Cute printable planner stickers

Planning your days can be really difficult but with cute planner stickers, it could become really exciting. You could add some fun by customizing your stickers. To do this, simply get some of our printable planner stickers at Zigpac.

The making of our cute printable planner stickers

Just so you know how qualitative our printable planner stickers are at Zigpac, we intend to tell you our process. We ensure that the stickers comprise of quality materials and have an efficient printing process.

Printing on poor material or passing the materials through a bad machine produces substandard cute planner stickers. This is why we make use of premium quality vinyl material.

Step 1: Roll of adhesive vinyl first loaded onto the latex printer

This step involves loading a roll of adhesive vinyl into the latex printer. We require lots of precision during this process to ensure efficiency. Then we measure the roll before placing in the latex machine. Measurement is necessary so that we can create a balance between the stickers to be printed and the amount of material loaded into the latex printer.

For best results, the adhesive vinyl material must touch both extremes of the printer roller. These extremes often shift depending on the size of the material for printing.

Step 2: Several clients’ planner stickers printed at the same time

We get several orders at the same time at Zigpac, which is why we have to print a couple simultaneously. This sort of printing has two major advantages. The first is that it saves a lot of time. You don’t have to wait for ages for your order to arrive since we print almost immediately you place the order.

We sectionalize the adhesive vinyl for efficiency, each section carrying the job of a client. This will prevent any form of confusion at the end of the day.

The second advantage is it saves material and money spent. We understand that you may not need so many stickers (know more). Thus, we wouldn’t want to place the burden of paying for bulk material on you. So we thought it best to load as many jobs that can fit on a roll of adhesive vinyl together.

cute planner stickers

Step3: Printed planner sticker rolls cut into sheets for trimming

After the printing of the rolls, they need to cut into sheets. Cutting them into sheets make it easier to load them into the plotter for shape cutting. The printed sheets are allowed to dry for between 24 to 48 hours.

Step 4: Dried sheets then loaded onto plotters

When the ink on the sheets is dry, it means they are ready for the next stage. This stage requires the sheets being loaded into the plotter. The plotter is the machine that cuts the sheets into shape.

Step 5: Stickers finally cut into standard or custom shapes

The plotter knife runs over each of the individual cute planner designs and cuts it to the prescribed shape. Finally, the sheets are removed, inspected, and hand stripped. The printable planner stickers can be ordered in sheets or as individual stickers.


By now you know that planner stickers will help you plan your days, weeks, and months more exciting. Stressing yourself over these cute planner stickers is not necessary, simply order from Zigpac.