Definitive Guide to Plastic Mailing Bags

Plastic mailing bags, generally, are designed to keep your products safe until they are delivered in any part of the world. Also, these plastic mail order bags can be made out of plastic (know more), foam, bubble, corrugated reinforced, manilla, Tyvek, and many other materials. Therefore, with where you buy plastic mailing bags, you can collect, carry, categorize, and classify different postal materials quite easily.request quote from zigpac

Plastic mailing bags called mailing bags designed for courier or postal transport. Other advantages include their lightweight, thin, weather-proof, save money spent on postage, and very durable. Their main purpose is to ensure that goods that were ordered are kept intact until they arrive at their destination.

Also, companies like Zigpac that have online stores and ship goods all over the world make use of these mailing bags. Examples of plastic materials used in making these bags are high-density polyethylene, low-density polyethylene, vinyl, metallocene, and nylon. Moreover, these bags have either gray or white colors and come in different sizes as well as dimensions.

What Makes Plastic Mailing Bags Great?

There are so many great things about these bags. Some of which include:

  • Lightweight, compared to other mailing bags
  • Professional-looking bags
  • Protect your products irrespective of the weather condition
  • Quite attractive
  • Quite thin, therefore, they do not take up as much storage space as other boxes do
  • Relatively cheaper when compared to other options like corrugated shipping or kraftrequest quote from zigpac
  • Sturdy and do not tear easily
  • Also, they are eye-catching so your mail products will stand out
  • Another plus is they are usually reusable, depending on their design
  • Finally, they reduce the cost of shipping because of their lightweight

What Can I Pack in My Plastic Mailing Bag?

Plastic mailing bags are quite versatile. They can be used for packaging yarns, patterns, and fabric-based products like clothing. Bags, shoes, and some kinds of hats can also be packed in these plastic bags.

You can also pack your boxed products like small toys, books, accessories, arts and prints, shoeboxes, some jewelry boxes, and gift boxes in your bag.

As far as it is neither fragile nor ill-fitting for the mailing bag, you can safely transport the product in it. A piece of clothing, for instance, that is folded to fit in the mailer perfectly, will cause no problems.

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What Can I Not Pack in My Plastic Mailing Bag?

Plastic mail order bags may not be the right choice for packing products that are very fragile. If, however, these products are not too fragile, you may have to protect them by adding to the bag. Bubbles, packing paper, newspapers, void-fill, and foams are some of the things you can use in protecting somewhat fragile products.

If your product cannot fit properly into the plastic mailing bag, there is no point packing it. This is because if your mailing bag is poorly filled, the post office’s machinery may misread or catch flat spots. Hence, fitting a small box into a large mailing bag could cause delays, errors, damages, and sometimes, return of products.request quote from zigpac

Things like skincare products, some jewelry, and fragile toys are not very good to pack in this kind of mailing bag. If you must do so, you should ensure that the bag is cushioned.

Also, you should not package different kinds of items in your plastic mailer.

Do I Need Lining for My Plastic Mailing Bags?

Some products require the use of lining, also known as filling, to be used along with the plastic mailer envelopes. Most companies like Zigpac, that use plastic mail order bags, usually package their products in clear plastic bags first. Although this is not generally required, it protects the products and makes the presentation of these products more formal.

However, this method increases the cost of packaging. It also adds to the number of materials used for lining. Consequently, it adds to the weight of the shipment.

Books and other related items have a lot to gain from being wrapped in newspaper or packing paper for cushioning.

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Can I Custom Print on My Plastic Mailing Bags?

These mailing bags are printed on using digital printing methods. By printing their logo or address on the bag, businesses are branding these bags and promoting their products and services.

Post-production printing is recommended for companies that are ordering smaller quantities of mailing bags. However, post-production does not produce multi-color designs. In fact, it is very difficult to carry out edge-to-edge printing and reverse-out designs through post-production.

If you have no idea where to buy plastic mailing bags with customization option, visit Zigpac’s stores. You can choose the colors, design, and logo you want to put on your bags. More so, the supply of your customized plastic mailing bags can be made in bulk to reduce cost and ensure uniformity.

Choosing the Right Plastic Mailing Bagsrequest quote from zigpac

A visit to any Zigpac store will present you with a lot of mailing bags made from plastic to choose from. Out of these, you will have to choose the one that will meet your immediate needs.

Here are some factors to consider before choosing the right mailing bag:


First, different mailing bags come with different types of bottoms. Some are known to have gusseted bottoms, while some other people do not. Although most products do not use this style, bulky products like shoe boxes and thick quilts will definitely need it.


Another factor to consider when choosing the kind of plastic mailing bag to package your goods in is your pocket. Also, you should not spend much money on it when the product is placed in it is not fragile. There are different options that will fit into your budget at a very good quality.

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Dual peel and seal

Note that this option has now gained popularity because of the ease with which you can make returns while shopping online. Bags that come with this dual peel and seal feature always have two adhesives. The first adhesive is used to pack the customer’s order, while the second is used by customers for returning products.

This makes the bags returnable. More customers are becoming loyal to such bags because of times when they have to return products for some reason.request quote from zigpac


There is no one way to define the strength of plastic bags, but you get what you pay for. Therefore, the thickness of your mailing bag is one of the ways to determine its durability. This is because, the thicker the plastic is, the stronger it will be.

Importantly, the number of layers that were used in manufacturing these bags also determines how strong they will be. Another determining factor of this bag’s strength is the way both the bottom and the sides were sealed.

Release Liner

Also, the releases liner has to be as seamless as it can possibly be. You will have to peel it off to expose the adhesive that is on the bag. Additionally, the release liner should not have static-filled liners attached to them.

Note that static-filled liners tend to cling to the cloth or body, and to packages that lie on the floor.

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The size of the plastic mail order bag you choose will depend on the size of the product you are ordering for. An over-sized mailing bag would require too much cushioning that may increase transportation cost. When your ordered product perfectly fits into your plastic bag, it will travel better and arrive in good condition.request quote from zigpac


How sustainable are your mailing bags? They can be reused one more time, at least, with the presence of a tear strip. Plastic mailing bags that have adhesive strips are easier to reuse over and over again.

These bags are actually quite hard to recycle. They often end up at sorting facilities, for sorting along with bottles and metals.

After this sorting, they are processed and then used in making new products. Since they are lightweight and contain lead, some of the lead gets tangled up in the machine sometimes. This needs removal manually and thrown at landfills to avoid damaging or shutting down the sorting machine.

Therefore, it is important for where to buy plastic mailing bags that these eco-friendly bags be reusable so customers who need to return products can do so. People return products delivered based on color, style, fit, and other factors, therefore, it is important that it should be reusable.

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Tamper Evident

All plastic mail order bags made of plastic come to tamper-evident already. However, some of them come with stronger adhesives that make it easy to detect packages that have been tampered with. There is no way you can perfectly reseal the package after you have opened it.

Also, this feature helps in fixing issues of missing or damaged items and you know where to buy plastic mailing bags. It also affords customers their confidentiality.

Tear Striprequest quote from zigpac

Also, a mailing bag with a tear slip makes it easier for customers to open the bag. With this, customers do not have to poke holes in the bag or destroy it to get out their product. Since the bags do not easily suffer damage, customers will be able to reuse their bags.

For what it is worth, this plastic mailing bags guide will help you choose the best bag for product packaging. Zigpac is one company that guarantees quality packaging that will safely deliver your products to your doorstep. They are so presentable that many eco-friendly customers are inspired all over the globe to patronize this type of bag.