A custom promotional product is a business gift with a logo or slogan that is distributed at a little or no price to promote the product or to give the customer a better understanding of the company’s brand, product and latest developments. If you are looking for cheap promotional gifts, zigpac will be your first choice to consider, we wholesale promotional products with a wide selection at a very competitive price.

Introduction to Zigpac

Zigpac was established in late 2009 year and is a professional manufacturer for custom promotional products, after experienced several years of rapid development, we are well known for our best quality and great service for kinds of promotional items, stickers, notebooks, gift & packaging boxes, gift & shopping bags, plastic bag and other promotional printing. Equipped with much-advanced printing and packaging machine, we have more than 50 skillful workers and 2000sqm production area, also have ISO certificates and pass SGS tests for EU and US standards. We accept OEM for custom service, also we can wholesale products which are in stock.

We also create the most healthy relationship with other reliable factories in China, working together with them on the different process of production for some items mentioned above.

Types of Custom Promotional Products

1. Promotional items for kinds of application. These gifts have distinctive seasonal and festive gifts. For example, promotional items for businesses, calendars, Christmas gifts, thanksgiving promotional items, etc. This kind of gift can cater to the needs of the current season, and it is very close to the present life, and it should be timely.

2. Apparel Gifts. These custom promotional products include custom t-shirt printing, wholesale t-shirt clothes, home clothes, gloves and so on. Corporate LOGO can also be clearly displayed. Such practical gifts of clothing can leave a deep impression on users if they are beautiful, generous and decent. It is worth noting that the purchase of such promotional gifts must be in the pre-season so that they can be used.

3. Display Gifts.  These wholesale promotional items include shelves, umbrellas, sun umbrellas, playing cards, drinking glasses, pillows and other gifts. The benefit of this type of gift is that the custom logo products can be very eye-catching. In particular, gifts such as umbrellas and poker have a very high turnover rate in the hands of end-users. The frequency of use is also high. It can leave a very deep impression on the end-user.

4. Low-cost promotion items. This kind of promotional gift includes daily necessities such as custom drawstring bags, custom canvas bag, custom can coolers, custom pen, custom water bottles no minimum order no setup fee, laundry detergent, shampoo and soap. It also includes mineral water, beverages and more. This type of gift is characterized by a low unit value and is easily consumed. It is also because the value of such gifts is not high, and it is not attractive to the end consumers. But such gifts are easy to consume and can be considered for delivery every month.

5. Decorative Gifts. These custom promotional products are more common, custom bottle opener, custom keychains no minimum, mobile phone holders, cell phone wallet, etc. Their characteristics are small and exquisite, easy to carry, beautiful, and have certain practical value. Since it is a decorative gift, it needs to have a novel shape to attract consumers, so that consumers will use it frequently, thus enhancing the brand image of the company. Therefore, in the process of customization, we must consider the novelty of the shape, otherwise the promotion effect and communication effect will be greatly reduced.

In short, if you want the promotion to be a complete success, a good custom promotional product is a necessity. When major gift companies launch promotional gifts, you will need to pay more attention to the gifts that are suitable for your own promotional activities.

Our Quality Guarantee

We 100% guarantee that our qualified products, efficient production, fast shipment, professional product technician, serious quality control and very competitive making cost will bring you a great experience to do business with us. We wholesale cheap custom promotional products to export mainly for the US, EU, AU market, and get the best reputation from our customers, we have complete interior inspection system and also accept 3rd party of inspection. We guarantee that all failed and defected part can be reproduced free of charge if it’s caused by our side. Feel free to contact Zigpac, if you want to get promotional merchandise ideas and need to custom giveaway.