What Type of Brand Are You?

There are so many answers to the question of what a brand is. In the same vein, there are quite a number of unusual promotional brands. Brands are in various shapes, sizes, qualities, pros, and cons. You need to understand this to achieve the best from branding for promotion. The brand business name is a key aspect of the brand promotion (know more).brand business name

Types of branding for promotion

You need to know if your brand falls under the section of unusual promotional brands or not. This, along with a brand business name, is key to running branding for promotion campaigns. In this section, we take a look at the different types of brands that exist.

  • Personal branding for promotion

A personal brand is one that a person builds around him/herself. As much as we believe in personal brands, certain experts don’t recognize them as brands. The reason for their conclusion is the fact that these brands hardly run a business model.

But with the advent of social media and other forms of personal advertisement, personal brands are thriving. This is actually the best way for us to market ourselves and grow personal image. The end result of this is gaining more opportunities for success in a chosen field.

brand business name

  • Product brand

When it comes to branding for promotion and selling goods or corporate promotional products businesses must build product brands. Usually, a major aspect of these product brands is formed by the ideas and emotions of the business.

This is expected to appeal to the emotions of the potential buyer thereby creating an attraction or impression. It goes beyond the functional ability of the brand promotional items to the impression the public has about it.brand business name

  • Service branding for promotion

A service brand shares a lot of similarity to a product brand. The only dividing factor is that while product brands focus on products, service brands focus on services. When you consider this, you know that this kind of brand is more challenging to build.

Brand business name for service brands must be able to work on the emotions of prospects as well. This is important since services are hardly tangible and avoids skill comparisons. Today we have so many online brands focusing on services that have made a lot of influences on technology and loyalty.

Service brands focus on perceived value and user experiences to promote services. This is because these are the traits that customers look for the most.

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  • Corporate brand

These brands are also known as organizational brands. This is because they have a close relationship with the organizations behind them.

The idea behind these brands is that they tell the customers about the services or products provided by the organization. Furthermore, they create a sense of reassurance about these products or services.

Usually, this kind of brand has the necessary capabilities and resources to satisfy the consumers’ needs. Added to this, they possess local or global reference frame, citizenship programs, and performance records.brand business name

Finally, the rich heritage of the company speaks volumes about its values which back the brand.

  • Investor branding for promotion

For an investor brand to show a knowledge of value understanding and provide resilience in share price it means it is powerful. They are usually publicly listed and even though they are investments, they are performance stocks as well.

To gain success, these brands had to blend strategy with their financial knowledge, value proposition, and purpose. Another way to grow their reputation is by carrying out CSR.

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  • NGO or Non-Profit Brand

The actual truth is that the community of non-profit organizations frown at the idea of NGO branding. We cannot neglect the fact that these brands exist and they are all seeking a larger share of the philanthropic cake.

It is evident that these brands have gone beyond using fundraising to push social missions. They have grown to make use of value models as well.request quote from zigpac

  • Public brand

These are basically government brands relating to how the government treats the citizens and national entities. Branding for promotion really does not relate to public brands because the consumers really have no choice in this case.

However, a brand business name is key because there must be a boost of trust in the government business pattern. People have the belief that it is more important for these entities to develop trust marks instead of brand strategies.

There a few unusual promotional brands in this regard. They are not government brands but have developed so much we regard them as public brands. Examples of these are Facebook and Google, we also refer to them as embedded brands.

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  • Activist brand

These are usually linked with fighting for a social cause. They focus so much on promoting their purpose that customers have become so emotional about them.request quote from zigpac

The result of this is that people favor these brands and give them lots of support. Despite this obvious fact, they also have haters who don’t support their cause or just don’t like their guts.

  • Place brand

Cities and luxury destinations tend to build brands from their environment. This way, they are able to draw the attention of not only residents, but investors, tourists, and businesses. Usually, they link their brands to specific ideas, not just facilities.

This puts the brands in a position where they have to show off what people will enjoy when they visit. A lot of other entities have to play specific roles in achieving the overall goal of place brands. Among these entities are citizens and service providers.

branding for promotion

  • Nation brand

These are closely related to place brands, the difference is that they are focused on entire countries. They are based on the reputation and perception of the country on the global stage. Therefore branding for promotion is key to them.

  • Celebrity brandrequest quote from zigpac

Brand business names regarding celebrities can be built by using social media. All they have to do is work with different products, make appearances, and upload content to build the brand.

In those days, it used to involve appearing in commercials, now they can become brand ambassadors to endorse other brands.


We have been able to establish that there are unusual promotional brands. You have also learned about building a brand business name and branding for promotion. What type of brand are you? Answer this question and growing your brand would become easier. If you have any demand for custom promotion products, welcome to inquire us at Zigpac.