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Should You Go for Die Cut Vinyl Stickers?

There is really no need to define custom made die cut vinyl car stickers. You probably have an idea of what they are because they have gained a lot of popularity these days. Regardless of what you want to achieve, you can make do with these stickers.

Our favorite fact about these stickers is how public they have become. You can make use of custom made die cut vinyl stickers to advertise your brand or even your music band. With custom die cut vinyl car stickers you can make a major statement using your car to the rest of the world.request quote from zigpac

The more attractive your die cut vinyl stickers, the more shares they get. The stickers look like regular custom suits and it is important that you design them perfectly to suit your message.

To ensure that these stickers have the following qualities: durable, competitive, and supple for long periods, they are usually designed on vinyl material. These stickers serve a purpose in decorating almost anywhere from bars to children rooms, to museums and art galleries.

To answer the question why should you go for die cut vinyl stickers, we will enumerate the advantages and disadvantages.

Advantages of die cut vinyl stickers

There are several advantages to the use of these stickers. Let’s take a look at some of the more obvious advantages.


If you are looking for something that will last longer then these stickers are your best pick. They hardly fade and are definitely more durable than all other sticker types. The reason for their durability is ink that possesses very strong and constant color which hardly fades.request quote from zigpac

Using constant dyes

The kind of ink used in the production of these stickers is far different from those used for regular sticker printing. The technique involves the addition of some pigments of constant color as support. With this, the colors are more durable and will hardly fade.

Clean cut

Die cut vinyl stickers comprise of specific essential designs, unlike traditional stickers which made from a screen print. Traditional screen print sticker designs are made from an extra white filler, the sticker background, and material used as a border for the sticker. Not to forget the actual design itself. Simply put, the die cut stickers – straight to the point and carry the exact message they were designed to pass.

custom made die cut vinyl stickers

Sharp contrast

When these stickers are placed on a surface, especially the custom made die cut vinyl stickers or custom die cut vinyl car stickers, they create an amazing contrast. When placed against a wall or window, they stand out in the most beautiful manner. This is why they are best employed for passing specific messages and for decoration purposes. Traditional screen print stickers fail to provide this function. This is because they do not really stand out from their own background let alone the background of another surface.request quote from zigpac

Great idea for window application

The way custom made die cut vinyl stickers are made, they allow light to pass through the loopholes between the designs. This is because they are clear cut and have no particular background save the background of the surface they are placed on. Regular stickers, on the other hand, have a background since they are screen printed on another material. This makes them opaque, not allowing light to pass through. Die cut stickers (know more) from zigpac will make your windows look beautiful and still let in light through the spaces between patterns.

For promotional purposes

The benefits of using die-cut stickers for promotions are countless, they will definitely push your promotions further than you can imagine. These stickers can make your products more familiar to potential customers thus making you more profit in the long run. You can also use them as signs of dangerous equipment, especially when working with heavy machinery in industries. The markings stand out markedly, making it easy for people to see the messages easily. Schools, sports clubs, non-profit organizations, and religious bodies also make use of these stickers to pass their messages. The reason why they stand out as top choice is because the overall benefits are far-reaching, unlike regular screen print stickers.

die cut vinyl stickers

Custom made die cut vinyl stickers

One of the biggest advantages of die cut stickers is that you can customize them. To do this you can add logos, images, slogans, or letters bearing the information you want to pass. The messages on the stickers should be clear enough as well as the name of your business. To help you be more creative with your designs you can make contact with certain companies like zigpac that provide clients with fancy fonts. The good thing with these customized stickers is that they can last for a very long time. If you will be making bulk stickers zigpac will give you great discounts.request quote from zigpac

Disadvantages of die cut vinyl stickers

  • Limited colors. When working with these stickers, you have a limited number of colors to choose from, unlike the traditional screen print stickers. To overcome this challenge, you can make use of several applications to create animation designs. Regardless of this, vinyl stickers have neater results.
  • Complicated. The process of making die cut vinyl stickers is far more complicated than any other kind of sticker. This is one reason why people who want something quick and can’t go through the stress would rather go for the less qualitative sticker designs.
  • Long procedure. When compared to the time required for printing regular stickers, vinyl stickers take a very long time to print. Some part of the printing process involves manual steps which result in more time required.

die cut vinyl stickers

Why you should go for die cut vinyl stickers wrap uprequest quote from zigpac

These die cut vinyl stickers are versatile for both outdoor and indoor purposes. Companies like zigpac offer you various options with respect to tweaking sticker designs for your personal business. Considering the durability of these stickers, it will be great to have custom made die cut vinyl stickers. You may also consider custom die cut vinyl car stickers quotes from Zigpac.

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