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Stand up pouches have the description of laminated bags made from several layers of plastic film, aluminum foil, among others. Each stand up pouch wholesale packaging comes with an open void to fill with products, before sealing with an impulse heat sealer. These pouches offer huge potential for creative advertising as they allow printing with virtually any logo, color, and design.request quote from zigpac

A lot of companies order for stand up pouches wholesale to cover a wide variety of their products.

Uses of a Propped Container

Stand up pouches (know more) can always stand on their own with a durable bottom gusset. Sealed perfectly with a zip closure to keep all the products inside as airtight as possible.

More so, stand up pouch packaging offers an excellent way for food packaging, as well as for liquid packaging. The use extends to packaging a variety of food, including salt packaging, sugar packaging, and cold drink packaging. Other food varieties include pet food packaging, medicine packaging, and pre-cooked food packaging.

These pouches serve as excellent barrier bags for food and other items such as meat, cheese, snacks, and baking mixes.

Stand up pouch packaging is not only suitable for food items. Other uses include package non-food items such as chemical products, cleaners, and garden materials. These pouches prevent harmful elements such as moisture, vapor, and odor from affecting your product.

Additionally, these pouches provide a durable and inexpensive packaging option which is highly usable. This gives a win-win situation for customers and manufacturers.

The propped container has revolutionized product packaging. They allow the sterile packaging of a wide variety of food and drink handled by aseptic processing. More so, they serve as alternatives to traditional industrial canning methods.request quote from zigpac

Unlike traditional packaging mediums like bags, boxes, and cartons, stand up pouches consume a lesser amount of resources. These pouches highly customized, unlike old packaging methods. Elementary knowledge of how these pouches are made can help businesses save money.

More so, these pouches favor brand recognition by adding more value to any product packaged in them. They help improve shelf presence, build trust in customers, and increase customer loyalty. To get the more affordable and customized option for your business, order for your stand up pouches wholesale.

Styles for Stand Up Pouch

Fundamentally, there are three stands up pouch styles. The major difference in each style lies in the making of the bottom or gusset of the bag. The style you choose will depend on the content you intend to package.

  • Round Bottom Gusset

The round bottom gusset also called a Doypack or a Doyen. The most commonly used and available type of stand up pouch in the market. It comes with a U-shaped gusset which acts as the feet for the bag.request quote from zigpac

It is great for packaging lightweight products weighing less than one pound, which may not be able to stand upright. The round bottom gusset of this pouch stands with a welded edge, thereby keeping the bag in an upright position. It has the best shelf life as well as storage and is available in many standard sizes.

Heavier products can make the seal crunch up and this will look unattractive. In manufacturing this Doyen style, a die has to be custom-made and added. The pouch often looks short because most of the products stay near the bottom of the pouch.

  • K Seal Bottom

With the increase in the bag’s size, it becomes increasingly difficult for the bag’s sealed edge to support the weight. When it reaches a certain size, an addition of a K seal bottom occurs to support the weight of the products. The K seal bottom needs to handle the weight without compromising on the pouch’s shape.

The K-Seal style preferred for products weighing between 1 to 5 pounds (0.45 kg to 2.25 kg). The seals look like the letter “K” with their angled corners and bottom seal. This style will help to keep the bag standing upright on a shelf without toppling.

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Other Pouch

  • Plow Bottom Type

The Plot bottom also is known as the corner bottom or folded bottom. It is a creative and recently upgraded version of the stand-up pouch design. This style has gained acceptance as a favorite in the food packaging industry.request quote from zigpac

The plow bottom style highly recommended for heavy products that weigh more than 5 pounds. Since the products are heavier, a seal is not needed at the bottom to keep the pouch standing erect. The only seals on this pouch are seen on the sides.

Companies that manufacture granulated products such as sugar and salt often prefer this stand up pouch style. Since the products stand directly on the shelf without barriers, the packaging has to be done properly. They look like the pouches made using automated fill seal machines, which could be the reason they are so popular.

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Specialized Markets for Stand Up Pouches

Using stand up pouches for packaging offers a lot of benefits in a lot of specialized markets. Some of these markets are:

  • For Food and Beverages

Stand up pouches help to maintain the freshness of any food or beverage product kept in it. These pouches protect the products during transportation and during use by consumers at home. The seal is air-tight which makes them resistant to puncture, tear, and impact.request quote from zigpac

There are two kinds of closure featured on these pouches. They could come with caps for milkshakes, creams, and juices. Another closure is the nozzle for any type of sauce including ketchup, mustard, and mayonnaise.

They are very easy for customers to use, and easier for manufacturers to brand. Stand up pouches wholesale help manufacturers reduce costs as well as wastes.

  • For Frozen Foods

Stand up pouches, when used for frozen foods, help to maintain their appearance, taste, and also their nutritional properties. They are very durable and flexible for storing frozen food irrespective of the low temperatures.

  • For Personal Hygiene and Cleaning Products

These pouches that are suitable for products relating to personal hygiene and cleaning usually have a tight-sealed zipper system.

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Other Pouches

  • For Pet Food Containers

Pet food now comes in the same packaging as human products do unlike the paper bags or cans used before. Stand up pouches for pet food are specially made with advanced and specialized technology to keep the pet food safe. These pouches are specially made to stand upright in order to give easy access to the food.

  • For Snacks

Stand up pouches are perfect for protecting snacks like biscuits, cereals, chips, pistachios, almonds, and others from humidity. These containers help to keep snacks edible and crunchy in any type of environment for an extended period of time. They also ensure the snacks are easily stored in closets, shelves, or cabinets since they do not occupy much space.

More so, these containers are very easy and comfortable to use, hence they make carrying snacks around easier.


Final Thoughtsrequest quote from zigpac

Stand up pouches are specially designed storage solution that stands upright on a retail shelf or other flat surfaces. The stand-up pouch packaging is quite versatile and useful for many products. If you want to get more information on stand up pouches wholesale prices, visit Zigpac.