PP woven bag manufacturer price in China

PP woven bags manufacturer price, also known as Polypropylene woven bags (click here), are durable, easy to handle, attractive, flexible, and cost-efficient bags. Intended properties include tamper-proof, prevent spoilage, and prevent the product loss or direct entrance of foreign bodies. In addition, these wonderful bags are also easy to stack and come in different shapes and sizes.request quote from zigpac

These bags are easy to maintain and customize. PP woven bags price is very pocket-friendly, especially when ordered in bulk from PP woven bags manufacturers like Zigpac.

Types of PP Woven Bags

Though lightweight, the strength and durability of pouches are excellent. PP woven bags manufacturers price may vary depending on the material of the bag.request quote from zigpac

These bags include:

BOPP Film PP Woven Bags

Biaxially Orientated Polypropylene film called BOPP film for short. It has a three-layer structure which is fabric, lamination, and BOPP film. Printing of the BOPP film using photographic quality, before adherence to a PP woven bag. This type of bag has an easy-open feature and is suitable for packaging. Packages include rice, animal food, pet food, etc. Additionally, these bags offer superior strength, are water-resistant, and have excellent print quality.

Laminated or Coated PP Woven Bags

Laminated bags have a thin poly film coating for easy adherence inside and/or outside the bag to line it. This lamination improves the properties of the fabric and makes it more resistant to humidity. Use of the bags includes in packaging fertilizers, chemical products, and lots more.

 Lined PP Woven Bags

Use of a seal liner to close bag and it comprises of LDPE and HDPE. You can also insert and sew plastic into the bag’s top hem. Because of the sealing method, the liner does not collapse. More so, these bags help to reduce the accumulation of moisture on and in the bag.

Paper Coated PP Woven Bags

These are three-in-one bags made with a combination of PP woven fabric, lamination, and Kraft paper. The Kraft paper forms the outer layer, while the PP fabric is the inner layer. As a result, these bags do not puncture or tear.request quote from zigpac

UV Stabilized PP Woven Bags

These bags are more resilient and last longer than the standard pouch. Even when roughly handled, they remain strong and durable.

pp woven bag

Uses of Kits From PP

The pouch’s use includes packaging, store, and transport agricultural products. General use these days include to pack or store food items like rice, flour, and maize in large quantity.

More so, these pouches are very versatile. They can come in in any custom size that will easily pack goods in any quantity.

Additionally, the use of PP fabric extends to making plastic bags and sacks that are strong. They are durable and lightweight. These bags and sacks are then used in many applications.request quote from zigpac

The kits from PP are available at an affordable rate to everyone. These pouches are not nearly as expensive as many other bags. More so, they are affordable and readily available to anybody who needs them.

They come with different materials and features to help prevent loss of products.

Also, the kit from PP is the best choice for bulk packaging. Because it has the ability to protect products from damage. It also prevents spillage of products, contamination of products, extends shelf life and ensures good storage. This helps make the products available.

The PP woven bag comprises of different types used for different purposes. Generally to store and transport bulk goods. Some examples of these bulk goods are cement, fertilizer, sugar, solid chemical, and so on. Only a few bags have used in storing these products and the pouch is always the best to consider.

pp woven bag

Application Industries of PP Woven Bags

PP woven bags manufacturers produce these bags for use in different industries and sectors of the economy. Here are some of the major applications of these bags:request quote from zigpac

Packaging of agro products and animal feed

Use of bags includes to store and transport agricultural products. They include fruits, feeds, aquatic products, vegetables, and much more. Other agro products include fertilizers, grains, seeds, spices. Also, sugar, salt, and animal feed.

The types of pouches used in this industry are feed bags and fertilizer bags. Others are chemical PP woven bags, fruit mesh bags, and vegetable woven bags.

Food Packaging

One of the most common uses of pouches in recent times is the packing of food. The main PP woven bags used are maize woven bags, flour PP woven bags, rice PP woven bags, and others.

Tourism and Transport

Use of pouches in making temporary tents, travel bags, as well as sunshades. During construction, they are also used in making screens and fences.

Geotechnical Engineering

Large utilization of pouches in the construction of roads, irrigation works. Also ports, railways, buildings, mines, among others. These fabrics are great geosynthetics because they are great at filtering, isolating, draining, and prevention of seepage.request quote from zigpac

 Flood Control Products

In addition, the use of PP woven sandbags goes worldwide. These woven bags help to reduce and sometimes prevent the unfavorable effects of the flood. They are used when constructing dams, roads, railways, and river banks.

 Daily Necessities

Just about everyone uses the pouch at one point or the other. Students, farmers, housewives, workers, and a lot of other people use these bags in the form of shopping or logistics bags. These bags can be used in stores, houses, warehouses, and just about everywhere.

Special Purpose Woven Bags

Some pouches serve special purposes, unlike the multipurpose ones. UV resistant woven bags, for instance, protect the skin from ultraviolet radiation and prevents aging. There is also the woven PP tube that features UV protection meant for earthbag buildings.

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What Makes PP Woven Bags Suitable for Packaging?

PP woven bags are universally and increasingly being used in packaging of different products. Loaded with benefits, Pouch is still very attractive hence, it has become the best choice for packaging.

Here are some of the major factors that contribute to making these bags suitable for packaging:

  • 100% reusable, sturdy and durablerequest quote from zigpac
  • Can be stored in open areas
  • Can easily be printed on or colored
  • Economic material
  • Environmentally friendly
  • It extends the shelf life of commodities placed in them
  • Flexible
  • Have a laminated film that makes them waterproof yet very breathable
  • High operational temperatures and it’s melting point is 167oC
  • Non-staining, no slipping, no tearing
  • Non-toxic and ensure safe storage of products by protecting them from the elements
  • Offer excellent resistant to cracking and stress
  • Offers resistance to many alkalis and acids, as well as organic solvents and degreasing agents
  • Prevent humidity and dust from entering the bag
  • Prevent spoilage of commodities
  • Very easy to clean and anti-bacterial
  • Very easy to produce an assembly.
  • Lightweight with very low density
  • Very pocket-friendly

Final Thoughtsrequest quote from zigpac

PP woven bags are the best for bulk packaging of both edible and inedible commodities. Bulk packaging has to be durable, strong, provide protection, recyclable, reusable, cost-effective, easy to handle, and environmentally friendly. For the best PP pouch in China, visit Zigpac.