8 Tips for Buying Promotional Pens

Business promotional items are very important for building whole brands and gaining recognition. We all know about cheap promotional pens (know more) and how efficient they are in this regard. There are branded merchandise suppliers that specialize in producing brand promotional items.

It can be a bit challenging when you want to find the perfect pens to promote your brand. In this post, we will share a few tips to help you narrow down your choices.branded merchandise suppliers

Buying cheap pens for promotional activities

Each pen carries a message that is conjured from the theme of the campaign. These messages are usually subtle and sublime. Added to the messages are the business details which include logo, name, and sometimes, contact.

Cheap promotional pens play a major role in promotional gift merchandise as well as services. Generally, there are things you need to consider when using business promotional items. When you do it right, then you get the best results.

Here are a few tips to help you when getting your pens from branded merchandise suppliers.

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  • Selecting the perfect cheap promotional pen

The question that begs to be answered first is, what is the perfect pen for a promotion? This can be quite ambiguous but when you take a closer look, you come up with answers.

Pens have limited space for messages because of their size. The smaller the pen, the more limited you are for space. You need to pick a pen with a larger surface area if you have a long message. This is also the case for designs so you have to pick pens based on how minimalist your designs are.branded merchandise suppliers

Another factor that determines whether a pen is perfect or not is the color. It should always be a color that resonates with your brand.

  • Location is key

Another thing you want to consider before buying your cheap promotional pens is where you will use them. Asides sharing them to customers at your store or business location, there are several venues.

Several trade shows are held all through the year. When you have a stand at one of these shows, you have people pick pens at random. It is always like that with business promotional items at these events.

You cannot afford for your pens to look boring. If they do, no one picks them which translates to poor publicity and waste of funds and effort.

Whatever the case may be, when getting pens from branded merchandise suppliers, ensure they are cheerful and quite elaborate.

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  • Be mindful of the colors for your cheap promotional pen

We have already talked a little about color but we want to be a little more elaborate. Colors can be used to identify brands. Ask yourself how most of the big brands today are recognized. Before you even see a logo, you see the color and you can easily relate colors to specific brands.

It is very easy to print your message on a colorless or white pen barrel. The danger with this is that your design looks generic and void of any special effort. Customers and prospects always appreciate it when you put in extra work to get their attention.

Here’s our suggestion. Why not get pens with their barrels in the color of your company. This way you don’t have to spend much painting the barrels before printing your message.cheap promotional pens

You are likely to have a primary and secondary color for your brand. Simply get a pen with a barrel color that matches the primary brand color and write your message with your secondary color.

  • Contact numbers

Many businesses make the mistake of leaving out their telephone details when printing on their cheap promotional pens. This may be out of laxity or because the message is too long.

Never fall victim to this same mistake because it just causes your effort and funds to be a waste. It is very important to have your contact numbers on all your business promotional items, not just pens.

With these numbers, it is easy for anyone who comes in contact with the items to reach you. People usually want to make inquiries about your business, especially when they are captivated by the design.

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  • Ink color

This is another factor most businesses don’t take very seriously. You will have to speak to the branded merchandise suppliers beforehand about the ink color you want.

The ink color may be determined by the amount of money you can pay. Ask questions to know what colors to choose, especially when you are on a budget.cheap promotional pens

  • Uniqueness

Have you asked yourself why you have so many cheap promotional pens yet are drawn to a specific few? It is probably because those ones you like to use are unique in terms of their looks or messages.

Colors, messages, and shapes all create different impressions that result in varying reactions. All you do with your pens should be aimed at getting positive impressions and reactions. This is where the uniqueness of your pens comes in.

If they are unique, then they can easily attract use from customers and prospects alike. The more they are used, the more the messages they carry are read. This functions as a reminder to the user about your business and your products or services.

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  • Make your preferences count

For every class of product, you have preferences, just like your clients. When making an order for pens from branded merchandise suppliers, it is important you work with preferences.

You are wondering how you will know their preferences. It isn’t so difficult, use yours as a prototype. What do you like about pens? Use these pieces of information in the design of your own cheap promotional pens.cheap promotional pens

  • Evergreen messages

Pens last for a very long time, some of them for many years. This implies that whatever message you print on them must be evergreen.

Print a message that will always make your client happy or feel motivated. This will attract them to keep using the pen and hold it special to heart.


There is so much you can achieve with pens when you use them as business promotional items. This post has been geared to teach you what to look out for when ordering cheap pens for promotional purposes. It is time to tap into the benefits of these pens. If you have any demand for custom cheap promotional pens, welcome to inquire us at Zigpac.