Selecting the Right Packaging Company

As you prepare to order custom packaging in preparation for the New Year, remember that it isn’t so difficult. There are so many options to consider before choosing the best packaging company for your business. 

Once you have the best company, it becomes easy to get custom package. In this post, we will discuss how you can select the right company to help with your packaging processes. 

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Choosing the right company

There are so many packaging companies scattered around different parts of the world. Just like every other manufacturer, you should have a specific target market. This is a very important determinant of the kind of packaging you require for your products.

Regardless of the type of packaging you need, bulk, custom, basic, luxury, etc. there is a company to meet your needs. However, it is possible to find the best packaging company for you, you will need to contact several companies.request quote from zigpac

As you would expect, the first place to look for a company before you order custom packaging is the internet. The only challenge is that many of these companies put up a lot of technical terms on their websites. So if you don’t understand these terms, you will find it difficult to get custom package for your business.

We advise that you use the easiest terms you know when running a Google search. With the right descriptions and adding your location, you find companies close by. 

After this, draw up a list of companies that you think are capable of meeting your packaging needs (know more). You can list them in order of the closest to the farthest in distance. Write down their contact details too so you can call for inquiries.

When you make calls to these companies, it is important that you are able to decipher who you are speaking with. Sometimes it is a salesperson, while at other times, it is a broker. If you are not able to distinguish then it is wise to ask.

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What you should say when speaking with a packaging company

If this is your first time contacting one of these packaging companies, you may find it difficult to strike a conversation. There are things you need to say so you can know if they are capable of meeting your needs. 

  1. Do you have the capacity to produce [state your packaging type]? If you are not able to call out the name, you can email an image.
  2. How much does it cost to start the project and what’s the minimum order? Each company has a specific price at which they are ready to do good business. When you pay less or more, you will get below the ideal pricing per package. This is why it is very important to inquire about this before you order custom packaging. The best packaging company for you is one that offers you the best volume for the best price. It is easy to know how large a packaging company is. Simply take a look at the start-up costs and minimum volume they can take. request quote from zigpac
  3. What is the lead time for this project? Lead time is the period taken to produce an order after a deposit is made. When you want to get custom package, this is very important. If you are not sure about this, you could experience delays that are detrimental to your business.
  4. Where does the production take place? This is another very important question you must ask. Generally, the location of the production will determine how much you will spend on shipping. It is not wise to spend excessively of freight when you can add that money to production.
  5. What material is best for my type of packaging? If you have no prior technical experience, it is important to ask this question. You need all the professional advice you can get so you need to ask questions. The company should know what you want to pack in terms of fragility and weight. You should also provide dimensions as well. This way, the right estimations are provided and you can make the necessary comparisons.
  6. Can you please send me a quote for my choice of packaging? Without a quote, you will find it difficult to order custom packaging. This is because you need a basis to make your decisions. You need to be specific about the units that will be provided in your quote as well.
  7. When will I receive the quote? As you prepare to get custom package, time is of utmost importance. Already you know that without a quote, you cannot choose the best packaging company for your business. Quotes may come in early or late, this isn’t a measure of efficiency in most cases. Most big companies find it difficult to send in quotes early so you need to be patient. 

It is important that you ask the different companies on your list these questions. Always dictate your materials, sizes, volume, and packaging style, just like you did for the first company. As you do, take notes and welcome suggestions.

When a company makes suggestions that would help you maximize your packaging, it is clear that they care. This is a way of building trust as well so we believe you should consider these companies first before the rest.

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Comparing quotes

To find the best company to help with your packaging, you need to compare quotes. You should also consider how long it took for you to get the quote. Some companies send in their quotes later than they promised.request quote from zigpac

If this occurs, any of these may be the reason:

  • It is probably a busy period for them.
  • They don’t have enough staff and perceive that your quote isn’t truly valued.

However, any good company should be almost accurate with their timing. You should also consider how responsive these companies are. With these, you should be able to pick the best packaging company for your needs.


With these points, you find it easier to order custom packaging. When you have a trusted company on your side, you can get custom package anytime you need it. Any thoughts, share them in the comments section. And If you have any demand for custom packages, welcome to inquire us at Zigpac.