Custom rubber labels printing

Custom rubber label printing is an elastic and temperature-resistant style of label. This label is very soft and waterproof, which makes it suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. Popular items with the label include undergarments, sport wears, footwear, shirts, bags, hats, key holders, electronics, and so on. If you have any request or question, feel free to contact Zigpac for help!request quote from zigpac

Rubber labels come can be either PVC labels and Silicone labels. It comes in the form of a sticker with a business logo on one side, transferred to a surface using heat. Attachment of velcro backing to silicone rubber label to quickly and properly fasten the label on the desired surface.

More so, custom rubber labels are suitable for both high and cold environments which is why they are so popular. They are durable, and their colors do not fade when exposed to direct sunlight. If you want to know more info about the label, please click here.

Use of Custom Rubber Labels Printing

The best way of proving that your products are of reliable quality is by creating an atmosphere that is professional.

Just in case it has not crossed your mind to order for custom rubber labels, here are some benefits:

Made of high-quality material:request quote from zigpac

The elastic nature of silicone and rubber makes it flexible and stretchy for fashion branding. To apply the rubber label to garments, there must be the use of heat. It does not need seamline or stitches to make it weighty.

Rubber labels make your products stand out:

Rubber label printing is for designers who need extra detail that will make their products stand apart from others. Investing in custom rubber labels will make your customers take your business more seriously.

These labels can be created into 2D and 3D designs that are unique. This will make your products to stand out from other competing products and be easily identifiable. People will take one look at your product label and know the kind of quality to expect.

rubber label printing

Product promotion and ease of identification:

Rubber & Silicone brand could also be applied to hang tags to promote the products of a company and ease identification. Hang tags are labels that store owners attach to pieces of merchandise with information relating to the merchandise. Such information includes the name of the designers or manufacturers, size, price, and care instruction.

This will also make customers easily identify your product even from a distance.request quote from zigpac

Used for easy reference:

Rubber labels could come in handy when referring to someone else to buy a particular product. It also encourages an unsure shopper of the right item to purchase to avoid confusion.

Rubber labels make products appear costlier:

Your rubber & silicone brand should not appear cheap. This will go a long way to convey to your customers that your products are of a high standard. It also assures customers that you provide the best services available.

 Very durable:

Rubber labels are durable. They can last for over seven years and is custom-made to fit products with face appeal. Also, you will have to design the label to get good results carefully.

custom rubber labels


You can make sure that your rubber label printing increases the professional level that is associated with your product. The label can have very clear printing which will have a cool effect on people. A single label has different colors.

These labels can match all the items in a product line by choosing to use a black and clear background. It also works great for any age group without creating any discomfort at all to the wearer. Babies can use products with these labels on them without feeling like it is bulky or uncomfortable.

 Rubber labels offer professional packaging:request quote from zigpac

It is very difficult to buy a product that has packaging you do not trust. As a business owner, you should not expect customers to patronize your product without labels. A professionally packaged product will include the product name, name, and logo of the company, contact information, ingredients, and/or barcode.

With these details intact, your customers will know all they need to know about your product before making a purchase.

Made to fit your product:

There are so many ways these labels can fit your product. You can make sure your label is printed with a logo, color scheme, and text that perfectly fits your product. These labels come in so many different sizes and shape that can fit any packaging perfectly.

 Rubber labels help increase product visibility:

Another wonderful thing about these labels is that they are mostly used for outerwear which reinforces brand identity. They work great for product promotion, especially when attached on the outside of the item. Not only will the wearer always know the brand he or she is wearing, but the public will see it.

This is unlike other labels that have to be kept inside the product away from view.

rubber label

 Very easy to create:

Creating a rubber label is easy when done in a professional sticker company like Zigpac. All you need to do is upload your design, including the product name, details, and company logo. Then choose the shape and size of the product.

After checking a hard-copy sample to have a preview of the product, select the quantity, and method of shipping. Your labels will arrive at your desired location ready to be used.

Final Thoughts

It is very important to ensure that your products are fully ready for customers before you set up a vendor. Hence, you have to ensure you take a good look at the packaging you offer for each of your products. This is because the packaging you offer can either make or mar your business’ reputation.

One of the best ways to give your product a professional look is by investing in custom rubber labels. Zigpac is the best place to go for custom rubber label printing that is designed specifically for your product.request quote from zigpac

Bear in mind that rubber labels are designed to tell a story and project an image. If you want to get custom rubber label best price, welcome to Zigpac for more info.