Promotional Gifts for Clients: Ideas for a Giveaway

Promotional gifts for clients are all the rage! By giving away products during a giveaway or promotion, can help benefit your business in a variety of ways: increasing brand awareness, increasing sales and grabbing the attention of new customers in the process. For some business owners, a free pen is just that: a free cheap promotional pen. Or a free tote bag is still just a bag. These owners can never see past the fact that these objects are nothing more than the possible trendy giveaway ideas for promotional products in this article.request quote from zigpac

However, what matters is not the object itself, but the branding that is imprinted on the free object. A free gift is one that will reflect the personality of your business: the brand you are trying to market to your audience.

Promotional gifts for clients can make or break a business, especially if done incorrectly. This is why businesses around the country will spend up to $20 million a year just on product giveaways alone. Here, we will teach you how to use creative client gifts to the advantage of your business and give your promotional ideas (know more) that actually work. trendy promotional products

Giveaway Ideas for Trendy Promotional Productsrequest quote from zigpac

Below we have listed out possible giveaway ideas for trendy products

Give Away Coupons as Promotional Gifts for Clients

It is no secret that everyone loves a good discount, especially when the discount is for a really great product.

Giving out coupons for products as promotional gifts for clients can be a great way to draw new customers to your business, as well as bring hype to new products that you are introducing into your business. Feel free to hand out coupons between 10% to 30% discount. This can also be a great way to entice customers to check out other products that you carry as well.

When giving out coupons as creative client gifts, be sure to announce it on your business’ website and social media platforms to ensure your customers are aware of the coupons before they are released. trendy promotional products  

Hold Promotions for Limited Edition Products

This is a giveaway idea that is similar to giving away a grand prize. However, there is something even more exciting about giving out an item that your business doesn’t carry often.

Holding a promotion on limited edition products can be such a rare occurrence, most customers will feel like they are having a chance to get a hidden gem. They will feel as if the items were handcrafted just for them. Customers are naturally drawn to these types of products. There is a feeling of exclusivity, something most people can’t resist.

When choosing a limited-edition product to giveaway, make sure to choose a product that you can include with existing products on the shelves. Make sure these products have a special feature about them, a feature that no other product in your store has. You can even give away a product that hasn’t been released in stores yet. promotional gifts for clients

Host a Grand Prize Giveawayrequest quote from zigpac

You don’t need trendy promotional products to host a giveaway.

As we have learned, hosting a grand prize giveaway can draw into tons of customers into your business.

This is a giveaway idea that will have to evolve in steps. You will want to start off with a small giveaway for a product that isn’t too special but will still draw in a few customers. The next giveaway giving away two of the same products but hype up the third giveaway that features the grand prize/promotional gift for clients. This will draw even more customers.

What makes this kind of giveaway special is that whoever wins the grand prize will feel even more special than anybody who participates in the giveaway. This can end up leading to even more excited about your business and the products you carry. promotional gifts for clients  

Host a Hashtag Contest to Give Out Promotional Gifts for Clientsrequest quote from zigpac

Want to increase your social media presence in a heartbeat? Host a hashtag contest!

In today’s digital age, there is no reason why any business doesn’t have a social media account. This is a great way to include social media marketing into your regular advertising campaign.

When hosting a social media hashtag contest, be sure to think of a creative hashtag to use. When thinking of the hashtag, be sure to choose a name that represents your business and your brand as a whole. If you are at a loss for a hashtag, don’t hesitate to ask your followers and customers.

Not only are these giveaways so much fun to host, but it is a fun way to build a small community among the people that follow you on social media. It is also a great reason to hand out promotional gifts for clients. promotional gifts for clients  

Host a Photo Contest to Give Out Promotional Gifts for Clientstrendy promotional products

It is no secret that pictures speak louder than words.

There is just something appealing about pictures that can speak to your business’ brand. It is also a great way to show off trendy promotional products. However, what makes this kind of giveaway different than any other giveaway you can host is that it allows you to see a different side to your customers. You get the chance to see the people who help to support your business every day. On top of that, it can help you see your customers show love for the products you see in real-time. It can be a surreal experience.

What makes this contest unique is that you can mix this giveaway with a hashtag giveaway on social media to make even more of an impact. A photo giveaway allows you to see the creative side of your customers, allowing them to connect more with your business and allowing you to see how creative client gifts impact your business.

This can also be a great way to gain real testimonials in real-time. You can easily add these testimonials to your business’ official website and other social media platforms to entice new customers to get in on the fun. promotional gifts for clients

Conclusiontrendy promotional products

We hope the trendy promotion products we have offered in this list has inspired you. We hope that you feel encouraged to use the products from this list to increase your business’ brand awareness and feel encouraged to keep your existing customers coming back to your business.

While running these promotional giveaways to give away creative client gifts, remember to use your business’ social media platforms to your advantage. Be sure to listen actively to your customers and give away promotional gifts for clients that even the pickiest of clients won’t be able to resist. If you have any demand for custom promotional gifts, welcome to inquire us at Zigpac.