Custom salt life stickers for cars

What is Salt Life All About?


Salt life is a way of life and brand of dressing for people who enjoy anything related to shorelines and waves. This boho beach kind of lifestyle now has a company promoting it with the custom salt life stickers for cars.

This aspirational and authentic lifestyle brand, founded in 2003, embraces ocean lovers. The founders were four watermen from Jacksonville Beach in Florida. Salt Life members include fishermen, divemasters, captains, surfers, spearfishermen, and others.

If you love sun-soaked relaxation and other beach fun activities, you can join. Anyone from all other the world who has salt in their veins is free to join the Salt Life.



Advantages of Using Salt Life Stickers


When you are a fan of something, you are passionate, proud, and eager to proclaim your allegiance to the world. This is the case with Salt Life enthusiasts. Companies can cash in on this opportunity to promote their businesses worldwide.

Salt life stickers give an avenue for people to proclaim their ocean-centered lifestyle. More than stickers (know more), it is a bold declaration of a person’s true passion.request quote from zigpac

Stickers for cars are stickers placed on the bumper at the back of cars. In addition, stickers help to identify individuals who spend a lot of time on the beach. These individuals could be surfers, bodyboarders, and people who love waves.


Salt life stickers are the perfect addition that helps to showcase people’s love for salt life. Made from vinyl, these stickers are waterproof and easy to install on boats or cars. The vinyl material used in making these stickers is durable and UV rated.


There is no better way for people to show the world their passions than using stickers.  Moreover, custom salt life stickers for cars from Zigpac can do this very well. All you need to do is attach your company logo, name, motto, or contact details to it.

So, you get advertised while your customers drive around with salt life stickers.


custom salt life stickers


How to Install a Salt Life Sticker onto Your Car Window


Here is a simple procedure with which to install your custom stickers for cars from Zigpac:request quote from zigpac

Materials Needed:

  • A spray bottle with water and a little bit of dish soap in it
  • A roll of paper towels
  • Custom salt life stickers
  • A hard card


salt life stickers



  • Firstly, use the spray bottle to wet the area you will be installing the salt life stickers on. You can choose to install it at the top of your car’s back window.


  • Secondly, use the paper towels to wipe the car clean. This will help to remove dust and other particles.


  • Subsequently, peel off the backing of the salt life stickers by sandwiching your hand between two pieces of vacuum. Peeling the backing will reveal the sticky part of the sticker. Do this pretty slow so that some of the print does not come off with the backing.


  • In addition, use the spray bottle to spray the water and dish soap on the sticky part of the sticker. This will buy you some time.request quote from zigpac


  • Then, without touching the print on the sticker, place it on the already-prepared surface.


  • The salt life sticker may not stay exactly where you want it. So, this is where the water and dish soap come in handy. They allow you to adjust the sticker to stay right where you want it to.


  • When you are alright with the placement of the sticker, get the hard card. Use the hard card to push the water out from under the sticker. Push out from the middle of the sticker out.


  • Leave the salt life sticker for some time so that the remaining water and detergent will dry out. Use the paper towel to clean the sticker and smooth it down until all the corners are alright.


  • Then, use the spray bottle again to spray the sticker.


  • Peel the sticker real slow with your fingers close to the sticker.request quote from zigpac


  • Finally, you can now cruise with your custom salt life stickers for cars.


If you want to get quotes of custom printed corrugated mailer boxes, please feel free to contact Zigpac right away.