannot be replicated at all, so each label is unique and quite different from the others.

Tools:request quote from zigpac

  • A screen
  • Ink
  • A squeegee
  • Vinyl or tape



  • Use a small craft blade or an electronic cutter to cut your design out on a sheet of vinyl.
  • It is recommended that you cut out few to each sheet to get more labels anytime your screen.
  • Attach this to a silkscreen then use masking tape to fill in the gaps.
  • Screen the ink through the screen, then print as many of these labels as you want.
  • Let the ink be set in heat. This can be done while you iron the interfacing to the label’s back.
  • You should cut the words out back so that they will show up correctly after screening the ink through.

Method 3:       Custom Stamped Clothing Labels

This requires special fabric ink and is very washable.


  • Scissorsrequest quote from zigpac
  • Needle and thread



  • Use fabric scraps to stamp with the design of the logo.
  • Trim the edges and leave an extra ¼ inch or thereabout around the design.
  • Fuse the lightweight interfacing to the label’s back.
  • Fold all the edges to less than ¼ inch and press properly.
  • Pin and sew to the fabric whenever you are ready to use it.

custom garment labels

Method 4:       Permanent Garment Fabric Pen Labels

Permanent fabric pen labels make use of the basic fabric pen at craft stores.request quote from zigpac


  • Needle and thread


  • You can write directly on your fabric or use scrap fabric to make a little label, then write on it.
  • Use interfacing again to fold over the edges at least ¼ inches and press.
  • Sew around the edges.
  • Include the message, care instructions, or pictures.

Final Thoughtrequest quote from zigpac

Garment labels help to promote the quality and luxury of any clothing. They help build brand identity and serve as reminders of the brand for as long as the item is used. These garment fabric labels can also help the consumer decide whether or not to purchase an item over a competitor’s item.

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