What Details Should Be on Your Business Logo Sticker?

Business logo stickers are usually small, well-detailed, yet, concise descriptions of a business. No matter what kind of business it is, cheap brand stickers are a great tool in publicizing it. The stickers (know more) should be striking though simple and subtle. Many a brand have exploited this to reach a target population. 

Below are some details which you should include in your sticker logo design.


Details For Your Business Logo Sticker

  • Your Business Logo

As obvious as this might seem, it is about the most important feature on the business logo stickers. The logo serves as the identity of the business. Almost everyone can tell a car brand by the logo. Even your favorite pen has a logo, that’s how you know it’s the brand you like. Your logo has to stand out and speak everything your brand represents. cheap brand stickers

For instance, a bookshop logo would not include a cooking spoon, a pub logo should not include a book. Your sticker design has to be appealing to your target audience. Logos are to be the most captivating thing about the brand sticker.

  • Your Business Name

Have you ever seen or imagined a sticker logo design without the brand name? Awkward right? The name of the business is as important as the logo itself. Some brands have their business names as a logo, while others have them separately. 

It is important that you state the name of the business boldly and clearly on the brand sticker. The business name helps introduce the organization to whoever gets to see it. Creativity should be at its peak when designing this part of the sticker. More so, it should be bold and written in colors appealing to the target population. 

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  • Your Contact Information

Basic! The contact information of a business should appear on its sticker. This makes it very easy for prospective customers to contact you from anywhere. Even old customers can locate you at some other time when they need your services. 

Your contact information should include basic information on how to reach you. Such information includes your address, telephone number, email address, and website address. These details on your cheap brand stickers should be clearly stated in the most concise manner. cheap brand stickers

It is important that you do not include your personal information like a home address. Even if your business is being run from home, stick with your office phone number and/or website.

  • Your Social Media Profiles

We are in the social media era and everyone wants to blend in. Cooperate with organizations, businesses, even religious organizations are moving into social media. This is a great way to connect with their target population. 

Since everyone is on their phone these days, it is much easier to look up a shop you saw on a sticker on social media. Some of the major social media platforms include Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. It is easier than having to visit the business premises. Providing these details is a great strategy for business.

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  • An Image that Describes What Your Business is About

This is different from the logo itself. A business image should include a picture of a product or service offered by the business. If it is a restaurant, a picture of one of your dishes would do. For a furniture company, you should display a picture of your best work. request quote from zigpac

Pictures attract people to a brand logo design more than words do as they are able to draw people's attention to it. The picture serves as an insight into what the business has to offer. The quality of the picture should be at its best. 

  • Colors that Blend With Your Business Theme

You should pick colors that emphasize the energy of your business. This is key when making business logo stickers. Colors have a way of speaking to people. Most times, the color pink says feminine, red says hot, yellow says cool, blue says masculine. Choosing the color that best represents your brand is crucial in business. Keeping these colors in mind and what they might represent says a lot about your attention to detail. 

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  • A Tag Phrase

A tag phrase is an important detail to include in a brand logo sticker. This is like a summary of the business’s vision/mission statement. This gives the public an insight into what the business is about and its values. A strong and inspiring tag phrase is a powerful tool for every business must-have. It will be nice to include it in italics at the top or bottom of the sticker.request quote from zigpac

It is a way of drawing a prospective customer’s attention to your business. Imagine coming across a sticker with an inscription that resonates with you. Such cheap brand stickers are more likely to attract people's attention. 

  • A QR Code

We are in the dawn of the tech era. A QR code is a quick response code. This is an array of black and white boxes used in storing web links or other information. A smartphone camera can read this information which looks mysterious. This helps to link a customer straight to your business website. 

Adding one to your sticker logo design helps to increase traffic to your website. More traffic means an increased chance of making sales. It is a trendy and tech-savvy way for clients to reach your business. 

On this day when everyone seems to always be in a rush, this is a smart way as it saves time. The sticker design ideas catch the customer's attention, but he is in a hurry. In a couple of seconds, they can scan the QR code and there, they’re linked with your business.

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Conclusionrequest quote from zigpac

Business logo stickers should contain words, colors, and pictures. These details should be able to speak to the targeted consumer population. Without adequate and concise contact information, prospective customers cannot reach you. 

Your sticker logo design should be appealing and easy to relate to. In the end, you should not cramp your cheap brand stickers up with pictures and words. Instead, it should carry enough information about your business at a glance. If you have any demand for custom stickers online, welcome to inquire us at Zigpac.