Custom unfinished wood boxes wholesale

The custom unfinished wood boxes wholesale often viewed as the blank canvas for creativity. In addition, these boxes give you the freedom to express yourself artistically by decorating them with endless materials. Further, they are easy to paint, decoupage, stain, and decorate to suit whatever purpose you got it for.

Custom unfinished wood boxes come in different beautiful shapes and sizes. Finally, to get your quotes for wholesale at affordable prices, visit Zigpac.

Features and Uses of an Unfinished Wood Boxrequest quote from zigpac

Moreso, with all the attention that custom unfinished wood boxes get, one can be sure they are here to stay. These include many useful features of the unfinished wood box, enumerated below:

  • Besides, they are perfect for projects that have to do with arts, crafts, and hobbies.
  • Likewise, these unfinished boxes have used as keepsakes for weddings, babies, and even occasions or memorable events.
  • In the same way, they are very easy to customize by staining, painting, decoupaging, covering with fabric, wood burning, wood carving, embellishing, or stamping. Whichever way you want it customized and for whatever purpose, custom unfinished wood boxes will serve perfectly.
  • Consequently, unfinished wood boxes (know more) may feature hinges which make them suitable for storing jewelry and other items.
  • Finally, you can get your container wholesale for class projects so that your students will explore their creative sides.

Unfinished Wood Boxes Styles

There are different ways you can design your unfinished wood box. These boxes, have importance to arts and crafts, but to distinguish them you need to examine the style of their lids.

Standard Unfinished Wood Box

  • Standard Lid with Hinges:request quote from zigpac

Firstly, to construct this unfinished wood box, one has to glue and clamp all the six sides together at the same time. You can cut the box apart on a table saw. In addition, determine the depth of the lid and base of the box depending on what you want to use it.

  • Standard Lid with No Hinges:

Most importantly, this box allows you to easily install hardware in it. It has no interlocking technique. Therefore, you will need hinges to keep the lid on.

  • Standard Interlocking Lid with Hinges:

Next, this type of unfinished wood box is a popular design. Equally important, made in such a way that both the lid and bottom sections cut to interlock. This interlocking creates a seal that is nice and very tight. But also, filtered and rabbet-butt joints will work best for this style of box.

unfinished wood box

More Standard

  • Standard Recessed Top:

For example, the recessed box is the perfect choice for crafters who want to work on inlaying ceramic tiles, photos or leathers. In addition, the depth for the recessed area has alteration features in the lid to enable the box accommodates the inlay item. Moreso, other variations added to this style include trim around the base and overhanging lid. Finally, you can also add contrasting wood splines to give this container a decorative touch.

  • Standard Lift-Off Lid Without Hinges:request quote from zigpac

Firstly, this style of the unfinished wood box does not require the use of any hardware. For this reason, they have the name “lift-off” lids. The abetting technique used to interlock the lid and the base together.

  • Standard Lid – Top and Bottom Equal:

Most importantly, this box style is perfect when you need a box that lays out flat on the table. Consequently, to make this unfinished wood box, you will cut a standard lid box directly in half. For instance, the top and bottom will then have equal heights when opened.

Without Lid

  • Bottom Only without Lid:

In the same way, this five-sided box, commonly called a tray box, does not have any lid. Although, it works very well as a shadow box, dresser valet, basic storage, tray, or trinket box. Most importantly, this style has various variations, which include custom dividers and cut-outs in the ends used as a paper tray. Additionally, the feet can be integrated into the base and the joints can be splined-mitered for decorations.

unfinished wood box

With Lid

  • ¾ Flat Interlocking Lid:

First thing, this type of box is perfect as a jewelry box. For this style, the lid is made up of a piece of wood measuring ¾ inches. This piece is cut to fit into the bottom part of the box to give it a tight interlocking seal.

In addition, the lid’s edge is reduced to ½ inches which limits the kind of hinges you can use for the box. Furthermore, the hinges mounted on the box’s exterior do not perform well.

  • ½” to ¾” Flat Lid Boxes:request quote from zigpac

This box-style uses a lid that is made with a flat piece of wood like Woodgrain. This wood is usually spliced together to give the lid the desired width and stabilize it. The overhanging will need to be beveled or given a decorative routed effect to properly grip it for opening.

  • Arched Lid Box:

Similarly, this type of box requires woodgrain veneer that is flexible to be used for the tops. Consequently, to keep the lid upright, you can use an outside mount as the interlocking style. In addition, you can also use 90o to 95o stop hinges to make the lid stay upright.

  • Inside Slide Lid Box:

First, the lid of this style of box travels along channels that are rabbeted into the walls inside the box. Most importantly, rabbet-butt joints, finger joints, or mitered joints will work very well for this box. Lastly, the slider design inside this box makes it suitable for use in applications that are either small or large.


  • Outside Lid Box:

Moreover, the outside slider’s lid runs along the channels that are applied to the external part of the unfinished wood box. For this reason, the box takes appears to be seamless when it is closed. In addition, anyone of rabbet-butt joints or mitered joints will be perfect for this style of the unfinished wood box.

Consequently, this box may feature Poplar with dividers, Cherry with hook latch, cherry with finger grip, and birch with finger grip.

custom unfinished wood boxes 

DIY Ideas for Unfinished Wood Boxes

Equally important to note, you can make a lot of things with these boxes. Moreso, there are many DIY ideas that you have to get unfinished wood box wholesale to try them out.

Finally, here are some unique ideas you could use for your next unfinished wood box project:

  • Airplane kits
  • Anchor shapes
  • Angel wind chimesrequest quote from zigpac
  • Bangle bracelets
  • Bird feeder kits unfinished wood box
  • Birdhouses
  • Box frames
  • Butterfly houses
  • Cactus wind chimes unfinished wood box
  • Cars
  • Chalkboards
  • Christmas ornaments
  • Circle stand-ups
  • Circles
  • Cross-note holders
  • Crosses
  • Diamond plank signs
  • Flower shapes
  • Flower signs
  • Gingerbread ornaments
  • Hand noteholders
  • Hexagon boxes
  • Hexagon plank signs
  • Hinged boxes
  • Jewelry boxes
  • Leaf-shaped wind chimes
  • Letters
  • Paddleboat kits
  • Peg doll ornaments
  • Picture frames
  • Plank heart sign
  • Planter boxes
  • Puzzles
  • Round clappers
  • Safari stand-ups
  • Scallop picture frames unfinished wood box
  • Seashell shapes
  • Spheres, and so much more.request quote from zigpac
  • Spring wind chimes
  • Square frames
  • Tents
  • Toolboxes
  • Treasure boxes
  • Trinket boxes
  • T-shirt frames
  • Unicorn shapes unfinished wood box
  • Wiggly snakes
  • Windchimes

unfinished wood boxes wholesale

Final Thoughtsunfinished wood boxes wholesale

Your box can be made using different types of wood including timber, mahogany, cedar, and many others. These wood boxes are great tools for making handmade gift boxes and other wood box projects. To find out more about custom unfinished wood boxes wholesale, visit Zigpac.