Wholesale coffee bags with valve

Everyone enjoys a hot cup of coffee and the best way to keep your coffee fresh is by proper packaging (know more). The coffee bag is the brand ambassador of the coffee shop and a very important part of marketing. These coffee bags with valve wholesale deserve a lot of attention because they ensure your customers enjoy high-quality coffee.request quote from zigpac

A pouch has different uses such as storing and transport coffee. This bag’s main material is jute. Treatment of the jute with mineral oil makes it airtight. Newer types of bags, like polyethylene and polypropylene bags, can now transport coffee.

After choosing what material you want to store and transport your coffee in, you can have them customized. When ordering for your pouch wholesale, be sure to get coffee bags with valve and other features.

Materials Used in Making Coffee Bags

A pouch – a material bag sealed with heat which contains ground and roasted coffee. These bags have used for individual servings in a mug or cup, or for pouring into boiling water to brew for 2 to 5 minutes.

Bags made from a wide variety of materials. Some of these materials are paper, degradable non-woven fabric that is also spun-bound, or cornstarch-based products. The filling of the bag comprises of ground or blended coffee you choose.request quote from zigpac

Every material has its unique properties and design for the purpose of decocting or brewing from inside the bag. The aim of these bags is to prevent the products and flavor of the coffee from escaping. A good pouch material will absorb some of the important oils released from the ground coffee.

You will then get the same flavor you get when you put the coffee in a percolator or open filter. The taste of the material does not in any way enter into the coffee. These materials have to be very strong so that they do not burst easily.

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Types of Coffee Bags with Valves

Pouches come in so many shapes, sizes, colors, styles, and materials. The pouch packaging revolutionized and reinvented over the last couple of years, especially using one-way degassing valves. Coffee bags with valve allow air pressure exit from the package and prevent air from entering the bag.

Since coffee beans that have been freshly roasted release carbon dioxide, these valves let roasters package their products immediately. What’s more? They can do this without nursing the fear that their pouch will burst.

The use of coffee bags with valves makes pouch packaging flexible and more beneficial. Here are some of the major types of coffee bags:request quote from zigpac

Primary Valves

  • Side Gusseted Coffee Bags

The most commonly used pouch – side gusseted pouches in coffee shops and roasters. They come in so many different sizes and colors so you can get your coffee bags wholesale in different colors. Additionally, side gusseted bags work better when resealable tapes, tin ties, and bag clips used as reclosable features.

These bags have different styles which include foil, quad seal bags, paper bags, and poly.

  • Block Bottom Coffee Bags

The block bottom pouch also is known as a flat bottom pouch. It is very popular and can stand on its own when placed on a shelf. The top of this bag has two styles: either folded down completely in a brick shape or simply folded over, then sealed.

These bags are the combination of some stand-up pouches and quad seal side gusseted bag features. They come with a square bottom gusset that lets them stand without support before filling. In addition to the four-corner seal design, these bags are very easy to fill.

Other features like a valve, hot stamp printing, and tin ties added when buying coffee bags wholesale.

  • Flat Pouch Coffee Bags

One of the simplest and most cost-effective beverage containers is the flat pouch, also called the Pillow Bag. It is great for displaying on shelves and stays flat enough on its own. The use of the bag includes packaging single-serve packets, giveaways, and fractioned coffee.

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Secondary Valves

  • Stand Up Pouch Pouch Wholesale

Stand up pouch are also very popular products that come in so many different styles, colors, and sizes.  They may come in solid colors, clear poly, or full clear panels with solid color backing. Each style of this pouch can have a degassing valve installed in it to turn it into a coffee bag.

Metalized stand up pouches will offer a weight, design, and composition that is very light. Despite their lightweight, they have a solid construction that will help extend the shelf life of your coffee products.

Windowed stand up pouches have a window with an oval shape that allows people to preview the contents of the bag.

The Doypack stand up pouch has a bottom that is rounded or oval-shaped, and a top that is flat. It is convenient, quite expensive, and comes with zippers. It can be bought pre-made, filled, and then sealed using an automatic pouch-making machine.request quote from zigpac

  • Tin Tie Paper Coffee Bags

These bags have tin tie built into them as a reclosable feature to extend the shelf life of your coffee. They come lined with glassine or poly material to make sure you have safer and direct contact with your coffee. Another feature that can be added to this beverage container is a clear window.

Tin tie paper coffee bags can be made to be environmentally friendly using materials like recycled paper.


  • Quad Seal Pouch Wholesale

This pouch is popular, pricier, can also stand on its own, and uses seals with crisp sides. It has a modular look that easily catches attention and the bag stays in shape quite well. A quad seal side gusseted bag is equipped with a four-corner seal which provides additional support for heavier items. This bag can hold more coffee in it than most of the other coffee bags.

  • Bag-in-Bag (BIB)

The Bag-In-Bag (BIB) is made up of smaller packs of coffee placed in a larger package. The smaller packs can be formed, filled, and sealed by a packaging machine, and then packaged into a larger pack. It is used for bulk sale and food services.

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Final Thoughtsrequest quote from zigpac

To market your coffee properly, use minimal graphics, clear labeling, and re-closable closures on your pouch. Since the pouch with a valve is the latest innovation in coffee packaging, they should not be left out in customization. You can get your wholesale coffee bags with valve from Zigpac.