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The Ultimate Notebooks Guide

It doesn’t take being a student to own and use a notebook (know more). Today, many professionals use different types of luxury leather notebooks or guide to notebooks for everyday use whether it is to jot down their thoughts or take notes on their latest business meeting. Having a journal nearby is an excellent way to keep yourself organized. It can also help you to remember important tasks to do throughout the day and allow you to enjoy those tasks fully.request quote from zigpac

A leather-bound notebook can help to give you that handmade feeling that now lacks in the modern world. Too many people are preoccupied with the use of cell phones or tablets to jot down their thoughts. However, nothing compares to the feel of handmade paper. Whether you opt to use a guide to notebooks, note pad with a lock or notepads in bulk, a notebook can be a way to increase your daily productivity.

Unlike traditional notebooks, the types of luxury leather notebooks offer a variety of benefits that its competitors do not. First, they are great to the lookout. While it is true these types of notebooks can wear and fade over time; this aged look helps to give them a vintage appearance. A leather-bound notebook in our guide to notebooks is also great for its protection of the paper within its bindings. Finally, luxury notebooks can be refillable, helping you to get the most use out of it.

Notebooks can come in a variety of sizes and styles. In this ultimate luxury notebook guide, we will walk you through what to look for in a luxury notebook. From the type of pages, you should look for the different kinds of notebooks we recommend using, by the end of this guide you will be an expert on luxury notebooks.

types of luxury notebooks

Different Luxury Leather Notebooks Terminologies

Before we delve into the types of luxury notebooks that exist, it is essential to understand the different terminologies used to associate with luxury notebooks. Understanding these terms can help you understand the makeup of different notebooks to choose the best one to fit your needs.

  • Abrasion Resistance

This term refers to the level of wear and tear a sheet of paper can take. It is usually associated with regular daily use such as rubbing or scuffing.

  • Antique Finish

It is used to describe a process done to the article to give it an aged appearance. When used, it is used to describe paper within the notebook that is naturally white or creamy white.request quote from zigpac

  • Backbone

This term is used to refer to the spine of the notebook.

  • Band

This term refers to one of three things. One, it can see to a strip of paper that wraps around the sheets of paper to bind it to the cover. Two, it can also refer to placing a band loosely around the sheet of paper to assemble it. Three, it can refer to metal straps secured to the luxury leather notebooks to prepare it for transport.

types of luxury notebooks

  • Binding

The specific term refers to the process of attaching sheets of paper using adhesives, stitching or metal prongs to bind the paper to the cover of the notebook.

  • Bleed

This term refers to the likelihood of ink running off the edges of the paper or through the article itself.request quote from zigpac

  • Cellulose

This is the primary component of wood fibers that are used in the manufacturing of paper used in most notebooks.

  • Curl

This term refers to the process of paper in a notebook becoming wavy or distorted due to excess humidity or moisture.

Types of Luxury Notepads in Bulk

Now that you understand the different terminologies often used when describing parts of a notebook, it is time to delve into the different types of notebooks that exist. From different colors to different types of paper, you can find a notebook to fit every writing style.

Composition Luxury Leather Notebooks

A composition notebook is notable for its durability compared to traditional spiral notebooks. These types of notebooks tend to have a thicker cover and have their pages bound like a conventional book. These types of notebooks typically contain up to 100 college or wide ruled pages. Keep in mind the pages of these notebooks are not designed to be removed from the notebook itself.

Scientific Notebooks

Just as the name implies and our title emphasizes on a guide to notebooks, scientific notebooks are designed to keep a permanent account of a scientific process. Most scientists use these types of notebooks as a part of their experiments to help document every step of the process. These luxury leather notebooks contain graph paper or sheets of paper with headings.

luxury leather notebooks

Business Notebooks

Use of the notebooks is in a business setting for one or two reasons: for notetaking during meetings or to help maintain a schedule. Most of the notebooks have a built-in weekly or monthly planner and the covering is a substantial material such as leather. As for the paper used, usually, these notebooks contain legal ruled pages.

Specialty Luxury Leather Notebooksrequest quote from zigpac

These types of notebooks are manufactured to appeal to a variety of tastes, styles, and uses. These notebooks usually contain pages that are waterproof, with index card holders, note pad with a lock for added privacy or blank pages perfect for artists. With these notebooks, you can find them in a variety of styles to fit whatever use you may need it for.

High-End Notebook

Last, we have the ultimate notebook: a luxury or high-end notebook. The notebooks typically contain the heaviest types of paper and bound with a moleskin or leather cover. These notebooks can range in size from simple pocket-size to portfolio size. Some of these can even be a note pad with a lock to help ensure essential notes are kept privately.  While it is not unusual to find the notebooks with lined paper, Production papers comprise of blank or French ruled paper.

