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Things to Consider for a Packaging Bag

It important for a company to have designed the perfect bulk paper reusable bag. As important as this is, the quality of the branded packaging bag (know more) is even more important. You don’t want a situation that the seemingly quality bags will fail at the first time of asking. For this reason, you need to know what criteria to check for.bulk paper bags

Factors to look out for in a perfect reusable bag

When ordering bulk paper bags for your company, there are certain factors that mark quality. If you don’t get these right, those bags may look good to the eye but be a total waste. Wine bottles are quite heavy and you need quality bags to carry them without falling asunder.

It may be difficult knowing what factors to look out for if this is your first time. This is why we put together this list, to teach you about these factors. After reading this post, you should find it easy to differentiate a quality bag from the rest.

  • The production materials

There are so many materials on the market that producers make use of when making bags. Yet, we end up seeing that most bags today revolve around a few of the many materials available.bulk paper bags

For instance, you visit a vendor and they ask you to choose between polyester and Kraft paper. Any company that does this show that they aren’t as keen about quality as they claim to be. Why limit you to only two materials when there’s a whole array to choose from?

Ask to see their catalog of materials and bags. At least, you should see woven bags, laminated totes, paper bags, bags made from vinyl, etc. Of course, every single bag has its own pros and cons.

You can now choose what material you prefer for your branded packing bag.

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  • The purpose of the perfect reusable bags

How would you feel if you ordered a bag to carry wine and all it can carry is papers? Yes, you would be furious and it is completely appropriate.bulk paper bags

The best way to never go through this is to always double-check each order before making a payment. It might be time-consuming and cumbersome but it is worth the stress.

Before you choose a company, check for reviews from previous clients. This will give you prior knowledge as to what you will be dealing with. You should also be able to figure out whether they keep their promises regarding every order.

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  • Foil Stamping and Screen Printing

If you are conversant with printing on bags, you should have heard about both processes. Overall, they seem to be the printing methods that yield the best results. If you want a perfect reusable bag, then you need to find a company that can do this.

There are certain companies that offer you only sticker printing which is cheap. We aren’t saying stickers are bad, all we are saying is you need more options. You need the best printing processes so that those bags will keep reminding your clients about you.branded packaging bag

Foil stamping makes use of heat to transfer foil to your bag surface. Most people refer to it as heat transfer. This method is perfect for keeping the inscription on the bag for years.

Screen printing, on the other hand, employs a screen and stencil to transfer color to your bag surface. The process ensures neat and detailed patterns on the bags.

Find out if the production company makes use of any or both of these processes. If they don’t, then you need to find another company, except if you don’t want your bags to last. This is how to get the best from your bulk paper bags.

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  • Strength of the handle of the perfect reusable bags

When getting branded packaging wine bags, handles are very important. We already said earlier that wine bottles are heavy. It is with these handles that people can successfully hold these bags and move them around.branded packaging bag

Without handles, there is almost no reason to get the bags. You wouldn’t want to gift your clients’ bags that would speak poorly about your business. This is why you need to check how strong and efficient the handles are.

So as you plan to make your order begin to ask questions about the handles of the branded packaging bags. Ask how the handles are made, from what material, how they are attached to the bags, etc. If the company refuse to answer or show some sign of discomfort, then something is wrong.

Find out about how much the handles are able to carry with respect to weight. Once they can’t answer or the answers aren’t satisfactory, it is best you walk away.

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  • Price of the perfect reusable bags

As much as we love good deals and cheap prices, top quality never comes that cheap. As soon as you notice it is below the regular price on the market, you better start questioning the quality.branded packaging bag

It is advisable to take a survey of prices before settling for a particular vendor. Get this right, we aren’t saying you should go for the most expensive. The clue here is to pick out the mid-range and then test using the other factors as well.

  • Proofing of your artwork

This is another factor that should raise an eyebrow when the company approves your work without questions. Except you have been designing for a very long time, there should be one or two queries.

It might be the file resolution, size, format, or some other aspect. It shouldn’t be accepted without a simple question. It might be quite annoying when these questions are asked but it shows the company knows what they are doing.

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  • Quality Customer Care

So now you are sure of a quality branded packaging bag, that’s fine. It should concern you if the company doesn’t respond to calls or emails promptly or at all.branded packaging bag

You should be able to speak to someone to rectify a problem or even a mistake on your part. It is possible that they don’t answer the phone right when you call. In such a situation, they should reach you before the day ends.


These are just a few factors to guide you to your perfect reusable bag. Check for these when next you want to order bulk paper bags for your wine company.

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