Why Companies Make Use of Stickers for Marketing Strategy

Many top companies have made use of sticker marketing strategy or review campaign for so many decades. As a matter of fact, when you compare them to many other strategies, they are old school. So why should you use successful sticker business campaigns? We will be going through a few reasons in this post.sticker marketing strategy

Why use stickers as a marketing strategy?

Quite a number of entrepreneurs ask this question about running a sticker review campaign. Why shouldn’t they when we have proven that stickers are old school?

Even though they are the old school they have recorded amazing statistics as marketing tools. Enough of the talk, let’s see the reasons why you should employ a sticker marketing strategy.

  • They help your brand pop-out

One of the most effective methods of running a marketing campaign is using the internet. Even this means is losing efficiency because of the overcrowding of the space. There are so many ads these days, people run through most without reading.

This is way different from a successful sticker business campaign. When people see stickers (know more), they are hardly able to take their eyes off. Do you know why? It is because these stickers make your business information pop out.

This is how you can take advantage of these stickers. Rather than spend time and money on running an online promotion, try something different. Make use of a sticker review campaign by flooding the offline space where there is less traffic of ads.successful sticker business

  • People love stickers

Studies have shown that people are in love with stickers. Wondering why? There are too many reasons to count. Every single one of us has a little child residing within. Though we cannot play with the likes of My Little Pony or Transformers, we can use stickers instead.

This is why many people make use of stickers to make statements or show their support for a cause. Others see these stickers as a way to tell the rest of the world about their products.

Let’s even put these reasons aside, people love stickers just because they are stickers. This is why your sticker marketing strategy should make use of very attractive stickers. The stickers should be able to capture the attention of both prospects and existing customers.

Try to figure out what your clients want to see. This will ensure that you don’t waste funds on a marketing campaign. When your clients see your stickers, they’ll want to place them on anything they have.

sticker marketing strategy

  • Stickers are your signature

When you place a sticker on any of your belongings, it is like you put your signature on that object. This implies that when people see your belongings, they’ll recognize them because of your stickers. Now you don’t even have to tell them since the sticker speaks on your behalf.

Let’s now translate this to your business. Can you imagine the effect of stickers on publicizing your products or services? Quite simple to figure out.

When you make stickers that carry your business information, it is easy for people to recognize your brand. As soon as they see them, all they see are your products or services.successful sticker business

Research has it that more than 82% of the whole American population buy anything based on recommendation. An amazing 90% of this population get their recommendations from offline sources. This means they basically rely on word of mouth to purchase anything. No wonder stickers are so successful.

  • With a sticker marketing strategy, our advocates enjoy an easier life

Every business has a number of customers that are so loyal. They will practically convince every person they see to patronize your business. It is almost like they have a stake in your business, well actually, they do.

But not every client is ready to do this for you. This means you have to be a bit more strategic with your sticker review campaign. Although this second set of people will be affirmative about telling others about your business. They wouldn’t go out of their way like the first set we described.

A successful sticker business campaign will make your loyal advocates enjoy ease while marketing your brand. They don’t even have to talk to convince anyone. All they need to do is place your stickers on their belongings.

With this, they can become a walking billboard or sticker board, if you like. To add to this, your walking sticker board has a voice and can speak to others explaining what you do.

The most attractive idea about this sticker marketing strategy is that your advocates don’t even feel any pressure. They do the marketing willingly all day long and every day after that.

sticker marketing strategy

  • Provide room for creativity

One major advantage of a sticker review campaign is the amount of creativity you can express. Not all advertising mediums provide you this amazing advantage. There’s an array of successful sticker business design ideas you can employ for your campaign.

You can look over the internet or speak with a professional to check out different designs. Make sure you choose a design that speaks about what you do or produce. If you like a design and it doesn’t match what you do, simply tweak it.successful sticker business

  • Stickers are a cost-effective marketing strategy

An advertisement is a form of investment so it is important that the medium you choose is cost-effective. If you have run a sticker review campaign before, you’ll agree that stickers are great in this regard.

They may not cost as much as most of the other promotion media, yet they seem to carry more value. People tend to see stickers as gifts rather than promotional items. There is a tendency for a person to be quite defensive when given a promotional item.

Most people feel like they are being used as marketers. However, with stickers, it is completely different. Stickers have a lot of uses so people collect them with one or two functions in mind.


There are several other benefits of using the sticker marketing strategy. To run a successful sticker business campaign, you need to be strategic and do your homework. Ensure you seek professional advice before your next campaign to achieve optimal results.

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