Custom vinyl oil change stickers

Stickers (know more) are very important to operators of body shops. The invention of these custom vinyl oil change stickers has made it easy to know when to change the oil in automobiles.

At Zigpac, you can get labels. In this post, we will take a look at the benefits of using these stickers.

Benefits of using custom vinyl oil change stickers

1. Oil change stickers help to increase customer retention

By now, you must have figured that these oil change stickers are very important to vehicle service businesses. When you provide them to your clients, it helps in achieving the following:request quote from zigpac

Reminding them about their next car service date.

Tell them more about your business and contact information.

Keeps you as a major priority on your clients’ lists of vehicle service businesses.

At Zigpac, you can get your vinyl stickers at affordable prices. They can be customized to suit whatever sizes and quantity you want. You can also get templates for your stickers for free. This way, you will not only keep your customers, but you will also attract many others.

custom oil change stickers

2. Stickers can be custom made to publicize your business

The best way to print these custom oil change stickers is by choosing your own design. There are so many to choose from and you can print them in full color. All you need to do when making an order is to upload your personalized graphics.

To personalize these stickers, supply the following information:request quote from zigpac

  • Business name
  • Business contact information
  • Brand colors
  • Desired design
  • Any other information you need to add

Adding a coupon will even make your oil change stickers attract more attention. Customers are attracted with ease when they know there is a bonanza. Asides this, these stickers remind customers of the quality of service you bring to the table. Image is everything and what better way to present your image than with personalized stickers.

Lastly, these stickers will create a lasting impression on your clients and prospective clients. How? The aim is that your services will sell themselves. If these customers have enjoyed your services before, seeing these stickers will always remind them. By so doing, your stickers create that lasting impression.

oil change stickers

3. Oil change stickers do not destroy surfaces

The design of Vinyl oil change stickers makes them stick to different surfaces strongly. Most people have a problem with stickers because they could cause damage to surfaces when they are removed. Our stickers are designed to stick strongly but not scratch surfaces or leave stains when they are removed.

The implication of this on your business is that your customers will be comfortable using these stickers. Not scared of stains or scratches.request quote from zigpac


There is a lot of custom stickers can do for your business if you use them well. For best results, it is best to order them in bulk. You will get them cheaper. Therefore, at Zigpac, you can get your labels for your business at affordable prices.