Social Media Promotions: Mixing Promotional Gifts & Social Media

We cannot deny that social media promotions have become the order of the day. Business owners have adopted several social media promotion ideas to grow their brands.

Today, there are tons of promotional social media samples but there’s one avenue most people haven’t explored. Yes, mixing promotional products with social media, it’s an explosive idea.request quote from zigpac

Mixing social media promotions with promotional products

Promotional products (know more) have proven since the first time they were used to be very potent. They have the power to attracting attention, capturing minds, and building impressions. Social media came at the turn of the century. 

But when you mix old and new school, something great is bound to happen. Both can make any product go viral but the challenge is how to mix them properly. We will take a look at some ideas in this section.

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  • Promotional products provide encouragement for social media promotions

Before you kick off any publicity campaign, it is important that you consider what the audience wants. There are things your audience wants to see and hear. You need to realize that your target audience plays a major role in your promotional gift merchandise

They are the sales team you didn’t employ and won’t pay. But they seem to have a very wide reach. If they have your back, then you are in business so you need promotional products to gain their loyalty.request quote from zigpac

This is a simple way to get it done. Set up an online competition telling your audience they would win something if they won. Of course, the prizes are promotional products. 

Tell them to simply share a specific piece of info that you just put out on their pages. The person with the highest likes wins. This competition is bound to go viral and even attract new followership to your pages.

  • Improve offline social sharing too

Did you know that social media campaigns could drive offline audiences too? Yes, they can with the help of promotional products. Take a look at the promotional social media samples of some big companies.

They simply tailor competitions around their new products and use brand promotional items as gifts. You can easily direct traffic to your retail stores from your online ads. Do this by saying they have to pick raffle tickets at these stores.

The retail stores will also have posters of the competition. This way the online and offline ads can work congruently.

promotional social media samples

  • Save you a lot of costs

Two of the cheapest ways to publicize your brand are promotional products and social media promotions. Promotional products cost very little compared to other means of offline publicity. In fact, when you order them on wholesale, you come way cheaper.

The same goes for social media promotion ideas, they are very cheap to run. It all boils down to picking the right set of products for your campaign. Like we said earlier, you need to know your audience and exactly what they want.request quote from zigpac

Some may prefer T-shirts, others want notebooks, and another set may want stickers and so on. The list is endless but none of these items would need breaking the bank. Now use your social media campaigns to drive your new products using these items as incentives.

  • Gives you the opportunity to know your target audience better

The data from your current campaigns can be used to understand your target audience. It helps you know who they are, what they like to see and hear, and what items they want as gifts. 

Remember the promotional social media samples from the competition will not always work for you. You need your own data for future reference. 

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Benefits of social media to business promotions

In the last two decades or so, social media has grown to become the number one tool for business promotion. What was initially an experiment has become the mainstay of many organizations and their marketing campaigns.

Many businesses have adopted social media promotions to grow their brands. With social media promotion ideas, a business is able to target an audience and hit them with a specific message. This is the beauty of promotional social media samples.request quote from zigpac

Beyond this, what benefits accrue to a business that uses social media for promotion? Some of the benefits are stated below:

  • Easier and faster communication

With social media, it is easier for clients to reach out to the business, especially to customer care staff. This channel has proven to be faster, and in most cases, very reliable. 

By sending a simple direct message, a customer is able to express pleasure or grief at a product. The channel is very effective for transmitting feedback even though some industries still have a few challenges. 

promotional social media samples

  • Building networks

Before the advent of social media, there were people we never dreamed of communicating directly with. Social media has been able to turn the world around, making it a small village. Meeting people residing on different continents has become possible and easy through social media.request quote from zigpac

Social media helps to build quality relationships over several platforms through streamlined communication. It is now possible to communicate with celebrities, other business owners, politicians, etc. from a remote location.

  • Grow website traffic with social media promotions

With social media, it is easy for a business to increase traffic visiting both its online and offline addresses. Social media helps a business to develop personalized content for different audiences. This creates a sense of belonging which is bound to redirect such individuals to the company’s website.

social media promotions

  • Keep track of numbers

On social media, you have access to specific numbers of followership and who your ads reach. This is why social media promotions are very effective. All you need are the right social media promotion ideas and you are in business.

It also helps track the competition in terms of activity and numbers to an extent. With access to their promotional social media samples, you are able to come up with yours. It is very healthy for competition.

Conclusionrequest quote from zigpac

Social media promotions are very effective but they can be more potent with promotional products. In this post, you have learned how promotional products can boost your social media promotion ideas. Do you have any more ideas, share them with Zigpac in the comments section.