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Promotional Keyrings Marketing is Key for Your Business

Promotional products are so many that making a choice might be a difficult task. One thing you should keep in mind though is, you want a product that is portable enough. In this case, printed keyrings (know more) as personalize corporate gifts fit the criteria for promotional marketing activities.request quote from zigpac

Promotional keyrings marketing is the way to go. All you need is printed keyrings.

Why use promotional keyrings for marketing

To achieve the right exposure and create the best awareness for your brand depends on your choice of brand promotional items product. You need to choose an item that will be found useful by its recipient, something they can always use. 

Getting a versatile, compact and useful item might not be exactly easy, but the Promotional keyring gifts will always work. Printed keyrings are not just fun and attractive, they will definitely get used every day by customers. Promotional keyrings marketing is likely the most effective way to create brand awareness and surely one of the most cost-effective.

Promotional keyring gifts will always work with whatever your budget is.

promotional keyrings marketing

Types of promotional keyrings for marketing

Plastic keyringsrequest quote from zigpac

To pass a straightforward and simple message promotional keyrings are the way to go. The standard acrylic plastic keyring is cost-efficient and the perfect Promotional keyring gifts for an event or a customer. They are made with high-grade acrylic with spaces on both sides where you can put graphics of your choice. 

For something more personal you will find plastic keyrings that have been tailored made to fit whatever business you do. Either a sports person, estate agent or a celebrity of some sort, there will always be something fitting for you.

The best thing about Promotional keyrings marketing is how easy it is to customize. This makes it easy to get personal with your targeted recipient.

promotional keyring gifts

Stress toy keyrings

You most likely have seen a lot of this stress toy keyrings and they’re just as normal as they come. You can make your own fun and comely, they can fit into any kind of promotion you want them to. request quote from zigpac

The good thing about stress toy keyrings is that your customers start to associate your brand with calmness and relaxation. You can make it even better by adding a fun factor, something to put a smile on their faces.

Like the plastic keyrings, the stress toy keyrings can be tailor-made to fit any kind of profession. Stress Toys have been proven medically to increase blood circulation and help relax joints and muscles.

They are made from top quality PU foams and last very long. Your perfect idea for printed keyrings.

promotional keyring gifts

Novelty keyrings

Are you looking to give your brand a unique personality, you want your brand to stand out? The novelty keyring is what you are looking for. It has been proven that something different will always attract people’s attention and may even make them feel good.

Using a Bluetooth shutter keyring apart from making you stand out will also make your customers happy. It is something unique yet inexpensive. To create a sense of style and fun the novelty printed keyrings is the way to go. Examples of novelty keyrings include Outback Compass Keyrings and Life Belt Floating Keyrings.

promotional keyrings marketing

Trolley coin keyring

Getting to the supermarket and finding out that you don’t have a trolley coin can be a real frustration. With the trolley coin keyring, you would be saving your customers the stress of fitting a week’s shopping into a basket. 

Also, imagine a person using your keyring at the mall and someone else asks where it is gotten from. You have just promoted your brand indirectly through Promotional keyrings marketing

Trolley coins are cute, colorful and bright, surely to be found in the bags. so you are sure to get the publicity you desire always.

promotional keyring gifts

How to design promotional keyrings for marketing

Designing promotional keyrings is like designing any other promotional material. Promotional products represent your brand’s identity, so you should choose something that will reflect your brand’s idea.request quote from zigpac


Your first obligation is setting a budget for your promotional product, when you do this it will you’re your choice. The amount of money you have to spare will determine the quality of your keyring material and also the quantity. 

The choice between quality and quantity will depend on the event.

promotional keyrings marketing


After the budget is your material, you now have to use between plastic, leather, and iron. Although there are other types of material this three ae the most commonly used. Your choice of material will also depend on your budget and the quantity you want to get. You can also mix the different materials to get your unique keyring.


Next comes the choice of shape, for the plastic keyring you have a lot of choices to make. The iron and leather materials are more limited in shapes but you can still play with a lot of shapes. You can choose between the square, circular, pre-cut shapes of phones, ribbon-style keyrings, houses vans and many more. You can make your choice in accordance with your brand’s identity. 

Colors and design

Your next move is to choose the colors and design for your keyring. You want to choose a design that will flow with your brand identity. Bright colors are also a good idea for your keyring, they always hold people’s attraction.

Benefits of promotional keyrings for marketing

Promotional keyring gifts, unlike other promotional products, will always be useful. Everyone has either a house and/or a car with keys. So a keyring will definitely be useful. Apart from its usefulness, it is all amazingly cheap to produce. In fact, it printed keyrings manufacturing companies are always giving discounts on mass production.


The printed keyring will always be your most effective option for Promotional keyrings marketing. They are kind on your budget and are easy to pack for your customers. They also will serve for almost all and any occasion. request quote from zigpac

 If you have been worried about what kind of item to use for your promotional material, you have one now. The Promotional keyring gifts are your friend. If you have any demand for custom keyrings, welcome to inquire us at Zigpac.

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