Custom reusable ziplock bags

Custom reusable ziplock bags often regarded as customized zip bags (know more) to fit exact needs. They may be transparent or not, based on product packaging. The secure Ziplock produces a way of avoiding contaminants like dirt, pests, and moisture from getting to the products.

Furthermore, Custom reusable Ziplock bags made from low-density polyethylene (LDPE) or plastic film. They are long-lasting and eco-friendly. These are the best bags for repackaging items.

Features of a Custom Reusable Ziplock Bag from Plastic

Custom Ziplock bags have the most dependable characteristic of all the other plastic bags. They have a versatile use and as a result, many industrial, commercial, and residential businesses prefer them for so many things. These reusable Ziplock bags have a top seal that allows bag closure, opening, and request quote from zigpacresealing.

The reason most businesses would rather use these bags include:  safe and keep products from damage. It will interest you to know that most business owners use a bag from plastic because they are safe. They serve as bag seals and help to maintain product freshness.

Use of custom ziplock bags includes in packaging candies, hardware, drugs, jewelry, CDs, colors, cell phones, headphones, cosmetics, appliances, and much more. Other products packaged in a Ziplock plastic bag include instruction manuals, wires, and chemicals. The packaged contents are always visible through the bag.

Customers also have the option of choosing the design and specifications they want in order to get a customized bag. Placement of company logos, labels, or stickers on the bag for promotional purposes.

Placement of the zippers of these custom ziplock plastic bags on the width dimension. This dimension takes the dimensions of the inner part of the bag. However, the zipper is not part of the bag’s measurements.

Ziplock bags are so convenient, versatile and affordable. The uses for the bags changes in line with what the customer desires the bag for.

Uses of Custom Reusable Ziplock Plastic Bags

Custom Ziplock bags are so useful in securing and organizing things. There includes a good number of unusual things your Ziplock bag has use for. Here are some of them:

Cleaning the showerhead:request quote from zigpac

When you feel it is time to clean up or descale your shower, get vinegar and a Ziplock bag. These bags can be utilized in cleaning up your shower head. Place the bag over the showerhead and fill it with vinegar until the head is fully submerged.

Wrap the top of the bag closed then use a zip tie to secure it. Allow it sit this way overnight before cutting off the tie and pouring out the vinegar. Then run the shower for some time to blast out whatever vinegar is left in the head.

 Use of custom ziplock bags as Funnels:

If you need to use a funnel and you do not have one handy, you can use a Ziplock plastic bag. Just use a pair of scissors to snip off a corner of the bag. You can cut off just enough for your liquid or dry product to pass through freely.

These bags can be used for this purpose over and over again.

ziplock bags

 Keeping puzzling pieces together:request quote from zigpac

When there are a lot of board games and children running around, you could lose some pieces. To solve this problem, you can get a couple of Ziplock plastic bags and a puzzle in each. Label each bag and place them together in a basket.

Each time your kids want to play a puzzle, they pull it out, then use it before replacing it.

 Custom ziplock bag keeps ice cream soft:

The best way to stop your ice cream from forming ice crystals while in the freezer is with this bag. A large Ziplock bag will act as an air barrier between the frozen ice cream and the freezer.

 Making nail sticker decals:

To make your own nail sticker decals using these bags, paint the polish on the bag. After it dries, peel it off and apply it on your nails along with clear polish. Then file it to the perfect size.

 Custom Ziplock as a marinade bag:

Plastic Ziplock bags are great tools to use when you need to marinate your food. Your food will marinade faster without your hands getting messy.

reusable ziplock bags

 Organizing and protecting your suitcase or bag from spills:

You can use a gallon or pint bags to organize children’s clothing when traveling. With these bags, just pull one out of the bag every day then get dressed.

Custom Ziplock bag for organizing craft supplies:request quote from zigpac

Get snack, quart, or sandwich size bags to easily store your small bits together. After putting them in these reusable Ziplock bags, they can be stored in plastic drawers, shoe boxes, or closet.

 Packing airbags:

This is a very good alternative to paper wadding. You can first of all blow air into the bag’s small opening to inflate it, then seal it shut. Secure the seal with a small tape so that the air will stay trapped in the bag.

 Custom ziplock as a piping bag:

Ziplock bags can also work great as piping bags if you do not have a piping bag with you. Get a sandwich bag and scoop some of the frostings into it until it is approximately ¾ full. Seal it, then snip a small bottom corner with a pair of scissors.

Wrap your fingers around the sealed top then squeeze to push out the frosting through the cut opening. The piping should be done directly on the dessert or cake. You can refill this sandwich bag for piping as many times as possible.

custom ziplock bags

Protect your phone or tablet from moisture or stains:

You will need to place your phone or tablet in a Ziplock plastic bag while you are cooking. This will protect it from having oils, grease and other stains all over it. You can still make use of the bag while it is inside the bag because of its touch screen feature.

If you find yourself in a wet environment with your phone exposed to the elements, drop it in the bag.

 Custom ziplock as a recipe organizer:

With these bags, you can make a recipe organization binder in which you can store recipe cards and recipes. Any recipe you cut out from magazines or the internet can be stored in the bag.

 Sorting and labeling electric manuals and cords:

The more electronics you have, the more cords you will gather. You can use these plastic bags to categorize your cords and manuals, then label the bags.

 Final Thoughtsrequest quote from zigpac

There are so many uses for Ziplock bags apart from for packaging and repackaging items. These reusable Ziplock bags are resealable and versatile with so many unusual applications. You can get your custom Ziplock bags from Zigpac.