Custom plastic t shirt bags

Polythene T-shirt bags, known as PE T-shirt bags or Custom Plastic T-shirt bags; type of plastic bag (know more) made from various kinds of plastics. The use of the end products usually as T-shirt packaging and shopping bags.

Custom t-shirt bags attract more people than most of the basic shopping bags with its very beautiful and attractive look. Another reason these t-shirt bags are so attractive is their very cheap price. They request quote from zigpacgive a lot of value at a very affordable price.

Use of a PE T-shirt bag

Most T-shirt bags usually have heat sealed at the bottom, while some have bonded with adhesives or stitched. These bags often come with large handles for easy carrying, especially when there are a lot of t-shirts in it.

Plastic bag for shirts consumes 40.0% less energy than paper when produced, and generate 80.0% less solid waste than paper bags. Fewer atmospheric emissions produced and less waterborne wastes released with PE T-shirt bag production compared to paper bag production.

The plastic bag for the shirt is less costly to purchase, less expensive to transport and require less space to inventory. Hence, many grocery stores have converted to plastic to increase profitability.

These strong, high-density gusseted T-shirt bags have very good resistance to make them reusable and recyclable. More so, they are waterproof and also resistant to punctures and tears.

PE T-shirt bags are famous for their more enjoyable touch and their more aesthetically-pleasing appearance. You can often find these bags in supermarkets as grocery bags.

Most of this PE T-shirt bag for shirts are strong and washable. You can use them for your groceries, to pack library books, tennis balls, gym clothes or pool supplies. In fact, their use varies for anything you need to carry.

In addition, the PE T-shirt bag for shirts is the economical choice for retail operations to hold books, groceries, clothes, or retail items. They provide you with a convenient way to carry your goods.

Advantages of Using Custom Plastic T-shirt Bags

The advantages of using custom plastic t-shirt bags include:

Plastic T-shirts bags are affordable:

These bags are so popular and accessible that they do not cost much at all. When compared to cloth bags or paper bags, plastic t-shirt bags are far cheaper. The profit margins enjoyed by business owners who buy these bags in bulk amount for branding purposes is very high.


Most PE t-shirt bags are very good for the environment because they are highly biodegradable. Before throwing these bags in wastes, cut them down a lot of times. Bacteria also help to easily decompose request quote from zigpacthese bags because of the materials used.

Plastic T-shirt bags are durable and weatherproof

Renown for their durability. They are not as vulnerable to wear and tear as other bags are. In fact, they outdo paper and clock bags in offering protection from rain, water, and other moisture.

These bags are also resistant to a lot of chemicals which would have ruined other packaging bags.

plastic shirt

Easy to open and pack as well:

Plastic t-shirt bags also offer quicker bagging. Opening and packing things into these plastic bags save a lot of time because it is really easy. Busy cashiers utilize these bags a lot in order to be more efficient in attending to customers.

PE t-shirt bags are the perfect solution for convenience stores, restaurants, and other business establishments with a lot of customers. You just need to pick up the bag, open it, throw items inside, and hand it over to the customer. Additionally, these bags do not take up as much space as paper bags do request quote from zigpacand they can lay very flat.

Plastic t-shirt bags made from recycled materials:

Made out of materials normally turned into waste. By using one of these bags, you are helping to save the environment and contributing to environmental conservation.


Additionally, these plastic bags have properties such as strong, known to hold their shapes well, and used repeatedly for shopping trips. As a matter of fact, they can carry a lot of weight compared to regular plastic bags. You can shop confidently knowing that the bottom will not fall off and the handles are not prone to cut.

custom t shirt bags

Simple to carry plastic t-shirt bags:

Another advantage offered by these custom t-shirt bags is ease of carrying. The handles are easy to hold, so convenient, and do not cut the hands while shopping.

Consume less energy:

Manufacturing these bags is highly energy-efficient and leaves a very small percentage of solid waste. Even better, recycling of these bags is done through a process that does not require pollutant factories.request quote from zigpac

Plastic t-shirt bags are great for branding:

If you are a business owner with a store or shop, you can easily customize these t-shirt bags. It is quite easy to print your business name, logo, and other important information on these bags. These bags are so beautiful that they will represent the image of your company very well.

Also, the designs can be changed quite easily because of the PE material it is made of.

This marketing strategy is very effective because most customers reuse these bags over and over again. In most cases, these bags are passed from one person to another, thereby making your brand name to different places. All this promotion and marketing is done at a very low price.

Offer variety:

These bags are available in so many beautiful colors and are very easy to design on. You can use different colors of this bag for one company, all having the same company logo and name.

plastic t shirt bags

 Reused and recycled:

Another beautiful thing to note about these PE t-shirt bags is that they can be reused. Apart from going grocery shopping with them, you can put your clothes and books in them.

More so, when you have used them long enough and they start looking worn out, you can recycle them. These bags can be recycled into the same t-shirt bags or something else entirely.

Final Thoughtsrequest quote from zigpac

Plastic t-shirt bags are carry-out bags that you can take along with you to the shopping mall, and anywhere else. Since times are quite hard, many businesses can afford to use these t-shirt bags when they buy them in bulk. To get your custom plastic t-shirt bags wholesale, visit Zigpac.