Different Luxury Leather Notebooks Sizes

As stated before, a guide to notebooks can come in a variety of sizes, depending on the use they are needed for. While there are many common sizes to choose from, you can find notebooks that come in a custom size. Finding a notebook in any size isn’t tricky. The tricky part comes in finding the size that will best suit your own writing needs.

Aside from standard notepads in bulk, when it comes to the size of a general notebook, the size itself usually refers to the size of the paper that is used. Dimensions are used as a form of measurement for the pages instead of an actual number of measurements.

types of luxury notebooks

  • The A-Series

The A-series comes in 7 primary sizes. These sizes can range from the largest size known as the A3 series, which measures at 11.7 inches to 16.5 inches. The smallest size, known as the A7 series measures 2.9 inches to 4.1 inches.

  • The B Seriesrequest quote from zigpac

The B series comes in 3 primary sizes. The largest size is the B5 series, measuring between 6.9 inches to 9.8 inches. The smallest is the B7, which measures between 3.5 inches to 4.9 inches.

How to Tell a Sheet from a Page in Luxury Leather Notebooks

There can be some confusion when thinking about what the difference is between a sheet of paper and a page. Well in this guide to notebooks, we explain.

A sheet and a page are not the same things.

Most luxury leather notebooks contain sheets of paper. How many sheets they contain will depend on the type of notebook. When describing pages, it is usually done so to refer to the thickness of the notebook or how heavy it is. The more pages a notebook has, typically the heavier it is.

A sheet of paper, on the other hand, actually refers to the use of two pages, the front, and the back. 100 sheets of paper actually refer to 200 pages, again, front and back.

Keep in mind, the fewer pages a notebook contains, the lighter it will be. The number of sheets it has will mean that you have more space to write on.

guide to notebooks

How to Set Goals and Prioritize with Luxury Leather Notebooks

One of the most popular reasons luxury leather notebooks are used is to prioritize the most important tasks of the day or for setting goals. It is no secret that a notebook is a great way to organize your thoughts, but they can also be a great way to organize your day as well. There are many ways to set goals and prioritize your day using a notebook, whether you need to plan out the day, month or even year.request quote from zigpac

Write down your priorities where you can see them first

Regardless if you are trying to plan out your day, month or year, we highly recommend writing down your most pertinent priorities right where you can see them. In a notebook, this will be on the first page you turn to or in a planner within the notebook.

By writing these priorities first, it will be the first thing you see the moment you open the types of luxury leather notebooks in the morning. Since it is the first thing you see, there isn’t a risk of you writing down the priorities and then forgetting them as the day goes on.

Create a To-Do list

We can’t speak highly enough of using to-do lists every day. Not only are to-do lists a great way to keep you organized, but it is a great way to help you tackle the most important tasks. A to-do list can help you create a baseline for the most important tasks that you need to complete, helping to ensure you complete the least important tasks as well.

When creating a to-do list, we recommend using notepads in bulk to save on money and resources. Break up your to-do list into three categories: tasks that need to be done immediately, tasks that should get done within the next few days and tasks that you would like to get done for the week.

types of luxury notebooks

Sprinkle in your priorities

This is one of the things most people have a habit of forgetting to do when creating a to-do list. When adding in your priorities, make sure you schedule in the time you need specifically for them. Whether you need to make time to call your family or run a daily blog, try not to rush yourself through it.

When planning out these tasks, be sure to plan them out with the amount of time you think it will take you to complete them. Be sure to give yourself enough time to go through each task without overwhelming yourself.request quote from zigpac

Cut out the tasks that aren’t important

This is usually the hardest part for a lot of people since every task that needs to be completed seems important. When you take a look at your to-do list, you need to understand that you cannot fit in everything in one day. There are just going to be some tasks that you will have to put off.

In order to cut out the tasks that aren’t necessary, look through your to-do list and narrow down the tasks that are least important. Ask yourself if you can put these tasks off for another day or another week.

For the best results, use a new sheet of paper in types of luxury leather notebooks to spread out the tasks in an organized list form moderately important to least important. Think hard when looking at these tasks and see which ones you can do without for the time being. If there are tasks that aren’t even worth your time, don’t hesitate to scratch them off the list completely.

guide to notebooks


In the end, the ultimate decision of choosing the right kind of notebook will depend on you. You will be the one who has to decide what notebook is able to live up to the task of planning out your day or writing out your thoughts.request quote from zigpac

Remember, you need to choose types of luxury leather notebooks that will work best for you, regardless of what writing demands you need to meet. Whether you decide to use note pad with a lock to protect your privacy or notepads in bulk to smash out thousands of pages of written work, make sure to choose one that can handle it.

There are hundreds of styles of notebooks out there. Find the perfect one for you that is just waiting to be filled.

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