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Epoxy Sticker

Epoxy stickers are also called dome stickers and resin stickers because they are usually coated with a polyurethane resin. Nowadays, epoxy stickers have become more and more popular because of their clean surface, full-color complex pattern, and easy customization. You can use clear epoxy stickers as bottle cap stickers to create your own decoration such as a self-design necklace. The epoxy sticker will provide a dome shape and a clear surface for it.

Most stickers can be customized. And cooperating with custom epoxy stickers manufacturers you can design your own domed labels. The epoxy sticker you designed can be printed by the custom epoxy sticker manufacturers in full-color printing, and coat with a polyurethane resin, and finally, you will receive durable and high-tack adhesive custom epoxy stickers.

Nowadays, Zigpac provides custom epoxy stickers wholesale and retail service for its customers. We allow our customers to design their own custom epoxy sticker patterns and provide advanced custom epoxy sticker printing service for them.

We are continuously trying to provide various of custom epoxy sticker templates for our customers. You can select the existing custom epoxy stickers we have or design your own epoxy stickers. The epoxy stickers we provided are durable, high-qualitative, full-colorful, and have high-tack adhesive. We have high-quality custom domed labels, advanced custom domed label printing, efficient delivery, and waiting for your custom domed labels business cooperation of you!

We also have custom epoxy sticker wholesale and retail service for our customers. Our custom epoxy sticker wholesale service provides a discount to our customers who buy the number of epoxy stickers.