Custom reusable puffy stickers

Custom reusable puffy stickers take a puffed-up and nice appearance on any surface. These stickers take different shapes, sizes, and colors based on their design. Their uses span from decorations to teaching aids.request quote from zigpac

There are different ways to carve the stickers. Results may look like an animal, cars, footprints, fruits, zombies, pirates, and many more. Most of the time, the use of custom puffy stickers includes refrigerators, cards, and books.
Many schools use puffy stickers as part of their teaching aids. Some of them have a puffy sticker collection to express creativity and communication skills. Children can use this collection to organize a family setting or an animal sticker pad. And If you want to know more about the sticker, please click here.

Benefits of Custom Puffy Stickers

Puffy stickers are very popular and fascinating tools. These stickers are made with polyurethane material. This material is known for its durability, malleability, and glossiness.

There are a lot of benefits you stand to enjoy when you use custom puffy stickers. They are:

  • One significant advantage of using reusable puffy stickers is easy dissemination. These far-reaching stickers are on surfaces that people can see.
  • The attraction is another benefit of puffy stickers as their color and design make them visible. These stickers can speak louder than words most times when stuck to a car, clothes, or phone case. People pause and study them, which is good for advertising businesses.request quote from zigpac


  • So, for a business looking to improve its branding, use the stickers.
  • Another thing is that they are pretty cost-effective. You can get custom reusable puffy stickers at very affordable, especially if you buy them in bulk. They are even cheaper when you make them yourself.


  • Furthermore, these stickers can be fascinating when the right amount of creativity gets applied. These stickers come in different sizes, which extends its use for various purposes, based on their setting. Vinyl wall art, due to its size, can be used as a wallpaper to beautify an environment.
  • These irresistible stickers are also versatile. They can be placed just about anywhere, from t-shirts to papers. Some children’s shoes and toys also come with these puffy stickers.

Other Benefits

  • You can use them to add a very nice touch to a page. With these stickers, you can highlight journal or book titles, and some keywords. They can also be used in scrapbooks or journals. Many children books also come with such stickers to make children more interested in learning. The visual effect is also great in describing different shapes and features to children. They have a way of making storybooks look more real and enjoyable.
  • Furthermore, the custom puffy stickers are super easy to customize too. You can find them in the form of animals, barbies and other cartoon characters, objects like planetary bodies, logos, and writings. You can actually write out a whole sentence using these stickers. They look very sharp and catchy when designed in beautiful colors. You can even make them have your brand or team colors. The way you cut the stickers also adds to the visual effect you will get from it.
  • They also make for great gift items. You can attach them to keyholders, pens, books, and t-shirts to serve as promotional items you give out to customers.request quote from zigpac
  • These reusable stickers also help to improve motor skills, creative expression, hand-eye coordination, imaginative play, and narrative thinking in children. In fact, with these stickers, children learn to be more independent and play alone. These stickers can keep your children creatively occupied for hours.
  • In addition, they are portable and lightweight. They can easily be shipped without adding to the shipment cost and can be carried in a bag. Hence, these stickers are convenient and perfect for travel.

reusable puffy stickers

More Benefits of Custom Puffy Stickers

  • Reusable puffy stickers are very user-friendly. Easy sticking and removal to any surface. You can just peel off the adhesive backing and place them on any dry and clean surface you desire.
  • More so, these stickers can be repositioned and used over and over again. They do not leave behind any adhesive residues and still retain their physical properties after continuous use. Your walls, books, and other surfaces do not suffer damage in any way when you have to remove the stickers.
  • These awesome custom puffy stickers do not stick to the hands while trying to stick them to the desired surface.request quote from zigpac
  • These stickers are really easy to clean up without affecting their adhesive properties. This means they offer the advantage of washable cleaning. If you have a stain or some dust on your sticker, you can use a wet cloth to clean it.
  • Your custom reusable puffy stickers will add value on any product they are placed on. You can place them on home appliances, books, mobile phone cases, laptops, cars, and even clothes. They will not fail to increase the value of such a manufactured product.
  • Additionally, these custom puffy stickers are made using non-toxic, environmentally friendly materials. This makes them suitable for use by little children who are prone to putting things in their mouth. These materials are soft and flexible so it does not hurt children.
  • They often come at kits with different themes, characters, and storylines. Here are some of the more common sticker ideas for children:
  1. Pet place puffy stickers activity books
  2. Dress-up puffy stickers playsets
  3. Chipmunk house puffy sticker playsets
  4. Princess puffy stickers
  5. Fairy puffy sticker playsets
  6. Farmhouse kids’ sticker sets
  7. Santa’s workshop sticker books
  8. Christmas decorations sticker sets

puffy stickers


Final Thoughtsrequest quote from zigpac

Custom reusable puffy stickers use repositionable glue. You can apply this glue yourself if you made the puffy stickers at home, after which you allow it dry. When it is dry, you can then stick these puffy stickers on any surface, peel it off, and stick it again. If you have any demand on custom personalized stickers, welcome to inquire us at Zigpac.