Extra large clear plastic storage bags wholesale

Extra-large clear plastic storage bags or Polyethylene bags comprise of both high density and low-density polyethylene materials. The clarity of the plastic bags (know more) depends on the raw materials used in making them. These bags combine different polymers used as inner bags for PP bags, Jute bags, and Big bags.

Extra-large clear plastic storage bags have superior quality because of the weight of products in the package. They are the most cost-effective way to store and also package products. As a result, they have used for any kind of storage and packaging application.request quote from zigpac

Features of Extra Large Plastic Bags

Both sides of the big PE container are good for printing in many colors. These bags possess the wonderful property of not allowing moisture or air to get into them. They come in different dimensions, colors, thickness, and finishes, with standard sizes.

Extra-large plastic bags are the bigger versions of the regular PE bags. The liners for large size PE bags comprise of either homogenous polyethylene, polypropylene, or in few cases, polyamide. The PE material protects the bag and its contents from aluminum and corrosion.

Close the bags using a tape, heat sealer, or ties. You can place whatever item you want confidently inside the large clear plastic storage bags, knowing that they will be safe.

Additionally, these plastic storage bags are stronger than standard poly bags. Their tensile strength is truly remarkable and dependable for the size of items they can package. As a result of this tensile strength, the bag is not prone to rips or tears.

Another feature these large clear plastic storage bags often come equipped with the double seamed bottom. This bottom helps to make the bag more durable and efficient. The bottom is airtight and will ensure that products do not fall out of this bag.

Other Features

Whatever material used, they should use foil extrusion technology to ensure that they are of high quality. The materials used in the process of production are very environmentally friendly.

They could be valve bags, side extra large plastic tote, open large clear plastic storage bags with glued bottom, and open bags with a glued bottom.request quote from zigpac

Since most of these extra-large storage bags are open-ended, you can also enjoy the high clarity presentation they offer. These extra-large plastic tote, with their open-ended construction, are perfect for loading items that are large. In addition, their top open style makes it possible to load products into the bags easily and quickly.

In order to help in easy storage, these large clear plastic storage bags can also be packaged in an outer large clear plastic storage bags. The use of an outer bag will also guarantee your products are safely packaged.

Big PE container may come coated, and at some other times, they may be uncoated.

Also, these large clear plastic storage bags are food safe and approved by FDA. Hence, they will keep your food items fresh and in great condition for some time. They pose no health risks.

extra large clear plastic bags

Uses and Advantages of Extra Large Clear Plastic Storage Bags

 Application of extra large clear plastic storage bags extends to varied needs of people all over the world. These plastic bags, which are often flat, are very user-friendly and versatile.

They offer a wide range of uses as well as advantages, including:request quote from zigpac


  • These extra-large plastic totes serve a purpose by packaging and storing different types of products. They have a lot of practical uses which will benefit customers, retailers, wholesalers, and are worth giving a trial.
  • One of the most common uses of these bags is for bulk packaging. These large clear plastic storage bags are very large, therefore, they can pack a lot of items at the same time. You can just throw in your different items and carry them off.
  • Other uses include as garbage bags. A large size ensures the number of trips you make an order to empty your extra-large plastic tote reduces.
  • Another use of these extra-large plastic bags is laundry. With a large size PE bag available, one can easily stuff all the unwashed clothes in the bag. This will increase the number of items you can take out for washing at a time.
  • Extra-large clear plastic storage bags can also be used to package almost anything. They are great for packaging food items, clothing, paper products, textiles, toys, pillows, jewelry, paper stamps, box liners, televisions, etc. You can package any item you do not want damaged or dusty in these extra-large bags.
  • There are several other uses of large size PE bag, which include transporting many small objects or a few bigger ones. The use mainly occurs after shopping for a lot of goods so as to easily handle the bulk load without tearing.

extra large clear plastic bags


  • Many businesses will benefit from having thicker, extra large clear plastic storage bags wholesale. Retailers and wholesalers will use them to display, store, market, shop, or sell products with medium to heavyweight.
  • The transparent nature of these bags makes it easier for customers and other people to view their contents. It will make it easier for you to search for items stored in the back, and easily retrieve them. One will not have to empty out the contents of the extra-large plastic tote when looking for a stored item.
  • These large clear plastic storage bags can also be reused for a lot of things such as storage of office supplies. Since are easy to wash or rinse, you can easily clean them out.
  • the extra-large plastic tote can go where paper bags cannot go. They can be used to package wet products when you have to shop in the grocery store’s wet department. The plastic will make sure the bag does not sag or tear up under any wet condition.
  • They are also a cost-effective option for packaging big products. They are even cheaper when you order for your extra-large plastic storage bags wholesale.

Conclusionrequest quote from zigpac

Extra-large clear plastic storage bags are, indeed, the product of a great idea. These bags are great for businesses that are engaged in packaging and storing different types of large products. They could come in quite handy and when you have to package and store medium-sized, large, and extra-large items. If you want to get your extra-large plastic bags wholesale, contact Zigpac.