Using Skateboard Stickers for Business

Skateboards are not left out of the quest by companies to create a lasting impression. This innovative and very cost-effective means of advertisement will attract attention. Branding of skateboards with stickers (know more) is a new way of brand endorsement. You can place as few as 3 cheap stickers or place up to 100 on your custom skateboard. So, people rarely have skateboards with no stickers on them these days.custom skateboard stickers


You can save on these display or artwork pieces by buying in a bundle from Zigpac. Why do you have to settle for a plain skateboard when you can pump it up with custom cheap skateboard stickers. Promote your brand with groovy die-cut labels that you can give away at events.

Advantages of Labels for Business

Turn your love for both skateboarding and designing into beautiful skateboard stickers. You can sell these stickers in your stores, use for social media campaigns, or give them away to loyal fans. Also, there are some advantages to using skateboard stickers to promote your business.

Here are some advantages of using cheap custom labels for your business:custom skateboard stickers


  • Skateboard stickers can turn your skate board into a mobile canvas.
  • They will make your skate board stand out from others.
  • You can promote your business by branding them.
  • Also, many young people use skate boards, so many people will get to see the stickers.
  • You can reach even more people when they lend out their skate boards.
  • It is a cheap way of marketing your business or products.
  • When you use high-quality materials for the stickers, they will stay on for a long time.
  • It is an effective word-of-mouth marketing tool for skate shops and other businesses.

skateboard stickers

Features of Skateboard Stickers

Zigpac stickers will get you kick-flipping in grant style with cheap skateboard stickers. The designs will give your usually boring plank some personality and visual flair. You can also showcase your business logo and information with any design of your choice.request quote from zigpac

There are some features and materials these labels come in. Here they are:


  • Vinyl Stickers

Vinyl is a common material for making cheap custom labels. Furthermore, the vinyl stickers have a special design with a paper backing that can peel off with ease. They can stay put when you place them on the board.

There will be no peeling off, bubbling, or curling of these custom skateboard stickers. The vinyl is thick enough to protect the stickers from rain, sunlight, and scratches. They are also very durable.


Since skateboard stickers will go through tons of tricks, the vinyl should not be wimpy. Once you upload your company logo or artwork on Zigpac, you will get high-quality stickers. These stickers will be according to your specifications.

skateboard stickers

  • Die Cut Stickers

These stickers are very popular and flexible for custom labels. So, they are cost-effective and you can cut them into any size or shape you like. Die-cut skateboard stickers have a way of making your logo pop.request quote from zigpac


  • Rectangle and Square Stickers

Also, these skateboard stickers will leave you with plenty of room for your company detail. You can design it with your logo or company details on the side.