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Why Book Printing Will Never Die

There has been a resurgence of printed books (know more) in recent years. At a time when everything is switching to digital, we still have people who love their custom book printing. The act of holding a book in your hand and flipping the pages remains unmatched by e-books.request quote from zigpac


The number of people who prefer reading e-books outweighs those who read print books. Even so, custom book printing has come to stay for all the right reasons. The fact that e-books are trending does not in any way announce the demise of print books.


Instead, both formats have found a way to exist simultaneously. The two formats come with their pros and cons. Yet, book printing possesses a lot of fundamental benefits which ensure it never dies.

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Qualities of Custom Book Printing


According to science, printed books are better for both the health and brain. Here are some of the qualities that print books possess:


Annotation flexibility

It is easy to annotate a printed book than the limited options of e-books. You can decide to use markers, different colors of pens, and pencils to highlight. Also, you can mark some parts of the book with symbols, drawings, and other lines.request quote from zigpac


You cannot enjoy this feature to the fullest with digital formats. It is quite limiting as you can only bookmark pages, highlight lines, and add notes in some books.


Book sharing

It is easy to share your printed book with other people. Although there are some e-books you can share, you can only access paid e-books with one account. To share these purchased e-books with someone else, you have to share your account details.


Custom book printing does not need electric power

Since print books do not need electrical power or batteries, you do not need to charge them. This means that you can take them anywhere with you without thinking of how you would charge it.

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Faster skimming

The fact is, it is easier and faster to skim a hardcover book than it is to skim an e-book. You can also go back and forth the pages of a print book much faster.


Custom book printing offers images and illustrations

The way custom book printing displays images and illustrations is amazing. This makes them great for animations, fashion, and cookbooks. Some of the prints even come with 3D images and illustrations, which e-books lack.request quote from zigpac


Lasting value

Print books hold a more lasting value that can serve as personal artifacts and evoke the past. When your book has been around for a long time, you will develop a deeper relationship with it. People appreciate the deep connections that come with these print books.


Custom book printing offers a better price

If you are not much of a reader, you should invest more in print books. This is because they are cheaper than e-books. E-books are only cheaper for people who read a lot.

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The beauty of print books is physical

Custom book printing ensures that books are beautifully designed from cover to cover. Since designers are still exploring the potentials of e-books, print books are on top. The beauty of the hardcover book is what makes it market itself from the shelf.


The choices around a nice hardcover add subtle flavors to the reading experience. These choices include the font used, the paper stock, and typesetting.


The paper feel of print books

For some people, the feel of print books is the major reasons they prefer them to digital books. Avid readers still love to hold a book in their hand, smell the paper, and feel the binding. Even flipping through the pages of the book feels great.request quote from zigpac


So many people like to have a book close to them at all times. All these – the feel, smell, and flipping – are absent in a digital book.


They are collectibles

Bound books have a certain kind of uniqueness and quality of scarcity. With e-books, you do not actually own the book since you only pay for the right to access the data. For people who love to have their favorite books on bookshelves, e-books will not suffice.

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They make better gifts

It is more meaningful to receive physical books than to have an e-book sent to you. When you give out a hardcover book edition, it feels more special. You can even get the author to autograph on it before giving it out.request quote from zigpac


Types of Print Books


Book printing involves different book options that are available to printers and readers. It is important to understand these options so that you know how best to tailor and customize them to suit you. Here are the types of books you can choose from:


Annual financial reports

These technical documents aim at providing insight into the activities of a company for a year. With the right approach, these documents can become promotional materials. In addition, they can reflect the internal ethos of the company.



Brochures are small magazines or books containing vital information about a company’s product. Furthermore, this effective marketing tool comes in half-fold, single gate gold, tri-fold, Z-fold, etc.


A catalog is a comprehensive list of a company’s products or services. A high-quality catalog that is well printed offers more value to the clientele. Catalogs are useful for both small and corporate business applications.


Coffee table books

Book printing of coffee table books is usually hard-covered and over-sized. They are great for displaying catchy visual images and bursts of text that readers can enjoy. They serve as conversation starters or showpieces in general areas within businesses.


Hardcover books

This is an excellent option for dedicated custom book printing collectors. These collectors prefer to have hardcover books on their bookshelves for many reasons. They keep them to celebrate debut work, to foresee the value of the first edition in the future.request quote from zigpac


Hardcover books can use different types of binding. Also, they can do with or without dust jackets.



These are publications that are often in the form of scholarly periodicals. Furthermore, their main targets are specialists in specific fields and researchers. Some of these publications come with personal narratives, news, and other information.


Magazines help to spread information and also entertain in an affordable way. They come in a format that many users can share for some time without destroying. In addition, the contents could relate to fashion, sport, business, nature, beauty, life, and others.


Photography books

Photography books are high-quality books that are bound to last. These books are usually used as gift items, mementos of trips, and keepsakes. Some photographers use them as their business cards.request quote from zigpac


Softcover books or paperback books

This is one of the quickest and cheapest solutions for self-publishers and distributors. Paperback books spreading of content far and wide to reduce the cost for the readers. They are bound in many ways to make sure they are sturdy enough to withstand frequent use due to their wider reach.



A lot of students still like to interact with printed learning materials. It is the general belief that they help in the retention of information contained in the book. Educational institutions still incorporate textbooks with course materials for different subjects.



Scholars from all walks of life love sharing their research findings and discoveries. In addition, there are thesis books for different budgets and institutions.

Customization Options for Book Printing


You can customize your print book to make it look more gorgeous. This little extra can turn your book into a premium book. You can add embellishments before or after the book printing.


Here are some beautiful options:custom book printing


Custom book printing has end sheets

End sheets are pages that come in front of the book and the back. They come immediately after the front cover of the book, and before the back cover.


Embossing and debossing

Embossing is a process that involves creating a design that raises the book’s spine or cover. Debossing, which is the direct opposite, create a sunken design in the book cover or spine. Both are beautiful and quite common in hardcover books.


Custom book printing offers foil stamping

This has to do with using a heated die to apply foil to paper. Furthermore, the foil will adhere to the surface of the book cover and leave the die design on the paper. Some standard options for foil stamping include shiny and dull gold, white, or black.

Headbands and foot bands

Headbands are narrow cloth strips that are either sewn or glued to the top of the book spine. Whereas foot bands are narrow cloth strips sewn or glued at the bottom of the book spine. They come in a wide variety of colors.


Custom book printing has ribbon markers

Ribbon markers are usually attached to headbands. They are also narrow strips of cloth ribbons. When attached to the headband, they are then used as bookmarks. Although gold ribbon markers are more common, there are over colors you can choose from.custom book printing




Finally, in the end, the book format you like to read depends on your personal preference. So, nothing short of printed books will satisfy people who really love books. You can enjoy all the benefits book printing has to offer – and with something extra too.


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