Custom self adhesive 3D wall tiles

3D self-adhesive wall tiles are an economical way to have the walls of your kitchen or bathroom redone. These wall tiles also used in other parts of the house, like the basement or workroom. They work best in spaces where you will like the interior decoration to look more dramatic.

3D PU drop rubber wall decor mosaic stickers are 3D wall tiles that will perfectly complement your home decoration. It is one of Idrinson’s most beautiful and offers excellent durability as well as user-friendliness.

What Are 3D PU Drop Rubber Wall Decor Mosaic Stickers?

Idrinson’s self-adhesive wall tiles are made using PET and PU as well as PVC (know more) and Epoxy resin. The front sides are decorated in a beautiful style that mimics marble, glass, and other patterns. They have a sticky backing so you will avoid the messiness that comes with using adhesives and sealers.

Application of this moisture-proof wall coating includes a kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, and other spaces in the house. They are 0.8mm – 1.2mm thick through full set, and they are also dustproof and oil proof. Also, these wall mosaic are available in different sizes, including 313mm by 310mm (or 12.32 inches by 12.20 inches).request quote from zigpac

More so, these tiles can cover any surface, but make sure the surface is well prepared. You may need to sand down a glossy paint or slick surface before placing tiles on it. This will prevent your tiles from falling off easily.3d wall tiles

How Wall Stickers Work

Self-adhesive tiles are very easy to place on the wall by oneself. You can also die-cut it to any side to fit into different wall corners and designs. A utility knife, razor blade or scissors can be used to cut them easily, instead of battling with cutting machines.request quote from zigpac

The ease with which these 3D wall tiles can be installed is what makes them the best for home improvement. You can easily decorate an entire room with these lovely stickers in just one day. Measure out your wall and use a level to add pressure while sticking your tiles to the wall.

You can also create your favorite custom design or pattern for your home interior. Your job is finished as soon as the tiles are on the wall, and your room will be ready to use. A lot of skill is not needed to get perfect results for this home decor.

self-adhesive wall tiles

Advantages of 3D PU Drop Rubber Wall Tiles Decor Mosaic Stickers

 There are a lot of benefits of using 3D PU drop rubber wall decor mosaic stickers. Firstly, they comprise materials that are very durable and beautiful to look at and touch. The main materials are PET + PU or PVC + Epoxy Resin.

The PET and PU materials these tiles are made to ensure they do not yellow over the course of time. These materials also make them more resilient, have higher adsorption capacity, and have a low resistance to temperature. Meanwhile, the PVC and Epoxy Resin material ensure improved smoothness of the tiles.

Also, the application of these 3D wall mosaic is very easy. You have to clean the wall, peel off the adhesive backing from the tiles, and stick to the wall.

Some other advantages of these tiles include:request quote from zigpac

  • Durable
  • Easy to clean
  • Simple to install
  • Easy to ship
  • Lightweight
  • Resilient
  • Self-adhesive
  • Removable and reusable
  • Waterproof, moisture-proof, and oil-proof

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 How to Install 3D PU Drop Rubber Wall Tiles Decor Mosaic Stickers

 When buying your self-adhesive wall tiles, be sure to move a little more than what you may need. There should be about 5 percent extra, so you do not run out of wall tiles while installing them.

After buying your 3D wall tiles, you should leave them overnight in the room you intend to store them in. This will make the tiles adjust to the room’s temperature, which in turn will make them stick better to the wall.

self-adhesive wall tiles

You can now follow the following steps to install your 3D PU drop rubber wall decor mosaic stickers:

Installation Steps of Wall Tiles

  • Clean and remove dust and stains on the wall surfacerequest quote from zigpac

The wall should have to roughen up a little so that it will hold the adhesive better. Sandpaper also used to roughen the wall to put some traction between the wall and tiles. Do not place your tiles on wet walls.

  • Mark the wall

You should use a pencil or chalk to mark the center point of the wall space into a grid. Ensure that each grid is even, starting from the center meridians and working your way outward. The lines should cross, then they should form four separate sections on the wall.

  • Peel off the backing of the tiles and install on the chosen wall surface

Lay your tiles in the grids and press firmly with both hands or a rolling pin for additional staying power. Follow the markings on the wall carefully. The wall tiles are easy to install and will have no bubbles.

  • Cut out separate tiles for the edges of the wall

When getting to the edge of the wall, you may have spaces that will not need full tiles. Measure these spaces carefully and mark what you need on your tiles. Use shears or scissors to cut out the required size of tile you will need to fill up space.

  • Your 3D wall tiles when neatly installed and will last on your wall surface for a very long time.

3d wall tiles

 The Bottom Line

  • These self-adhesive wall tiles may not work well if your wall is not flush all the way completely. Since they are quite rigid, you may need to fill up the parts of your wall that has bowed over time. Then you can place your wall tiles, and they will stick.
  • You can creatively customize these tiles to make any room more comfortable for yourself and your family members.
  • Before applying these tiles, you should make a design and drawing of how you intend to place them.
  • ODM and OEM are also welcome for the design.request quote from zigpac
  • For packaging of these materials, paperboard or OPP bags often used. Sometimes, outside package carton and fumigation pallets also used in packaging for shipment to different destinations. Also usually known to arrive their goals in perfect condition.

If you want to get quotes of custom wall tiles, please feel free to contact Zigpac right away. And if you need more designs, please click here, catalog of wall tiles, to download the catalog by entering the password, which you can contact us to acquire it.