OPP plastic bag packaging manufacturers

Plastic bag companies have, over the years, gathered a lot of experience in manufacturing different bags to meet different needs. OPP plastic bags manufacturers are some of the best inventions that have improved the face of storage and packaging worldwide.request quote from zigpac

An OPP bag another bi-oriented treatment applied to polypropylene in order to make it tensioned. Also used to produce a high-quality film that is crisp as well as brittle in nature. OPP plastic bag packaging manufacturers can customize these bags to suit any application you want to use it for.

One side of the OPP sheet has folded, while the sides are sealed. You can see a self-adhesive seal often used at the top tongue of this bag. To use this bag, the protective skin on the seal’s surface needs peeling, followed by the tongue.

Differences between OPP and PE Plastic Bags

The OPP bag is one of many other types of plastic bags (know more) and shares a lot of properties with them. This can make it quite difficult to differentiate an OPP bag from other plastic bags like the PE bag. OPP and PE sealing bags are similar in so many ways, but also quite different.

Very easy to test OPP plastic with fire. Also known to burn easily by melting and dropping, during which it has yellow and blue colors. After flameout, this plastic continues to burn but does not emit so much smoke.request quote from zigpac

Here are some major differences between OPP and PE plastic bags:

  • OPP and PE bags both made out of polypropylene film, however, for OPP bags we use oriented polypropylene. They are versatile and suitable for use on different types of machinery.
  • Both the OPP and PE sealing bags are very transparent, hard, and durable. It is easier to tear both sides of the seal on OPP bags, unlike on PE bags that are tough and resistant. This makes it easier to unpack large items stored inside the OPP bag.
  • The print quality of both the OPP and PE sealing bags is very high and will draw attention to products. However, OPP often used for high profile printing.
  • Moreover, the side joints of OPP/PE sealing bags have fastenings so as to prevent products from falling out. These dense side joints also account for the durability of the plastic bag. A PE sealing bag makes use of special seams not glued which makes them flexible and easy to fill with food products.

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Advantages of Using OPP Plastic Bags

OPP plastic bags very popular and widely used bags that offer so many advantages. They are so different from other bags in so many ways and are varied to suit different purposes. Some of the advantages of using these bags are:

Primary Advantages

  • The film of the OPP bag has thin and quite transparent linings so it is easy to see the products through the bag. No need to fear for condensation forming inside the bag because perforations are made that allow the package breath.
  • The use of these sealing bags has also been very helpful in extending the expiration dates of products. Made possible because the polypropylene film does not allow mold or crusts to form in the bag.request quote from zigpac
  • In addition, these bags can maintain the freshness of food products for a long time. Hence, safe for any food they come in contact with and also preserve the taste of the food.
  • The OPP sealed container designed in so many ways and used for promotional purposes. Colorful cartoon patterns print very easily on this beautiful material. Labels also placed on them will not easily tear off.
  • Both of the bags have environmentally friendly features and easily recycled whenever they wear out. Also use the bags in packaging finely ground spices, powder, tea, and lots more. Additionally, they do not permeate easily and won’t allow dirt, moisture, or even dust to get to the products in the bag.
  • Also very colorful and have used to print product brand logos, texts, and other designs.
  • The performance of these bags is very good. They save time and are easy to use.
  • They are lightweight; hence, they will not add to shipping cost or too heavy to carry around. Using these bags also saves the cost of packaging products.
  • Another advantage offered by the OPP bag packaging is its resistance to scratch, wear and tear.

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Secondary Advantages

  • You can use these bags to seal different items containing substances like water, organic solvents, grease, gas, and many others.
  • Made for use as gift bags, after polishing and printing. To make these bags even more beautiful, some accessories can be added.
  • Food products like pastries, bread, and others sealed within these bags to preserve them.
  • The full customization these bags offer is quite peculiar. Customers can choose the designs they want for these bags, and get exactly what they desire.
  • OPP plastic bag packaging manufacturers can easily incorporate special features like ultra-violet filters, photo degradability, photo filters, and anti-misting.
  • It is also possible to apply different types of strength adhesive glue strips to these plastic bags. These adhesive strips often used when customizing the bags and can stay on these bags for a long time.
  • Hooks and handles, which may be either clear or printed, can be added to these bags by OPP plastic bag manufacturers. They can come in different shapes and sizes to fit your OPP bag and will improve their functionality. These features are important when these bags are to be used for retail, textile packaging, food packaging, and so on.request quote from zigpac

Final Thoughts

The pouch is characterized by its brittleness and high transparency which makes it reusable, beautiful, and easy to use. The applications of the OPP bag packaging spread across clothing, printing, food, cosmetics, stationery, paper, crafts, and other industries. Zigpac is one of the major China OPP plastic bag manufacturers. You can get your OPP plastic bag quotes from Zigpac.