Wholesale kraft paper bags

Are you in need of a good paper bag to package your products to your customers in retail? Are you in need of a good paper bag that can give you the best comfort? Maybe you should consider kraft paper bags wholesale in our store Zigpac.

Kraft paper bags have versatility hence the use to make a lot of beautiful products. It is a recyclable material that is thick, heavy, and resistant to liquid.

Use of Kit from Kraft Paper

Whenever you mention the word kraft, the first couple of things you should think of our strength and rigidity. Kraft paper bags are mostly brown in color because their pulps are naturally dark in color. Use of bleached pulps during the kraft pulping process to give a white paper or any other color you desire.request quote from zigpac

The white kit from kraft paper (know more) is so bright, pretty and strong. Another outstanding quality of this color of kraft bags is that they are versatile. Especially when they come with handles. They are perfect for baby showers, gift items for boys and girls. Also birthday parties, restaurant take-out, shopping, and lots more.

Kraft paper bags produced as shopping bags designed to have tough, twisted handles. These handles solidly made. So that they won’t cut due to the weight of items in the bag. Kraft paper bags produced as gift bags have handles. Made of rope with colors that complement each of them.

In addition to the above qualities this bag possesses. You can also affix your company’s designs or logo to them. Kraft bag is fun and easy to decorate, thereby leaving room for creativity. Our wholesale kraft paper bags can add beauty to your products while creating awareness to your prospective customers at the same time.

kraft paper bags

 Advantages of Kraft Paper Bags

Kraft paper bags are best settlers that give you a lot of value for your money with its numerous advantages. Since it mainly has a composite material. Its benefits are enjoyed by manufacturers, retailers, consumers, and the environment. Here are some of the major advantages of using these bags:

Primary Advantages

  • Environmental Performance

One of the first and major advantages of kraft paper bags is their environmental performance. Most businesses are beginning to realize that customers are becoming more environmentally conscious and responsible. Most customers want any company they are patronizing to show that they are contributing. That is to the conservation of environmental resources.

Hence, kraft paper bags are perfect for showing customers that you are playing a big part. In improving the environment. These bags are not in any way toxic to the environment and are tasteless. Also, since kraft paper is pollution-free, these bags do not in any way pollute the environment.

More importantly, they meet with national environmental standards and serve as one of the most commonly used environmental packagings worldwide. Additionally, easily recyclable kraft bags by customers. These bags are made using materials that can be regrown quite easily.request quote from zigpac

They are 100% biodegradable even when sent to the landfill or thrown away.

  • Printing Performance

Kraft paper has a default special color that makes it very good for printing. With simple lines, the product pattern’s beauty can be outlined perfectly. All these, in addition to the packaging effect of kraft paper bags, make them better than plastic packaging bags.

With the aforementioned qualities of these paper bags, you will not have to pay for full version printing. For this reason, the price of printing on a kraft bag will reduce substantially. This reduction is more if you are printing wholesale kraft paper bags in bulk.

Additionally, the cost of production and production period of these bags will also be reduced.

  • Processing Performance

Kraft paper possesses a kind of buffer performance. Better stiffness, and anti-wrestling performance than shrink film. In the making of kraft paper bags, the processing is easy to the compound. 

kraft bags

Secondary Benefits

  • Ease of Customization

Another beautiful thing about the pouch is that customizing them is very easy. This particular quality is very valuable for brands that want to stand out using product packaging.

Here are some of the reasons these bags are easy to customize:request quote from zigpac

  • These bags come in so many shapes, sizes, and thickness.
  • Which give them more potential for customization.
  • Also, the pouch does not crumble easily.
  • Therefore when branded, they stand out better and are easily noticed.
  • Better Branding

The use of kraft paper bags gives businesses the opportunity they need to differentiate themselves from their competitors. With these bags, there is an entire canvass to get creative with, especially for food packaging. Additionally, different colors and fonts can be utilized in branding these bags.

Another benefit these bags offer for branding is their versatility. As well as durability compared to plastics and other bags. More so, kraft paper bags have a more professional and sophisticated look.

When kraft paper is used to make bags for food packaging, the food will stay fresher for a longer time. 

  • They Offer Different Handle Types

For these bags, there are a lot of handle types you can choose from to make it more versatile. Most food industries prefer to use the folded handle for these bags, which is quite common. This handle is suitable for capacity bags or for carrying medium weight.

If, however, you intend to package heavier items in your pouch. You should use twisted handles for them.

  • The Bottom Type

Another important feature of kraft paper bags is their flat bottom gusset. Which is perfect for packaging bulkier products. This gives the bags a stronger base and is preferable to the plastic bag alternative.

wholesale kraft paper bags

 Scope of Application of Kraft Paper Bags

The pouch is very versatile and has a lot of applications in many industries. Many businesses find these bags suitable for their products. Especially since they are easy to brand and 100% eco-friendly. Here are a few ways these bags can be applied:

  • Building materials
  • Chemical raw materialsrequest quote from zigpac
  • Clothing
  • Food
  • Pharmaceutical additives
  • Supermarket shopping

Final Thoughts

Conclusively, Kraft paper bags are versatile, economical, can be easily tailored to suit your brand, and eco-friendly. For these reasons and more, retailers prefer to use them to package their products instead of the other packaging options. Kraft bags are also easy to order. It is easier for businesses to get wholesale kraft paper bags that match their needs immediately online.  Welcome to Zigpac for more info.