What Quality Wine Packaging Boxes Should Have

It is almost impossible to document the story and heritage of a wine maker. The most effective way to get the heritage and story of any wine out there is creating exceptional new wine packaging design. Both the wine packaging boxes (know more) and bottle designs must blend with heritage and wine packaging trends for the product to be perceived as exceptional.

Majority of the manufacturers of wine put so much attention and emphasis on ensuring that the label is gotten perfectly. The reason for this is because they know that what commands the attention and persuades shoppers is the label of the wine. They know that majority of their buyers are not wine experts, hence, the need for solid packaging to convince them.

The most challenging part of new wine packaging in coming up with a unique design that compliments the wine itself.

Telling a Unique Story with Wine Packaging

Coming up with a wine design that can compete with wine packaging trends can be challenging. Every composition of the wine design must tell a story, promote the quality and value of the brand, and command attention to stand out.

 Here are a few ideas to create a stunning new wine packaging:

  • Pay Attention to the Graphics, Fonts, and Colours: When it comes to making a huge impact on customers with your new wine packaging, you have to look beyond the label alone. The graphics, fonts, and colours of the design are also crucial to making your new wine packaging command the attention of buyers. 

If you want to get the attention of every one that sees your wine packaging boxes, you must be willing to add unique finishes to the label of the wine. For example, adding special finishing like foil finishes in striking metallic and gold, and soft touch and dull contrasting elements will make clients stare at your wine bottle. This are very crucial elements that will help in creating the first impression. 

This implies that one of the best ways to relay the essence of your new wine packaging is your typography and the style of font you use. Visual contents are often processed faster than audible data or reading texts by the human brain. The means that the way you show of your text is as important has the message that the text convey. By this, you will be giving your customers visual cues and this will help put your wine among wine packaging trends. 

The common wine packaging design options for rigid wine boxes are quite much. You can inscribe the saying “Hartz is exquisite and fresh” in a whimsical font with a bright colour. You can do place this inscription one a bold and dark background with crimson red.

wine packaging boxes

  • Multipacks and Specialty Packaging: In a simple sentence, every wine you come in contact with is special. However, there are only a few wine companies that choose to celebrate this specialty with its customers through its new wine packaging. One of the ways a large portion of people that buy wines get to the uniqueness portrayed by wine packaging trends is by becoming part of a wine club. 

One of the lasting ways to bond with your club members is shipping it to their address or keeping your wines at local vineyards for pick up. If you want to keep your club members loyal, you should offer them special vintages that is almost impossible to find out there. Getting an exceptional new wine packaging can help in cementing the loyalty of your club members. Club members will look forward to when the next shipment would be delivered at their door step. 

It will also encourage them to tell their friends and family about your wine. Another strategy that lots of wine manufacturers use is called multipacks. This opens up a whole new opportunity for exceptional wine packaging boxes display. 

  • Wine as a Perfect Gift Option: Wine is a universal gift for almost every form of events. Use can use them as gifts for weddings, holidays, or anniversaries. Exceptional new wine packaging boxes can help spice up the events. You need to imagine this from the perspective of the recipient. 

Imagine them love every form of the new wine packaging and admiring every composition of the design before opening it up for a taste. This will create an experience that they will hardly forget. Gift-givers would not have to stress themselves in search for how to wrap the wine if it meets up with wine packaging trends. If you are looking for an additional luxurious and classy option, you should consider using a full wood box. 

The best part of this design is that it mirrors historical charms. This immediately puts the perception of your wine in a different class. Always remember that people will meet your packaging before they taste your wine. This means that your packaging gives your wine a chance in persuading a potential buyer amidst other competitions. 

wine packaging boxes

  • Putting The Pieces Together and Giving Life to Your Heritage and Story: There are several example of wine packaging trends that mirrors the perfect way to give life to your heritage and story. One example is to find creative ways that helps the winemaker highlight the ageless spirit of your label art. 

You can do this by creating amazing colour patterns that interprets your story. In this scenario, you can use luxurious wine packaging boxes that have you label inscribed on them. It is also important that you do not focus solely on the outside packaging. It is recommended that you let the inside of your new wine packaging the same story as the outside. 

A rule you should never forget is this: Let your buyers see the excellence and uniqueness of your wine before they taste it.

When you pay attention to packaging your wine, you give your wine the perfect platform to show its content to anyone that tastes it. Have a great time in giving your new wine the packaging that it deserves with the points listed in this post. If you have any demand for custom wine packaging boxes, welcome to inquire us at Zigpac.