Promotional Paper Product Ideas for Business Clients

As we approach the yuletide holidays, many businesses are in need of gift ideas. There’s also a need for a safer environment which is why paper gift items top the list in most companies.  What promotional paper product would suffice for a gift this Christmas or any time of the year?

If this question has been on your mind, there is no need to fret. In this post, we have put together a list of paper product ideas to help you.request quote from zigpac

Paper product ideas for your promotional activities

The importance of running promotions and using promotional gifts (know more) cannot be overemphasized. So many business owners have caught wind of this so they have adopted the method. Currently, there is a green movement that aims at saving the environment from non-recyclable items.

One such item is plastic which is killing a lot of sea animals as you read this post. This is why there is a need to switch to paper gift items. When you gift your clients a promotional paper product, they are more appreciative.

This is because they know that you care about their environment, and by extension, their own welfare. We cannot deny the fact that it is very difficult to come up with paper product ideas as gifts. You probably have been racking your brain to find which one would be perfect for your next promotion.

Not to worry, we have a few to help out. After going through this list, you would either pick one of these brand promotional items or be inspired to come up with yours.

paper gift items

  • Desk pads

Your clients would love you to a place beyond the moon when you gift them one of these. With a desk pad, it is very easy to plan the day and organize their personal business. The good thing with these pads is that they are always on the desk stationed in front of the user.request quote from zigpac

There is no need to carry them around. Each time your client sits at his or her desk, the first thing they see is the desk pad. The pad can come with its own calendar and a space for making side notes. 

They are always very convenient to use, especially the ones made of lush paper for easy writing. 

promotional paper product

  • Notebooks 

This is a really cool promotional paper product you can send out as a gift to your clients this holiday. There are so many types of custom printed notebooks. They vary in size and function so you need to figure out which best suits your target audience.request quote from zigpac

You also have to decide on whether you want a hardcover or regular paperback. Another thing you need to consider with notebooks is the style of the pages. This will be a function of the need of the user.

Notebooks are about the most versatile paper gift items you can find. Your clients will always be appreciative of them. By the way, science has proven that our cognitive processes get better with writing things down.

promotional paper product

  • Sticky notes

There is almost no person that doesn’t love sticky notes. They may seem small yet they are really efficient which why they made our list of paper product ideas. Sticky notes help to organize our lives better.

They are perfect for recording memos and setting up reminders. All a person needs to do is write the required information, take out the leaf from the bulk, and stick it. It is that simple and it makes life so bearable and organized.

promotional paper product

  • Travel journals

This will be perfect if you are in the travel industry or into hospitality. People who love to travel love to record their memories. As much as phones help us to record videos and take pictures, they cannot take the place of journals.request quote from zigpac

With a journal you can write down exactly how you feel about a new location. It is easier to record what you ate, where you went, and the activities you engaged in.

That’s not all, journals help to plan a journey and make it more organized. There is always a tendency to be complacent and disorganized on fun trips. With a journal, you can carefully state what activities you should engage in per day.

Let’s not forget that with travel journals, your clients easily record their latest ideas as they travel. What makes it better is the fact that the human mind becomes more creative when it engages in writing. Your clients would be more than grateful for this promotional paper product.

promotional paper product

  • Calendars

How would we ever know dates if we didn’t have calendars? It would have been a much-disorganized life which would mean that we would be able to achieve much.

A calendar is one of the best paper product ideas you can employ this holiday and we will tell you why. There are several types of calendars such as desktop calendars and wall calendars.request quote from zigpac

Whichever you choose, your clients would still love them. These paper gift items allow them to plan the rest of the year easily. They are able to mark certain dates that are really significant.

You take it a notch higher by marking holidays relevant to your clients. To publicize your business, add pictures of your products on each page of the calendar. This way, as they look out for dates, they get to see your different products.

If it is a wall calendar, it is even better. Try and calculate how many people might visit your client in a week. Have you noticed that there is always an unconscious urge to flip through the pages of a calendar? 

Now imagine how many people will see your products if you put their pictures in these calendars and gift them out. This is one of the most effective promotional methods yet. You should really consider using them this holiday and watch your sales turnaround in the New Year.

promotional paper product


There are so many paper gift items you can hand out to your clients this holiday. We have brought you a few paper product ideas in this post. If you have any other promotional paper product, why not share with us in the comments section? If you have any demand for promotional products, welcome to inquire us at Zigpac.request quote from zigpac

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