Prevention stickers for shoes to prevent blisters

A blister is a small pocket containing body fluid in the epidermis. It forms due to skin damage from rubbing, friction, chemical exposure, cold, or heat. Prevention stickers for shoes to prevent blisters, and ensure no popping unless necessary for medical reasons.

The need which arises in individuals to pop it indirectly brought about the creation of blister prevention stickers for shoes.

Blister stickers for shoes have special designs to help prevent and even heal blisters. Most of them comprise of rubber coating and hydrogel. There are also different sizes you can select from.

Ill-fitting shoes have been the leading cause of feet blisters for many years. Performing tasks like gardening that cause too much friction to lead to blisters. If you want to know more about the blister, please click here.request quote from zigpac

How to Apply Foot Blisters

Blisters hardly require medical attention unless they become quite severe or keep reoccurring. You will need medical care if your blisters are as a result of an infection or burns. If, however, your blister is not so severe, you can easily treat it yourself using blister prevention stickers.

The packaging of blister stickers for shoes is often small and easy to carry around. These packages usually contain a sufficient quantity of blister stickers to keep your feet protected for some time. A pack could hold 10 or more pieces found in different sizes.

Each sticker is basically a cushion with adhesive encircling it. The adhesive looks very much like a rubbery texture.

Stickers for shoes to prevent blisters come with different materials for absorbing the moisture or cyst fluid from the blisters. Some of the main materials these stickers come with for this purpose are hydrocolloid and hydrogel.

Here are the basic steps you need to follow in applying blister prevention stickers:

Basic Steps

  • Clean the skin with clean water. Make sure there is no moisturizer, dirt or object on the part of the skin affected by blisters.
  • Pat the cleaned area dry with a clean piece of cloth.
  • Get the sticker out of the pack. The number of stickers you use depends on the size of the blister. Use enough stickers to cover the entire blister.
  • On the exterior of these stickers are PU films or other material that helps to keep out germs and dirt. The placement of the labels should be void of dirt to avoid infection. Take off the labels or cover layers at the back of the sticker without touching the adhesive.request quote from zigpac
  • For best results, these blister stickers for shoes often come with an opening design that resembles butterfly’s wings. The design ensures the adhesive remains untouched when you are taking it off. This design makes them safer and very hygienic.
  • Place the thicker part of the sticker directly onto the wound then use a finger to smoothen it around.
  • Allow the sticker to stay on the wound until it falls off on its own. You may also change it twice every day. A good prevention sticker will leave behind no adhesion residue when peeled from the skin.
  • Continue changing the sticker until the blister completely heals.

blister prevention stickers

Benefits of Using Prevention Stickers for Shoes to Prevent Blisters

Blister Stickers for Shoes Offer Protection

One of the best things about these stickers is that they act as a second skin while protecting your skin. For cases when the blisters have already formed, these stickers cover the blister or bubble. Once this is done, go about your usual activities without feeling uncomfortable.

You also do not have to be afraid of something hitting the blister and causing you pain. These Prevention stickers for shoes to prevent blisters, often come with soft Gel Guard Pads. These pads help to prevent direct friction between the feet and the shoes.request quote from zigpac

Help to Prevent Infection

Blister stickers also help to keep out dirt and germs. Since they are sterile and made of non-toxic materials, they do not in any way infect the blister wound. These stickers are often breathable and waterproof, which also stops the invasion of bacteria.

These stickers protect the skin after a blister injury with the help of different materials, especially hydrogel and hydrocolloid. This material helps in absorbing the cyst fluid from the blister, while also protecting the wound from infection. The presence of this material also helps to hasten the healing of the skin.

They Ensure Faster Healing of Blisters

Most of the time, heel blisters form when you wear shoes that have their backs too loose. Some other foot blisters, like toe blisters, are formed when the shoes are too tight. In some other cases, foot blisters can be formed by walking barefoot on rough or hot surfaces.

When you use blister stickers for shoes, they will help heal these blisters quickly as there will be no friction. More so, since these stickers cover the blister area, they will heal more quickly and relieve the pain.request quote from zigpac

They Prevent the Formation of Blisters

There are benefits of getting stickers for shoes to prevent blisters from forming on the feet. The soft gel pads they come with blocks the feet from having direct contact and friction with shoes. When you feel signs of the blister forming, these stickers will help to cover the part that is experiencing abrasion or friction.

With the blister sticker in place, you do not have to worry about your shoes hurting while walking or running. The pain felt when new shoes grind your feet or while walking for a long time is also easily relieved. By relieving this pain, the formation of blisters is prevented.

When placed on the palms of your hands before farming or grinding, they prevent the formation of blisters.

blister prevention stickers

They Stay in Place

Blister stickers are often made of high-quality materials that, when attached to the foot, stay firmly in place. The adhesive design and excellent elasticity of these materials can keep them on your foot all day long.

Additionally, these stickers also prevent your heels from sliding out of your shoes.

Blister Sticker for Shoes are Convenient

These stickers are small, soft, lightweight, and often transparent so they are barely visible when placed on the skin. To offer more comfort, they can easily fit into every position of your feet for a very long time. They do not shed or get deformed easily, which makes them a reliable way to treat blisters.

More so, they come in different sizes in a single pack to fit different blister sizes. The packaging is also often small so you can conveniently take it with you anywhere you go.request quote from zigpac

Blister Sticker for Shoes is Safe

Blister stickers are made with very safe and environmentally friendly materials.


Blister stickers for shoes come in very handy since the feet and palms are more prone to blisters. The best stickers for shoes to prevent blisters should offer to relieve, protection, and comfort. If you have any demand on custom personalized blister prevention stickers, welcome to inquire us at Zigpac.