Where to Put Stickers: Various Locations to Place Stickers

Ever wondered how to puzzle out an individual’s interest without asking? You can’t go wrong from noticing the type of vinyl stickers (know more) they place.

From sports lovers to music enthusiasts, to anime fans, individuals display their sentiment and interest on a particular franchise.

As much as stickers are cool, you have to place them in good sticker locations to have the desired effect.request quote from zigpac

Where to put your favorite sticker does not include public properties, as state laws on vandalism vary. It is advisable that you place your stickers on your personal items.

Here are some of the best places to show off your ideas and interest by displaying your sticker collection.

  • Car stickers

Your personal transportation channel is one of the best places to display your stickers. Be it your car, scooter, or any other. Different positions to place it has to be decided, whether internal or external.

Most people think the best position to place stickers on a car is the inside of the rear window. Some prefer the side window, and others, the external part of the vehicle.

This, however, depends on the type and size of the sticker of interest.


  • Laptop stickers

MacBooks or laptops are also good sticker locations, with growing popularity in recent years. This is because laptops are portable, and are always with the owner.

Place your stickers on your laptop or MacBook to give it an amazing look as it appeals to viewers. 

There are lots of attractive laptop stickers available; your selection depends only on size and preference.

  • Guitar stickers

Music, they say is life. However, a music room without a guitar or ukulele seems incomplete.

Colorful stickers make your guitar look elegant, as you pick up your instrument. Moreover, big mood stickers can provide the needed inspiration, and as well help you direct your emotions towards music.

  • Window stickers

Where to put stickers at home without interfering with other stuff might be a really big headache. However, your window at home is perfect for this.

You can place your mood stickers on your windows, where they will catch your attention every day. 

There is a decorative essence about stickers that are transferred to your window when you place your stickers on them.

Windows, as good sticker locations, deserve the perfect stickers. However, the inside of the window is the best location as the outside has to be cleaned regularly.

  • Fridge stickers

Another good sticker location at home in your fridge. Most times, our attention is drawn to the fridge as it a centerpiece to the kitchen. This means that the type of sticker must be well thought. 

The body of fridges can be plain, hence, the need for vinyl mood stickers.

Where to place your stickers and the number of stickers needed depends on the size of the fridge.

where to put stickers

  • Skateboard stickers and helmet stickers

Skateboard, common with youngsters, is another mode of transportation. When you place your stickers on your skateboard, you get the chance to show off your interest wherever you go. Vinyl stickers can be placed on the top or bottom of the skateboards. However, many skaters prefer covering the whole board, and this forms a beautiful assemblage of your interests.

Your helmet is also a good sticker location, especially when you have used up the entire space on your skateboard.

  • Whiteboard stickers

Whiteboards are meant for writing, right? Well, you can still make them look great without wasting the space meant for its primary purpose.

Whiteboards are good sticker locations, whether at home, work or in the classroom.

When work gets boring and tedious, a visually attractive whiteboard can keep you going, hence, more productivity.request quote from zigpac

However, the right size, shape, and design of stickers must be chosen to pull this off.

  • Bathroom stickers

Perhaps you don’t want to place your stickers on your window, but sure want a spot around your home, your bathroom is the answer.

The bathroom is one of the least appreciated rooms in the house. 

The visual appeal of the bathroom can be enhanced by using vinyl stickers; plus they are cheap.

The right combination of stickers must be considered before the bathroom can be effectively decorated. Vinyl stickers are cheap but great tools for having a beautiful bathroom.

  • Outside stickers

The appearance of an individual’s outside space speaks volumes about such a person’s personality.

It is imperative that you find major ways to improve your outside space. One simple way to bring color and vibrancy to this space is the use of colorful stickers. Most are waterproof, thus can survive harsh conditions. 

Doing this helps to enhance creativity as well as get your outdoor area added attention.

where to put stickers

  • Hydro flask stickers

If you are looking for where to put stickers while on the move, hydro flasks are just perfect for this.

Hydro flasks keep you hydrated, as stickers placed on them helps to show off your favorite vine, or support mental health.request quote from zigpac

Vinyl stickers for water bottles can be mixed and matched. They can also be customized as you.

  • Bedroom mirrors

Bedrooms are where individuals start-up their day.

Mirrors placed in the bedroom are looked into during preparation for the day’s activities, and this serves as a good sticker location.

Mood stickers to be placed on the mirror must have a positive effect on individuals as it will greatly influence the day. The type and color of sticker found on the mirror is a reflection of such a person’s personality.

  • Picture frames

If you want a simple spot to place your stickers, picture frames are also good sticker locations. Stickers, when placed on picture frames, add color and beauty to the frame.

However, the size of the frame will influence the size of the sticker to be used. Also, the color of the sticker must complement the color of the picture on the frame.

There are other good sticker locations, though, creativity is needed to pull it off.

However, before you place your stickers, your sentiments, interests, as well as the type, color, and size of the sticker must be considered. If you have any demand for custom brand stickers, welcome to inquire us at Zigpac.