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Sticker Design Ideas to Create Your Own Custom Brand

As a business owner, you will need to always have cheap custom sticker design ideas (know more) for promotional purposes, you can never go wrong. You might have tried designing some by yourself and find out it is not as easy as it seems.

Making cheap custom stickers is the easiest way to promote your business as you would have noticed. This post will be giving you sticker design ideas that will make your work easier.

Ideas on how to design your promotional stickers

Designing custom stickers is not as easy as designing other works like flyers, banners and so on. Much detailing is needed as you have a very limited space to work with. A great graphic designer will make a mess if care is not taken. Here are some sticker design ideas to help you.request quote from zigpac

  • Choose shape and size

Before you embark on designing your cheap custom stickers, the first thing you should consider is the shape and size. This will depend on how and what you want to use your stickers for. The most popular sticker design you will find is the usual rectangular and square shape.

They are often used because they are the most cost-effective sticker design idea, you don’t need die-cutting or customizing. This does not entirely mean you cannot customize your rectangular and square-shaped stickers.

There are nice custom stickers online that have been customized to look like another shape but technically are square or rectangular. The magic is in the design and print. So your rectangular or square shapes can be tweaked while still achieving the cheap custom stickers.

sticker design ideas

  • Use bright and beautiful colors for your sticker design idea

The aim of a sticker marketing strategy is attracting people’s attention doesn’t matter on what is posted. If you are looking at promoting your business or an idea with the sticker which is the case always. Use bright and beautiful colors that are attractive whether you choose to go for a vehicle sticker or regular adhesive sticker.

Custom stickers are often viewed from a distance. This is the reason why you need to use bright colors to hold the attention of your potential audience. So wherever your brand stickers are pasted be it on a pole, window or laptop, it will be attractive enough.request quote from zigpac

You should note that using bright colors doesn’t mean using the full colors on the rainbow. Using one color or two will work perfectly well.

  • Use bold fonts

You should concentrate on using bold fonts when making cheap custom stickers. Your sticker design ideas should be communicating a message and if so you want the message to be readable.

When working with other publicity materials like flyers or pamphlets you can use to work with small fonts. But no one wants to read an epistle on your sticker.

The sole purpose of it is to give visibility and attention to your brand. So your choice of fonts should be big and bold. You can also achieve this by using contrasting colors, using one color for the background and another for letters.

This will make reading your message very easy even from a distance.

custom sticker idea

  • Use a few letters in your sticker design idea

Like we said earlier, no one wants to read an epistle on your sticker, the purpose of a sticker is not to tell stories but give visibility and attention to a brand. Having this in mind it is apparent to use a few words. In fact, your number of characters should be limited. You don’t want to bore your potential audience.

If you check most stickers you would notice the sparing use of characters. Some brand doesn’t even make use of letters at all.request quote from zigpac

  • Integrate your brand in your design

As much as you should put shape, color, fonts into consideration, the sole purpose for the sticker is your brand. You should find a way to make your brand the heart of your design.

Do not use a font or color just because it commands attention. It has to fit into the overall idea of your brand. Try to stick with the existing identity of your brand.

One reason for the sticker’s use is to promote the brand’s visibility, your sticker has no business defeating that purpose.

cheap custom stickers

  • Add call-to-action

A call-to-action is a line of text or image that tells the recipient what to do. It could be calling a number or visiting a social media page or website.

Most publicity materials make use of this attribute but sticker is yet to really get into this. This is a mistake that you want to correct in your sticker design idea. A call-to-action doesn’t have to unnecessarily cumbersome. It can also be subtle, that is what you need for your sticker.sticker design ideas

  • Make your sticker design idea funny

Using humor for marketing promotion is a fit that has never failed and is not supposed to fail. Laughing is a natural part of humans and making them laugh helps. The humor in your sticker will make it stand out in the midst of other regular ones.

A humorous sticker will not only make you stand out it will also make you unforgettable. If you include some form of humor into your sticker design idea will make it impossible to forget your brand in a hurry.

cheap custom stickers

  • Stay simple and on point always

From seeing stickers one thing you would have noticed about the good ones is how simple and to-the-point they are. You should keep this in mind when designing your cheap custom stickers. It is easy to go overboard with designs but you should always keep it in mind to stay simple.

For other types of promotional materials like flyers, leaflets, and brochure adding a lot of information may be appropriate. In the case of stickers though you have to be as simple as possible to achieve the best results. Most of the time all you need is your brand’s logo to communicate the desired message and grow the brand.sticker design ideas


Custom stickers are a must for all businesses and it is the cheapest form of publicity. Designing one can be simple if you know what to do.

The ultimate rule for designing your own sticker is simplicity and effectiveness. Use fewer texts to get the absolute result. Zigpac does hope that this post has been of great help.

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