Wholesale water slide nail decals for sale

Water slide nail decals, also known as water decals or nail tattoos for sale, are very thin and easy to take off. These decals help to cover the whole nail, or just to add a little embellishment to the nails. They look better in colors when placed on light-colored or white polish.

There are so many wholesale water slide decals for sale for ladies to beautify their nails with at affordable prices.request quote from zigpac

Production of the decal starts with soaking the decal paper in water. Soaking will allow the decal to slide off freely from the sheet of backing-paper to the smooth surface.

Also, it is important to note that the water slide decal comprises of many layers. The first layer serves as the sheet of backing paper, which also acts as the base for attaching every other thing. Glue film serves as the layer for original design printing and it comes on top of the backing paper.

However, even the glue film comes to the carrier film, when soaked in water, the glue becomes slippery aiding the free slide off of the backing paper. An extra adhesive water-based layer may be added to make the bond stronger when placed on the prepared surface. To know more about the water slide decal, please click here.

Making Use of Water slide nail decals

To use water slide nail decals, the surfaces for the intended decal transfer must be glossy. A thin layer of gloss varnish coating should be used to polish surfaces that possess microscopic roughness. It is to avoid tiny air sac being trapped underneath the decals, thereby making the stickers look rough.request quote from zigpac

However, water slide decal for sale is the most popularly known method of applying graphics and pictures to surfaces. It is achieved by printing these designs and graphics on a decal paper using printers. Printers used for this are inkjet, decal printer, waterslide decal printer, lesser printer, metallic color printer, and white color printer.

Printing of unique water slide nail decals requires inkjet printers or the laser printer. The ownership of either printer makes it easy for people to make any design they like and print in the comfort of their homes.

water slide decals for sale

How to Apply Water Slide Nail Decals

There is a wide variety of water slide decals for sale in different appealing designs. After buying one, the next step is applying it.

Here are two methods of applying these water slide nail decals:


  • Nail polish or lacquer
  • Clear base coat polish
  • Small pair of scissors or curved blade
  • Wet paper towel, cotton swab or wet cloth
  • Water slide nail decals
  • Tweezersrequest quote from zigpac
  • Bowl of water
  • Topcoat


Apply a base coat and some nail polish.

    • Start by brushing a clear base coat on your nails. Allow it dry well before brushing on one or two other nail polish coats. Ensure you let each coat dry before brushing on another coat. Make sure you have your nails well covered.
    • Since the border edges of the decals are usually translucent and filmy, you should use light-colored or white polish. This will serve as a canvas that will contrast well with your nail decal.
    • Also, note that some of these decals can go with any color.

water slide nail decals

Use a small pair of scissors to cut the nail decals so they fit perfectly on your nails

  • You can use nail scissors, sewing scissors, or a curved blade.
  • Make sure your nails dry thoroughly before proceeding with this step. This is to ensure that you do not smear your polish accidentally. You can speed up drying time using the following methods:

– Place the bottles of nail polish in a refrigerator for about 20 minutes before using them.

– Alternatively, place your hands inside a bowl filled with ice water for approximately 3 minutes after applying the polish.

  • Pick out the pieces of decals you like and ensure that each piece fits your nails without overlapping. A small part of your nail plate should be visible around each piece of nail decal.
  • It is better to choose decals that have colored or dark shades that will contrast well with your nail polish.request quote from zigpac
  • It is not necessary to cut around the decals perfectly. Just cut them out in small squares that will fit easily on your nails.

Wet your chosen decals with the face down onto your nail

    • Before using these nail decals, soak each of them in water for about five to fifteen seconds. It is advisable to put only one or two decals in the water at a time to avoid them sliding together. When these decals are soaked before you apply them, moving them around for a perfect placement will be easier.
    • You can then use tweezers to remove these decals from the bowl of water after they have been well soaked.
    • Take the plastic sheet or white background off the nail decal.
    • Then place the decal directly on your nail and make sure it does not touch your skin. To properly position the decal, avoid flipping the design over to the design does not adhere backward. Do not try peeling off the clear decal that is around the design because it is part of the decal.
    • Dampen the back of your decal with a wet paper towel, cloth, or cotton swab.
    • You may let the decal hang over your edge’s free edge.

Place the wet cotton swab, cloth, or paper towel and hold it against your nail for about 30 seconds

    • Press the damp cloth firmly and evenly against the nail. Follow the instructions that come with the decal on how long the decal should be held.
    • As much as possible, do not dab or move the decal while it is setting.request quote from zigpac

Take off excesses, if necessary

    • Use a pair of scissors to snip off the part of the decal that overlaps with the nail’s edge.
    • Brush on at least two topcoats of clear polish in order to seal the decals and ensure durability.
    • While applying the topcoat, first dab a little bit of topcoat on one of the decals. This is to ensure that it does not smudge.
    • In order to make these decals last longer, apply another clear topcoat after a few days.

Repeat this procedure on your other hand.

water slide decals for sale

Removing the Water Slide Nail Decals

Your beautiful nail decals are easy to remove. When you are ready to take them off, simply following these steps:

  • Get a nail polish remover.
  • Use it on your nails just like you do when you want to take off your nail polish.

Final Thoughtsrequest quote from zigpac

Water slide nail decals are quite easy to come by and affordable too. The water slide decals for sale are available in different colors and patterns to make your nails look awesome. And if you have any demand on custom personalized stickers, welcome to inquire us at Zigpac.